Average Software Engineer Salary in Japan for 2024

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Software Engineer Salary in Japan

Are you Dreaming of a career change in the Land of the Rising Sun? Software engineering might be your golden ticket. But before you book your flight, let’s talk yen: what kind of salary can you expect as a software engineer in Japan in 2024? We’ll delve into average figures, experience boosters, and top-paying companies, giving you a clear picture of the tech job market. So, is Japan a financially rewarding destination for tech wizards? Dive in and find out!

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How Much Does a Software Engineer Earn in Japan?

In Japan, the average compensation for a software engineer is approximately 6,168,300 JPY per year. This can vary greatly, with the lowest average salary being approximately 3,335,900 JPY and the highest average salary being 9,322,700 JPY.

Average Annual Salary 6,168,300 JPY
Average Monthly Salary 514,025 JPY
Lowest Annual Salary 3,335,900 JPY
Lowest Monthly Salary 277,991 JPY
Highest Annual Salary 9,322,700 JPY
Highest Monthly Salary 776,891 JPY

Software Engineer Salary in Japan Based on Experience 

The level of experience determines the pay scale of your salary. Here we have mentioned the average range of a software engineer’s salary with the year of experience.

Software Engineer Salary in Japan

Software Engineer Salary in Japan Based on Different Organizations 

The types of organizations determine the salary scale for software engineers in Japan. Here we have compared the range of salaries of different organizations.

Organisation  Average Salary 
Rakuten 60,00,000
Yahoo Japan 60,00,000
Mercari 94,00,000
Google 1,36,41,90
LINE 75,00,000
Indeed 1,31,13,020
PayPay 77,00,000
SmartNews 1,22,17,381
Sony 80,00,000
DeNA 67,50,000
Mercari 1,02,66,89
Human Resocia 32,40,000
SoftBank 60,00,000
CyberAgent 57,60,000
Human Resocia 34,91,660

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Software Engineer Salary in Japan Based on Different Cities 

We have listed some of the highest-paying cities in Japan that pay you a good salary if you are working as a software engineer in Japan.

Software Engineer Salary in Japan

Software Engineer Salary in Japan Based on Education Level 

We have mentioned the average salary for a software engineer in Japan based on the education level of the employees to find out whether a better education level would increase your salary.

Level of Education  Average Salary 
Certification and Diploma  4,883,400 JPY
Bachelor’s Degree  6,442,400 JPY
Master’s Degree  8,845,500 JPY

Highest Paying Software Engineer Jobs in Japan 

The salary ranges for different kinds of software engineering roles and industries seem variable. We have mentioned the salary range with job titles in Japan. 

Positions  Average Salary 
Android Developer 5,676,700 JPY
Applications Engineer 5,423,100 JPY
Blockchain Developer 5,483,600 JPY
Business Process Analyst 6,733,900 JPY
C++ Developer 6,875,100 JPY
CMS Developer 5,003,800 JPY
Computer Engineer 4,966,200 JPY
Database Analyst 6,875,100 JPY
Front End Developer 5,172,800 JPY
Computer Technician 4,846,300 JPY

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What is the demand for software engineers in 2024?

The employment picture for software engineers is bright for 2024 and beyond, as there will be a growing need for mobile app developers and the integration of AI and ML technologies across a range of sectors. Software engineering is still in great demand across all industries and is growing at a rapid pace.

What is the average income of a software engineer in Japan?

The yearly salary range for a junior developer with 1-2 years of experience is 5M-7M JPY, while senior developers with over 6 years of experience may expect to make between 8M and 15M JPY.

Is 10 million yen a good salary in Japan?

Indeed a salary of 10 million yen a year would put you substantially above the average in Japan for any age or gender.

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