Everything To Know About Cyber Security Salary In Dubai 2024

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cyber security salary in Dubai

The exponentially growing industry of cyber security comes with a lot of responsibility for the experts in the industry. A career in cyber security is not just a high-demand career but is also financially lucrative. The increasing level of cyber threats and the need for security make this a future job. The financial benefits in cyber security are more promising than a tech job making it one of the most promising and well-paying careers. Let’s know all about the cyber security salary in Dubai through this blog.


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The Average Cyber Security Salary In Dubai

The average Cyber security salary in Dubai is AED 319,600 yearly, this would include all the housing and transportation allowances. The salary can also be more or less than the average depending on skills, experience, and the hiring company of the professional. 

Average Yearly Salary319,600 AED
Average Monthly Salary26,633 AED
Highest Yearly Salary510,300 AED
Highest Monthly Salary42,525 AED
Lowest Yearly Salary148,300 AED
Lowest Monthly Salary12,358 AED

Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs In Dubai with Salary

Different roles come with different pay ranges even if it is in the same industry. Some of the most preferred job roles in the cyber security industry are mentioned below along with their salaries.

Job RoleAverage Yearly Salary in ADE
Cyber Security Engineer200,000 
Cyber Security Analyst116,350 
Information Security Manager216,000 
Information Security Analyst145,000 
Security Engineer142,797 
Senior Security Consultant242,000 
Chief Information Security Officer 555,258 

Average Cyber Security Salary In Dubai Based On Experience

The most seasoned employee with good practice in the industry definitely has a right over good pay compared to a very new person in the industry in a learning stage. Therefore the different experience levels come with different pay, for example, two years of experience can give a salary hike of 34% on the initial pay and 5 years of experience can get you an average increase of 48% of pay increase.

cyber security salary in Dubai

Cyber Security Salary in Dubai Based on Cities 

CityAverage Salary in ADE
Abu Dhabi309,800 
Al Ain286,400
Ras Al Khaimah254,700
Um Al Quiwain239,300

Cyber Security Salary In Dubai Based On Education Level

The cyber security salary differs based on the level of study of the employee. The higher the education, the higher the salary.

cyber security salary in Dubai

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Cyber Security Salary in Dubai Based On Gender 

Despite the equality of gender being implemented in all the sectoral and industrial segments the differences in certain constraints are still prevailing and salary in this industry is one of them. 

There is a difference in the average pay based on gender, the ratio being approximately 9% higher for men than compared to women for the same job role and productivity.

Gender Average pay in ADE
Male 301,300
Female 275,800

Bonus And Incentive Rates In The Industry

The average bonus range based on bonuses received by the employees in Cyber Security Jobs is 5% to 9%. The percentage of employees that have reported the bonus provision is 85% in 2023.

Cyber Security Salary In Dubai Compared On Sector Basis

The salary range differs based on sector i.e. private and public sectors. The salary in the Public sector has been found to be 5% more than that of the private sector for the same job role.

SectorAverage pay in ADE
Public sector239,300
Private sector228,500

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What is the pay raise in the Cyber Security sector in Dubai?

The average pay raise that can be expected in cybersecurity salary in Dubai is 9% every 12 months.

Are Cyber Security Jobs in Demand in Dubai?

Yes, Cyber Security jobs are in high demand in Dubai considering the exponential growth in the industry demanding more and more cybersecurity professionals.

How much do the cybersecurity jobs pay in Dubai?

Cyber security jobs pay around 319,600 of early salary including all allowances, an expected rise of 9% in 12 months, and a 5 – 9% of bonus.

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