Highest Paying Jobs In Sweden

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highest paying jobs in sweden

Sweden is the seventh best country having the highest employment rate in the world with 75.2 per cent fully employed labour force. Sweden provides some of the best benefits in the world such as education, health care and great locations for tourists which is why this country provides paying jobs. For those who aspire to work overseas, Sweden comes as the first priority. Sweden’s job market is among the strongest worldwide, which is one of the major reasons people consider working in Sweden. In this article, we will learn about highest paying jobs in Sweden and other aspects related to them.


Benefits Of Doing Jobs In Sweden

All the benefits of doing jobs in Sweden are well defined below-

  • Leave Entitlement- According to the Swedish Annual Leave Act, an employee can get a minimum of 25 days of vacation yearly along with the benefits of twelve per cent of gross wages in the preceding year in addition to 0.43 per cent of their monthly salary.
  • Assured bonus for employees every month- One of the best Swedish employment benefits is that you get a 50-100 per cent guaranteed employment bonus. As per the Swedish Working Hour Act of 1982, an employee in the country can work for 5 days or 40 hours per week.
  • Overtime pay- when an employee works overtime then that employee gets paid for the same and the maximum allowed limit is up to 50 hours monthly.
  • No Hierarchy at Work- In Sweden, people give importance to equality at the workplace there is no discrimination there as per the role or rank on which you are working.
  • Higher salaries- Sweden provides competitive salaries, the average salary in Sweden is 45,100 SEK per month. The minimum salary in Sweden is 11,400 SEK and the average experienced employee pay is 201,000 SEK per month.
  • Social Security Sweden employers contribute around 31.42 per cent of the respective employee’s gross income to the National Insurance Scheme under the social security fee and the best part is the social security fee is eligible to be calculated under the tax, but not under the employee.
  • High Regards Towards Employee Wellness- In Sweden you can get many benefits but there is one more benefit which is a sickness benefit you will get a sickness benefit if you are not well.
  • Opportunity to study without losing your job- In Sweden, you can get your studies done while keeping your job on hold. The Employees Right To Education Leave Act 1974 allows employees in Sweden to take a leave of absence for studies.

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Highest Paying Jobs In Sweden

Here are some of  highest paying jobs in Sweden with salaries per year-

  • Surgeons/Doctors- After Surgeons, Doctors are one of Sweden’s in-demand professions earning a handsome salary.
Average SalarySEK1,609,536
Best CitiesStockholmes,Gothenberg and Malmo
  • Engineer- Top-paying engineering roles in Sweden include industrial engineering manager, software engineer and project manager.
Average Salary834,528 SEK
Best CitiesStockholm,Orebro,Linkoping,Gothenberg,Malmo
  • Lawyers- To be a lawyer in Sweden a high level of proficiency in Swedish, especially in legal matters is essential. It is common to obtain a degree in law along with years of professional experience.
Average Salary880,936 SEK
Best CitiesStolkholm,Obero,Linkoping,Malmo
  • Software And System Developer- Becoming a Software or system developer usually requires a solid grasp of programming languages, software development experience, strong analytical skills, and system knowledge. Software and System Developers are among the jobs in demand in Sweden.
Average Salary659,501 SEK
Best CitiesStockholmes,Gothenburg,Malmo,Vasteras
  • Sales and Purchasing-Sweden is known for its exceptional quality of life and its social welfare system along with it it serves as a significant marketplace for products and services, leading to a high level of employment with many jobs offering above-average salaries.
Average Salary660,500 SEK- 887,100 SEK
Best CitiesStockholm,Gothenburg,Malmo

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  • Pilots Jobs In Sweden-In Sweden pilots are handsomely paid and to become a piolet, you can choose from various pathways, including aviation degree programs, flight schools, or obtaining a licence through the Swedish Air Force.
Average Salary566,840 SEK
Best CitiesGothenburg, Stockholm
  • Marketing Director-There are many different aspects to a marketing director’s job including planning, creating and executing marketing programs. Marketing Director is one of the best-paying jobs in Sweden and your role is majorly to increase revenue.
Average Salary720,740 SEK
Best CitiesStolkholm,Malmo,Gothenburg
  • TeachingJobs- The most paid jobs in Sweden are among the best in Sweden. surpassing other careers many teachers work in special education or high-needs schools,which offer high salaries.
Average Salary614,448 SEK
Best CitiesStolkholm,Umea,Gothenburg,Solna
  • Finance And Administration JobS-Marketing people also earn a good income, and this role requires a high level of education and experience.
Average Salary561,600 SEK
Best CitiesStockholm,Gothenburg,Uppsala

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Here we have completed our article which was about the highest paying jobs in Sweden, To know more about the highest paying jobs abroad or universities and visas Abroad do follow Leverage Edu’s page.


Which profession has the highest salary in Sweden?

Doctors/Surgeons have the highest salary in Sweden. Although it is a job of responsibility in Sweden Doctors/Surgeons are paid well.

What is a good salary in Sweden?

In 2023 Average wages in Sweden reduced to 194 per hour and 283.480 USD per month. The average annual salary in Sweden is around 481,200 SEK.

Do jobs in Sweden pay well?

Yes in Sweden employees get a good pay level as there are many highest paying jobs in Sweden. The average monthly salary before taxes in Sweden is approximately 45,000 SEK, which is around 4,500 USD depending on the current exchange rate.

What jobs are in shortage in Sweden?

In Sweden, several sectors are facing labour shortages which include education, IT, health care, construction, engineering, machine operation and manufacturing according to the (EURES)Statistics of the European Labour Authority.

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