Political Science Courses

Political Science Courses

Do you remember the first time you saw the Preamble of the Indian constitution in your Political Science textbook? Are you curious about various political discussions going around the world and dream of making a career in the field of Political Science? The stream of Political Science consists of various political theories, practices, and analysis of political behaviour. It encompasses a combination of who gets what, when and how which broadly constitutes the study of government of different states and several political units. Political Science assesses the relationship between the individual and the state. It teaches us how to adjust according to the society. If you are someone with a zeal to explore the science of politics, there are numerous Political Science courses offered around the world that can guide you towards your quest to understand the world of politics.

This article will walk you through the various aspects of Political Science courses which can help you gain knowledge and explore various career opportunities in the field of Politics.


Political Science is a field of Social Science which involves analysis of governance, political activities, political thoughts and behaviour. It is the study of power and politics from domestic and international perspectives. By pursuing a course in Political Science, students can learn about various political ideologies, policies, government tactics, diplomacy, strategies, among others. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of politics such as the history of politics, different political fields, politics from different countries, studying international political affairs and various political theories. These courses provide students with various political theories to help them understand the Constitution, Working of the Government, National and International Laws, Public Administration and Public Laws. 

Political Science Courses: Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a 3-year degree program offered by various reputed colleges. This is one of the most popular Political Science courses that students opt for after completing high school. This is a Bachelor’s level degree in Political Science that aims to provide students with the knowledge of national and international political systems. An in-depth study of modern and historical political history, laws, and theories is a key part of the course. Students get to learn subjects like Economics, Sociology, Global Politics, Social Politics, Psychology, System of Governance, etc. 

  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Politics

Another undergraduate degree course in Politics, this program provides students with an interdisciplinary knowledge of political analysis within and among countries. Students get to learn about governments of different countries, their theories and laws. The course equips students with analytical and critical skills to assess various political issues across the world.

  • B.A (Hons.) Political Science

B.A (Hons.) Political Science involves the study of political institutions, values, processes, policies, and people indulged in issues such as justice, freedom, war, peace and equality. The course aims to explore the study of politics and political systems. Students get to learn subjects like Constitutional Amendments, Powers and Functions of Indian Government, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Judicial Structures, Economic Systems, International Politics, etc.

Top Colleges Offering Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

Political Science Courses: Master’s Degree Level Programs

  • Master’s of Arts in Political Science

Master’s of Arts in Political Science is a postgraduate degree program that constitutes a comprehensive and thorough study of Political Science at an advanced level. It includes subjects like Ancient Political Theories of different countries, International and Comparative Politics, Contemporary Politics, Research Methodologies, etc. 

  • M.A in Politics

M.A in Politics is a specialized course that aims at imparting students with a detailed knowledge of different political models that are being operated across the world such as Democratic, Monarchical, One-party rule, Dictatorship, etc. You will get a holistic overview and comprehensive insight into the world of Politics by understanding its history, critical concepts and methodologies.

  • M.Phil. Political Science

Master’s of Philosophy in Political Science is a postgraduate research-oriented program in Political Science. It is an integrated form of PhD which helps students prepare for further studies. The course provides students with various communication skills which helps them expand their knowledge and gain experience in an array of a learning environment. 

Top Colleges offering Master’s Degree in Political Science

Thus, we hope that this blog elaborating Political Science courses helped you understand the essential elements and concepts that you will be studying during the course. If you are searching for the right university for pursuing Political Science Courses, the experts at Leverage Edu can guide you in selecting the right course and university to kick-start your career in Political Science.

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  1. The course is it 100% online?
    How long the duaration for the political science course and it price. Thank you

    1. Hi!

      Political Science courses can be pursued in the distance mode and the fees depend upon the college, degree as well as country. For stance, in India, a BA in political science can cost anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000. The duration of the programme is 3 years and can be more if it’s pursued online. Hope this answers all your questions.
      If you have more doubts, then please get in touch with our experts at 1800572000! All the best!

  2. I am looking for a online masters degree on sociology/political science in india . The course design may be 1 year if possible. your immediate response may be highly be solicited.

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