How to Get Part time Jobs in South Korea for International Students?

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part time jobs in south korea for international students

Students who choose Korea as their study abroad destination can engage in a variety of off-campus and on-campus part-time occupations. In Korea, the hourly rate for part-time employment is 11,296. Asia’s rapid economic expansion is known to have been particularly successful for South Korea. As a result of the nation’s strong economy, it has become one of the world’s centres for innovation. The sizeable and effective labour force in South Korea maintains boosting the prosperity of the country’s economy. The high wages that employees receive in Korea—the average monthly wage in South Korea is roughly $2,600—enable the country’s high level of living. Read this article to know more about part time jobs in South Korea for international students. 


Why Part Time Jobs in South Korea 

The advantages of working part-time in South Korea are listed below. Below are a few of the reasons we have listed:

  • One of the finest possibilities for students is part-time work because it gives them a lot of experience and financial support.
  • As a component of their curriculum, many schools and universities in South Korea offer internships to students. Students can continue with their studies while also earning money through internships.
  • Working part-time in South Korea for someone adds to your resume and serves as a positive reference when applying for full-time employment.
part time jobs in south korea

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List of Part Time jobs in South Korea 

Here is a list of some of the most popular part time jobs in South Korea for international students. 

Job positions Average Wages 
Part Time Cashier₩9T -₩10T hourly
Part Time Sales Associate ₩11T -₩12T hourly
Part Time Package Handler ₩13T -₩14T hourly
Part Time Lecturer₩51T -₩55T hourly
Part Time Teacher₩29T -₩31T hourly
Part Time Tutor₩26T -₩28T hourly
Part Time Barista₩8T -₩8T hourly
Part-time Research Assistant ₩12T -₩13T hourly
Administration Supporter ₩6T -₩7T hourly

Conditions for Part time Jobs in South Korea 

Students who wish to find part-time employment in South Korea must have completed at least one semester of their studies before they can do so. Here we have mentioned the eligibility requirements for doing part time jobs in South Korea for international students. 

For Undergraduate Students

  • Minimum 20 hours per week 
  • holders of a student visa (D-2) (except from those with visa categories F)
  • Those with a particular level of Korean language proficiency and outstanding results from the previous semester
  • For international students who averaged a B+ in the previous semester and have a valid TOPIK level 5 or above transcript, as well as those who have successfully completed the social integration programme, the maximum number of hours per week is 25.
  • For individuals in the English Track who do not meet the English proficiency test level (TOEFL iBT 71 or IELTS 5.5 or below), or who have a TOPIK score of less than level 4, 10 hours per week of instruction is required.
  • Part-time employment is not allowed for undergraduate students enrolled for more than two semesters.
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For Graduate Students

  • Work upto  30 hours per week
  • holders of a D-2 student visa (excluding F-type visa holders for students)
  • International students having an average of A in the preceding semester, a valid TOPIK level 5 or above transcript, or those who have successfully completed the social integration programme are entitled to work up to 35 hours per week. 
  • 15 hours per week are required of individuals who do not meet the English proficiency requirement (TOEFL iBT 71 or IELTS 5.5 or below) or who have a TOPIK score of less than level 4 or are enrolled in the English Track. 
  • After receiving a conventional degree, those who are working on a thesis are only permitted to put in up to 30 hours each week.

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Required Documents

Here is a list of some documents that you need to submit during the application process for part time jobs in South Korea for international students. 

  • Passport
  • Residence card (RC)
  • Application Form
  • Part-time Work of Foreign Student Confirmation Form
  • Standard Labour Contract (Descriptions of work, period and time, hourly wage, and place must be in detail)
  • Business Registration Certificate (The employer name written on the part-time work confirmation form, contract, and business registration certificate must be identical)
  • Score Report for Korean Language Proficiency (TOPIK)
  • Academic Transcript
  • Confirmation of compliance with the requirements for part-time employment for foreign students (Only applicable if the workplace is categorized as manufacturing or construction in its Business Registration Certificate)

Tips to find Jobs in South Korea 

Here are some tips on how to find jobs in South Korea.

  • Students may work part-time in South Korea without a work permit if they have a student visa that is valid for longer than a year. However, foreign students must have finished at least one semester of their education in order to find part-time work in South Korea.
  • We suggest that you start networking as soon as you get on campus, establish friends with the locals, and be kind to those around you since they might recommend you for a position in the entertainment industry.
  • Additionally, if you utilise social media wisely and advertise your talent or expertise online, you may get notoriety, which might lead to a number of financial advantages in the nation.
  • On the grounds of their college, students might look for opportunities for part-time employment. Other opportunities include assisting the administrative division and working in the cafeteria and library.

These are a few popular websites in South Korea that help students get jobs.

  • Craigslist
  • Incruit

Companies Hire for Part Time Jobs in South Korea 

Here is a list of some of the best companies that hire students for part-time jobs in South Korea.

  • Paris Baguette
  • GS Retail
  • Olive Young
  • Inditex
  • Incheon International Airport
  • GS Holdings
  • Sulbing
  • Mom’s Touch
  • Taco Bell
  • Dessert 39
  • LG Electronics
  • Uniqlo
  • Zara
  • Kyobo Bookstore

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How much are the part-time job salaries for a student in Korea?

Ans. Korean law requires monthly pay of at least $1,500 or more.(8,290 won per hour/about $7 per hour). The daily working hours should not exceed 8 hours, and if they are over 8 hours, you should pay 1.5 times more.

How much does a part-time job pay in Korea?

Ans. The national average salary for a Part time is ₩11,480 in South Korea.

In Seoul, how much money can a student make?

Ans. The Salary ranges in South Korea are between 8,000 and 12,000 won/h. The average hourly wage for jobs requiring strong Korean language abilities is 25,000 won.

This is all the information about how to get part time jobs in South Korea for international students, if you want to read blogs on part time jobs follow Leverage Edu. 

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