All You Need to Know About Internships in New Zealand

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Internships in New Zealand

One of the biggest cities and transportation hubs is New Zealand. There are numerous reasons why New Zealand is the ideal location for an international internship. Whether you’re eager to see the sights of the stunning harbor city or want to benefit from the country’s easy access to other regions.


Searching for a special internship opportunity? In New Zealand, get relevant and useful experience for your international career! Although they are still a relatively new role in New Zealand, internships are a popular work experience tool internationally. While those looking to obtain experience in a certain profession also actively seek out internships, students from both local and foreign universities often dominate the internship market in New Zealand.

Benefits of Doing Internships in New Zealand

The main goal of an internship is, most likely, to acquire experience. Several benefits of doing an internship in New Zealand are mentioned below.

  • Internships can be a popular way for students and recent graduates. As they help to gain practical experience in their field of study and build their skills and knowledge.
  • A New Zealand internship is the ideal way to balance work and travel. Not only will you be relocating to a completely new city, but moving to a new nation presents the greatest chance for travel.
  • An advantage of doing an internship in New Zealand is that it will give you a taste of the industry. 
  • Demonstrating professional work experience can elevate your resume to a completely different level, something that many students lack. Therefore, listing an internship on your resume will make you more appealing to employers and may improve your chances of landing a job.

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List of Internships in New Zealand 

There are numerous internship programs available in New Zealand; these are a few of the best ones.

Name of Internship Program 
Eligible Courses 
New Zealand Internships: Professional Internship ProgramHuman Resources, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Marketing, etc. 
CISabroad: New Zealand InternshipsDesign, Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Natural & Applied Sciences, + more
World Internships: New ZealandPsychology, Photography, Engineering, Sustainable & Conservation, Law, Film
Intern NZ: Wellington/AucklandBusiness, IT, Construction, Education, Fashion, Conservation
BUNAC: Work New ZealandArchitecture, Law, Marketing, Hospitality
CareerDC: Internships in New ZealandEngineering, Tourism, Political Science, IT, Psychology
The Education Abroad Network: New Zealand InternshipsArchitecture, Design, Engineering, Veterinary Studies, Ecotourism, Adventure Recreation
Pure Exploration: Adventure Guide Internship ProgramAdventure Tourism, but open to all
ELI Abroad: Professional Internships in NZAccounting, Civil Engineering, Museums, Marine Biology

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Rules and regulation 

Before applying for an internship in New Zealand, students need to know more about the working rules and regulations for better understanding.

  • A student must have a valid study visa and passport.
  • Student visa holders are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during holidays.
  • A student must enrol in a reputed university in New Zealand in a full-time program.

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Things to know before doing an internship in New Zealand

Although internships are beneficial and give you experience and skills, they can also be predatory, particularly if they are underpaid. Check below the few things to keep in mind before doing an internship:

Credit: @Catherinee
  • Make sure you are aware of all the details of the internship, such as its duration, hours, potential pay, and duties.
  • The company or organization should be reputed. It should treat its interns fairly by doing some research on them.
  • Stay away fromunpaid and fee-based internships. Making interns work for free violates the law, and participating in an internship does not require charging any fees.
  • If the terms of the internship are unclear to you or you feel that they are unfair, don’t be afraid to haggle over the duration, hours, and pay.

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Is it possible for me to intern in New Zealand?

New Zealand companies value international interns, and the country’s residents are incredibly hospitable and accepting of foreign visitors. In the same way that many employers favour individuals with foreign work experience, Kiwi businesses also cherish international interns.

In New Zealand, are interns compensated?

Typically, the hiring employer pays interns directly. A number of laws impact workplace interactions.

What is the New Zealand minimum wage for an internship?

You get to choose how much the internship will pay. The amount may differ but it should be greater than the minimum wage. Interns are usually paid between $23 and $28 per hour by businesses

Does an internship abroad look good on a resume?

Definitely! An international internship experience will certainly make your resume stand out. Global interns would get the opportunity to learn about different work practices and expectations within a business. Employers seek the exposure gained from internships.

This is all the information about internships in New Zealand, if you want to read more articles on internships follow Leverage Edu 

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