Part-Time Jobs in Vancouver: Best Jobs, Salary & Top Recruiters

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The estimated average cost of living in Vancouver for a single student is around CAD $2,350 to $3,750 per month. As a student that can be very expensive. How about you can also earn around CA$42,347 per year while studying? Yes, that is the average part-time income a student can generate while studying in Vancouver. Your friends will be awestruck if you later tell them that living in Vancouver wasn’t that expensive for you. Ready to ease your financial stress while studying in Vancouver? Read on!


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Why Work Part-Time in Vancouver?

If you were about to skip this blog, you must be thinking that you have a good education loan or scholarship grant why should you work part-time during your years of studies? One might also think that they should completely focus on their studies to make their study abroad experience worthwhile. But there are many other reasons than just earning money, that attract students to work part-time in Vancouver. Here is a list of some and if you know more, you can let us know in the comments. 

  • You might have a budget to support your living and educational expenses. But what if you want to also enjoy living in Vancouver? Working will help you redefine your financial limits. 
  • Engagement with the locals is an underrated aspect. As you work with the locals and for them you understand the culture better and acclimate to the environment easier. Moreover, you might get lucky to build amazing connections. 
  • Know the work environment. Work rules and regulations of a country are easier to understand when you become a part of it. To avoid getting confused later, it is better to start earlier. 
  • Build your portfolio. If you look at it this way, your skill set, industrial exposure, and familiarity with the work environment add to your portfolio. This also shows that your capability of self-sustenance eases your way into the next visa process. 
  • Having a work record will provide employers with a starting ground. Your behaviour and dedication at the workplace can be reflected through an experience letter and will gain a positive stance with an employer after completion of your studies. 
  • Meet new people, and develop interests and skills. You might find it easy while working to find people who share the same interests as you. In this way, you can hang around with the locals and explore your interests better. 

List of 10 Best Part-Time Jobs in Vancouver

Best jobs include the high-paid ones, the ones which are easier to get and do not require excessive documentation or educational qualifications. Here is a list of the 10 best part-time jobs in Vancouver. 

JobsAverage Salary
SalespersonCAD 15 /Hour
NannyCAD 35 /Hour
TranslatorCAD 13 to CAD 30 /Hour
TutorCAD 20 to CAD 30 /Hour
Graduate Student ResearcherCAD 22 K to CAD 27 K /Year
Co-op Student CAD 18 /Hour
Children’s Activity LeaderCAD 25 to CAD 30 /Hour
ClerkCAD 23 to CAD 27 /Hour
Market salesperson CAD 20 to CAD 24 /Hour
Social Media Content CreatorCAD 16 to CAD 18 /Hour

Eligibility Requirements to Work Part-Time in Vancouver

The requirements to work part-time in Vancouver are very simple. You just have to ensure the following to get part-time work. 

  1. You need to be enrolled in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in a full-time course. 
  2. Moreover, the course should be at least 06 months long. 
  3. Also, it is imperative to have a Canada study permit to be allowed to work.   
  4. However, you can only work up to 20 hours per week during the semesters. However, full-time work is allowed during vacations or breaks. 
  5. A very important factor is also that the students need to maintain good academic standards. That is, the Part-time work should not hamper their studies. 

Know these Part-time jobs for college students

Part Time Jobs for International Students in Vancouver

There are plenty of part-time jobs for international students in Vancouver. Here we have listed some of them: 

  • International Student Advisor
  • Transcriber
  • Program Assistant
  • Science Tutor
  • Receptionist
  • Cashier / Line Cook 
  • Part-time Barista/All Rounder
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Library Assistant

Top Companies and Recruiters Offering Part-Time Work

  • Shangrila
  • Mc Donalds
  • STEMCELL Technologies
  • UBER
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Red Bull
  • Government of Canada

To decide on where to look for these job opportunities go through this list of top recruiters in Vancouver for part-time students.

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • University placement cell
  • International student communities
  • Impact recruitment
  • Stellar recruitment
  • Federal Student Work Experience Program – Gov of Canada
  • Research Affiliate Program – Gov of Canada
  • Job Bank

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Vancouver

There are a number of ways to look for part-time jobs in Vancouver. So students can explore multiple facts for finding jobs. Here are some tips that will be useful for the students; 

  1. A strong online profile is what you should start with and keep updating your status. 
  2. Be active on platforms like LinkedIn and don’t forget to present your skills and qualifications. 
  3. Make profiles on multiple recruiting websites. 
  4. Build strong connections within the community. 
  5. Additionally, the student can participate in the university placement cell activities. 
  6. Look for societies for international students on campus and off campus. 
  7. Your resume should be Canada-based and also, make it more job-centric. 
  8. Knowing multiple languages like French etc. apart from English can help in improving your job prospects.     
  9. Remember to research properly to stay protected from fraudsters. 
  10. Don’t forget to follow up on your application!


How much can a student earn part-time in Vancouver?

A student can earn around CA$42,347 per year while studying. The pay will also depend on the kind of job and level of work. It will also be affected if the student chooses to work full-time during vacations. 

Can students get work at universities in Vancouver?

Yes, students can find multiple jobs at their universities in Vancouver. This includes Library assistant, research assistant, clerical work, student assistant etc. Universities like the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and many more offer amazing work offers to the students. 

What are the permissible hours for the students to work in Vancouver?

You can only work up to 20 hours per week during the semesters. However, full-time work is allowed during vacations or breaks. 

What is the average hourly wage in Vancouver?

The average hourly wage in Vancouver is around $33.48 per hour. That is, the hourly wage per year is approximately $65,290. The entry-level salary of most of the positions start at  $42,966 per year. On the other hand, experienced individuals can earn up to $132,510 per annum.

This was all about Part-time jobs in Vancouver, if you are also looking to know more about Canada, follow Leverage edu.  

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