Best Internships in Germany Available in 2024: Check Application Details

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Planning to study in Germany? Have you planned your extracurricular activities? You are going to study abroad to gain the best educational experience possible. Therefore, you add every bit of effort to make your study abroad experience worthy of a successful career. However, often while planning where to study and where to live you forget to plan what else apart from studies. Whether you are studying in Germany or anywhere else in the world, you can pursue internships in Germany to upgrade your university experience. A completely practical curriculum or even extensive lab sessions cannot equal the value of working in a professional environment. Want to know more about internships in Germany? Read the blog till the end. 

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Why Go For an Internship in Germany?

Do you want to focus on your education to make an exceptional career out of it? You must surely be thinking that good grades are good enough for that. Nevertheless, in this competitive world, innumerable students graduate every year from world-class universities. So you need to find something that makes you stand out. Here are some benefits of internships in Germany. 

  • Paid internship program. An amazing watch won’t bother your budget anymore. 
  • An edge over the better. That 95% scorer is no better than you. 
  • Gain confidence. You can work and study simultaneously!
  • Practical knowledge. You already know how that equipment works.
  • Flexible and convenient. On-campus or off-campus is your own choice. 
  • Skill development. You have more points to secure a job than your classmates. 
  • Networking. The more you greet, the higher your feat. 
  • Associate with top companies. Do you even know who the recruiters are?
  • Get the latest industrial knowledge and a certificate. Yes, you can flaunt it! 
  • You might even get a pre-placement offer. Jackpot!

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Top Internships in Germany

Here are some top internships in Germany with the average payment they offer. 

Internships Company Hiring
Marketing InternshipAmazon
Summer Internship ProgramBlack Rock 
Internship Inhouse StudioHugo Boss
TikTok Assistant Coordinator InternshipSolaVieve
Digital MediaHenkel
Translation Project Management TransPerfect
Localization InternshipTesla
Media RelationsMC Group
Employee Initiatives and CommunicationsLufthansa Technik
Global Communication TeamDaimler Truck AG

How to Choose an Internship Program?

Okay, time for some quick tips to get enrolled in an internship program in Germany. Here we go; 

  • Choose something that compliments your career goals
  • It is better to look for opportunities with pre-placement offers.
  • The location of the internship must be feasible for you if you are continuing along with your studies. 
  • Also, the duration of the internship must be within the allowed limits of the university. 
  • Subsequently, it’s better to go for internships with at least six months in duration. 

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Top Companies Offering Internships in Germany

Here is a list of top companies where you can look for internships in Germany. 

  • Amazon
  • Henkel
  • Robert Bosch
  • PwC
  • BMW Group
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte

Requirements to Pursue an Internship in Germany

While each organisation or employer might have their own set of rules and regulations there are some basic requirements as well to pursue internships in Germany. Here we have covered most of them for your ease. 

  • You must be enrolled in a recognised university and a recognised program.
  • Apply at least four to six months in advance so that the application can be processed properly. 
  • The duration of the internship has to be less if it is not endorsed by your university or program curriculum. 
  • If you are a student in Germany already on a student visa then you can use that. 
  • Otherwise, you will require a German training or internship visa.
  • You must also, in this case, have permission from Bundesagentur fur Arbeit to work in Germany. 
  • In either case, you will also need a passport. 
  • An employment letter from the employer is a must. 
  • Other than that, proof of accommodation, financial resources to stay in Germany and health insurance have to be presented. 

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How to Apply for Internships in Germany

There are various ways to find an internship in Germany. You can use any of the following to find opportunities. 

  • Choose a course with compulsory internship experience in the curriculum. 
  • University’s placement or career cell. 
  • Student placement communities and groups.
  • Research online for recruiters. 
  • Contact organisations such as DAAD for internship programs. 
  • Build networks and ask them where to apply for the best internships in Germany.
  • Attend various job and internship fairs organised throughout the session. 
  • Apply directly on company websites. 

Watch this video to learn the step-by-step process for internships in Germany

Credit: @BharatinGerman

10 Most Affordable Internships in Germany

Germany is an affordable place to take up internships when compared with other European countries. Berlin is well known as one of the cheapest destinations in Western Europe. Here we have provided a list of the 10 most affordable internships in Germany. 

Internship Program Cost 
IES Internships$5,000 for a summer internship, and academic credit 
Linguistic Horizons Custom Internships$2,000 for an 8-week internship placement
Environmental Policy Internship with ELI Abroad$1,200 ( 2 weeks internship, up to $3,400 for (12 weeks)
Internships with Studienforum$3,600 for an 8-week internship program
Dresden Internship Program through Boston University Study Abroad$33,000 for 1-semester internship plus tuition 
Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) RISE ProfessionalStudents receive a small monthly stipend
CIEE Global Internship$13,000 for a one-semester internship plus tuition
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX)This program is a funded fellowship that covers all costs.
EMIGP Bundestag InternshipInterns receive a stipend to cover costs. Travel expenses excluded 
. Cultural Vistas Internship Program$950 program fee. Unpaid interns can apply for financial assistance .

Where to Find Internships in Germany Online?

This is a very important section of finding an internship. Here are some places you can directly find internships in Germany. 

  • DAAD
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn

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Do interns get paid in Germany?

Yes, interns do get paid in Germany. The pay depends on the field of internship and the employer. Some voluntary internships might not offer pay, so you need to apply carefully. 

Can a foreigner do an internship in Germany?

Yes, foreigners can do an internship in Germany. They will need a German training visa or internship visa, permission to work in Germany from Bundesagentur fur Arbeit and an internship letter from the employer. 

Is it easy to get an internship in Germany?

Whether it is easy or difficult to get an internship in Germany depends on your skill set, expertise, interest and confidence. There are otherwise a lot of internship opportunities in Germany in which students often succeed. 

Can Indians apply for DAAD internship?

Yes. Indian students can apply for the DAAD internships. The internship is for those who want to take up e a degree program in science and engineering. The research internship has to be undertaken at a German higher education institution or a research institute.

This was all about internships in Germany. For more such career-related blogs follow Leverage Edu

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