Popular Internships in Toronto to Kickstart Your Career

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Internships in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is considered one of the most multicultural cities. Toronto is the largest finance centre and therefore offers many internship opportunities in fields such as accounting or business. The types of internships in Toronto in most cases come under the Employment Standards Act and are therefore payable. Explore the below article to learn more about internship opportunities in Toronto such as benefits, sources of Internships, visa requirements to get an internship in Toronto, eligibility criteria, etc.


Benefits of Internships in Toronto 

Check the benefits of internships in Toronto given below:

  • Building connections within a company or with industries will help to expand the professional network
  • Working closely with a mentor within the organization will help to learn more about the internship opportunity
  • Students can explore different work opportunities in the company as this will help to get full-time job offers
  • Internship opportunities in Toronto allow one to earn money or course credit 
  • Open doors for various career opportunities based on the experience of internships
  • Internships in Toronto will help in gain valuable work experience

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Rules and Regulations for Internships

In order to become a student intern the following conditions have to be satisfied:

  • Student must not be an employee
  • The student is doing an internship with the primary motive to gain experience and knowledge
  • The student is undertaking the internship to meet the eligibility requirements
  • The candidate will have to submit the required documents to the employer provided by the educational institution

Eligibility Criteria for Internships in Toronto

Individuals can apply for internships or co-op if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • A valid study permit 
  • Candidates are required to work to complete their study program in Toronto 
  • A letter from the school saying that work placements are required to get their degree
  • The total of co-op placement or internship should be 50% or less based on the program of study

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Work Permit Requirements to Get Internships

One of the most important permits to work in Toronto is to check whether the residence country is registered with the Internship Exchange Program. Check below the other work permit requirements: 

  • Candidates should be registered as a student in their country of residence
  • Should possess an English language proficiency test certificate 
  • The candidate’s age should be between 18-35 years 
  • Should have a valid passport 
  • Should have a strong CV or Resume

Famous Internship Programmes in Toronto

Check below some of the famous internship programmes in Toronto:

Internship ProgrammesAverage Duration
Internships with Beyond Academy 1 – 6 months
Intern in Toronto with Stepwest1 – 6 months 
BUNAC intern in Canada3 – 4 months 
Software Engineering Internship4 months
CIEE Summer Global Internship Programme5 – 6 months 

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Tips to Find Internships in Toronto

Check below some of the tips to find Internships in Toronto:

  • Look for authorized websites and organizations: To start with the process of finding internships it is important to look for authorized places to work and also see that they are familiar with the procedures of work visas.
  • Do not Delay in Applying: It is important to apply for internships as soon as possible as there are limited numbers and a huge number of applicants.
  • Avoid Unpaid Internships: Preferably look for paid internships as it is secured. Paid internships are easy to get with the help of a strong resume.
  • Visa Application should be completed on Time: It is very important to apply for your work permit on time even after getting hold of an internship in Toronto. Without a proper work visa candidates will not be able to enter the airports.

Top Industries Offering Internships in Toronto

For aspiring candidates listed below are the top industries that offer internships in Toronto:

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When to apply for an internship in Toronto?

The candidates must apply for internships in Toronto at least 4-5 months before their arrival.

Are paid internships available in Toronto?

Yes, paid internships are available in Toronto and employers are also willing to pay provided the candidates have a strong background and outstanding technical knowledge. 

Can foreign students apply for internships in Toronto?

Yes, foreign students can apply for internships in Toronto if they have the right type of visa

How much is paid for internships in Toronto?

Interns are paid an average of $70,182 per year in Toronto. The average additional cash compensation provided to an Intern in Toronto is $21,758, with a range from $4,637 – $102,096.

What do I need to do an internship in Canada?

Here are some main points that you need to consider while applying for Internships in Canada
Being registered as a student in your country of residence.
Possessing an English language proficiency certificate.
Age between 18-35 years.
Having a valid passport.
Having a strong CV or Resume.

This was all about internships in Toronto, If you want to explore more such articles on internships follow Leverage Edu. 

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