Details Regarding Orthodontist Salary In Canada For The Year 2024

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orthodontist salary in canada

A career in the profession of Orthodontist is one of the best decisions. Medical development is flourishing in Canada. There are several job openings in all branches of medicine including dentistry and orthodontist. The skilled and qualified orthodontists are welcome in the country and are rewarded based on their level of skills. If you are looking for good exposure as well as growing career opportunities, this field and Country can prove to be the right choice. Through this blog, let’s learn all about the Orthodontist salary in Canada.


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Average Orthodontist Salary In Canada

The career of an Orthodontist not only gives a very stable job and life but also rewarding earnings in the country. The average salary that you can expect in the field in one year is 326,600 CAD.

  • The higher average salary for an Orthodontist is 522,900 CAD
  • The lowest average salary for an Orthodontist is 151,800 CAD

Considering the averages every month, the average monthly salary for an orthodontist is 27,216 CAD.

  • The highest average salary is 522,900 CAD
  • The lowest average salary is 151,800 CAD

Your actual salary may vary from the averages as an Orthodontist as several other factors take place in the salary determination like the level of education, level of experience, etc.

Orthodontist Salary In Canada Based On Experience Level

As an orthodontist in Canada, your salary will definitely be affected by the number of years of experience you have. The level of experience has the most important role to play in the salary determination of an employee, especially in the medicinal fields as the practice and skills develop over time and these skills can demand a higher package. You can expect to earn 34% of a higher salary package as an Orthodontist with 2 to 5 years of experience in the field. Refer to the following image to understand this even better.

orthodontist salary in canada

Orthodontist Salary In Canada Based On Education Level

The orthodontists with a higher level of education earn a higher package in Canada. The level of experience determines the level of knowledge of an employee, especially in the field of medicine. An orthodontist can expect to earn 25% of a higher salary with a bachelor’s degree compared to a Certification or a diploma holder.

  • With a master’s in the field, the salary package even improves by 30%.
  • Similarly, a PhD holder will earn a package 22% higher compared to a master’s level qualification.

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Orthodontist Salary In Canada In Different Sectors

The salary of the employees in Canada differs as seen. The public sector is always seen as paying a higher salary comparatively. The difference here is about 6%. The private sector employees earn around 6% lower salary compared to public sector employees in Canada.

Sector Average Salary
Public sector 123,000 CAD
Private sector 115,600 CAD

Orthodontist Salary In Canada In Different Cities

We can have a look at the salary paid in different cities of the country to know which cities stand out in paying the highest average salary to the employees and are the best choice to be opted for working. The following image has several cities and the average salary paid in them:

orthodontist salary in canada

Orthodontist Salary In Canada Compared To Similar Professions

To know the salary factor even better and see if the career is actually a good choice, a comparison of the average salary of an orthodontist can be made to some similar professions through the following table.

Profession Average Salary 
Anesthesiologist 372,700  CAD
Audiologist 215,100 CAD
Cardiac technician81,600 CAD
Cardiology manager 358,200 CAD
Chief of Psychology 357,900 CAD
Clinic manager 172,200 CAD
Dentist 272,900 CAD
Dermatologist 365,400 CAD
Dental technician 71,900 CAD
Dietitian 241,000 CAD

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Is it worth being an Orthodontist in Canada?

It is very worth being an Orthodontist in Canada seeing how rewarding the profession is. A career in this field not only provides you with monetary benefits but also career growth chances, exposure and job stability.

Is there any difference based on gender in the pay of an orthodontist?

Yes, there is a difference in the pay of male and female orthodontists in Canada. Males in the profession are seen earning a 6% higher salary compared to females for the same work.

What is the increment rate in the profession of orthodontists in Canada?

The increment in the salary as an orthodontist for a year can be an average of 9%. However you will have to work hard to get an even better pay raise as it is completely dependent on your performance.

This was all about the Orthodontist salary in Canada. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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