A Detailed 2024 Guide to Part Time Jobs in China

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Part time jobs in China: While studying abroad, international students are required to work part-time jobs. You can pay for your education and living expenses while working part-time and earning experience in China’s labour market. Along with giving you professional exposure and a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and way of life, it will help you become more fluent in the language. 


Working part-time while studying overseas can be challenging, but it will shape you into a responsible and effective professional. In order to boost foreign enrollment at Chinese universities, China started allowing international students to work part-time after 2013. China’s economy, which is growing at the fastest rate in the world, provides a variety of financially and professionally satisfying part time work opportunities.

Average working hours per day 4 hours per day 
Average wages per hour  10-50 RMB per hour 
Average wages monthly 1000-5000 RMB monthly 

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Benefits of Part Time Jobs in China 

There are several benefits of doing part-time jobs in China; here are a few of the reasons below:

  • China is one of the most preferred destinations for job seekers, as it is one of the world’s second-largest economies. Soon it will be at the top of the list.
  • The social security system in China, known as the 5+1 system, requires employers and employees to contribute equally to housing, pensions, unemployment benefits, maternity leaves, and health insurance.
  • Participating in Chinese work culture can also be advantageous and open the door to different perks like government incentives like housing allowance and access to travel and transportation facilities.
  • Moreover, there are a large number of IT companies that provide students with various jobs for starting their careers in the IT field. Well-known organizations, such as the largest drone company in the world (DJI), Huawei, ZTE, and Tencent, offer a comparative salary with various job opportunities.

Conditions for Part Time Jobs in China 

This is a piece of important and useful information for knowing about the working policy, rules, and regulations for doing part time jobs in China.

  • Part-time workers are allowed a maximum of 4 hours per day and not more than 24 hours per week.
  • The part-time worker is paid a valuable amount during the tenure of the job as per the market value.
  • Part-time workers are also allowed to take advantage of various facilities, like paid leave and other perks, the same as full time workers
  • Part-time workers are not focused on working overtime and not on doing any dangerous work at the workplace.

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List of Part Time Jobs in China 

There are several types of part-time jobs in China; here is a list of some popular ones:

Jobs Positions Average Pay 
English Teacher RMB 25-35 per hour 
TutoringRMB15-25  per hour 
Customer Service RMB10-15  per hour 
Retail AssociateRMB 10-12  per hour 
Food and Beverage Executive RMB 0-10 per hour 
Photographer RMB 25-35  per hour 
Translator RMB 20-30 per hour 
Administrative Assistant RMB 15- 20 per hour 

Eligibility Requirements 

The eligibility requirements for part-time jobs in China vary depending on the job and the employer. However, some general requirements apply to all part-time workers in China:

  • Acquire a legal and official work and study permit from a reputed university in China.
  • A student must have a valid passport and visa.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a relevant skill set for the job you are going to apply for. 
  • You don’t have any past criminal records.

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List of Some Other Chinese Part Time Jobs 

If you are well versed in the Chinese language, there are many part-time job opportunities available for Chinese speakers. Here are a few examples:

  • Chinese tutor
  • Chinese translator
  • Chinese customer service representative
  • Chinese social media manager
  • Chinese language coach

Website to Find Part Time Jobs in China 

Here is a list of some popular websites. You can search for jobs on sites such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • AsiaXpat
  • ChinaJOB
  • China Xpat Jobs
  • eChinacities
  • Reed – Jobs in China

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What is the List of popular Chinese part time jobs?

Here is a list of Chinese part time jobs 
1. Mandarin Teacher,
2. Chinese Home Chef
3. Language Translator 
4. Chinese Tutor 

How much can international students earn in China?

In general, foreign students who are employed lawfully in China are limited to 20 hours per month of work. They also receive at least a minimum wage for their work. Because of this, the majority of foreign students who work lawfully in China make between 2,000 and 5,000 RMB a month. On the other hand, running your own firm can increase your earnings.

Is it easy to get a job in China as a foreigner?

There are many options in China for foreigners wishing to work there. In addition to teaching, management, media, IT, and technology occupations are among the many foreign employment opportunities available in China for foreigners. In general, there are two ways to locate employment in China.

We all know that doing a part-time job is beneficial for students as it helps you to earn and improve your lifestyle. Hopefully, you will get full knowledge about part-time jobs in China. If you want to read more such blogs on part-time jobs, follow Leverage Edu 

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