An Overview Of Nursing Salary In USA in 2024

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nursing salary in usa

Nursing is one of the best job options for working in the USA. The job is always in high demand and developmental. It is considered one of the top professions in the USA as nurses are the backbone of the Healthcare industry. The job comes with steady work, good pay, and plenty of opportunities. A nursing job also gives you time to pursue further studies. Salary is a very important factor when choosing a job. Through this blog, get to know all about the Nursing salary in USA.

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Average Registered Nursing Salary In USA

The average annual salary in Nursing for a registered nurse in USA is 78,200 USD, the highest and lowest yearly salary brackets are given below:

Average annual salary78,200 USD
Lowest annual salary40,000 USD
Highest annual salary118,900 USD

Average Nursing Salary In USA Per Month

The average salary in Nursing for a registered nurse every month is 6,516 USD, the highest and lowest salaries every month are given below:

Average monthly salary6,516 USD
Lowest monthly salary3,333 USD
Highest monthly salary9,908 USD

The salary range can vary from the averages based on education, experience, and other factors for individuals.

Average Nursing Salary In USA Based On Education Level

The education level of an employee affects the salary range very majorly. An employee who has done a master’s can earn around 77% more salary than that of the employee who has done a Bachelor’s.

nursing salary in usa

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Difference In Nursing Salary In USA Based on Gender

Despite various efforts being made across the world to neutralize gender differences in the workplace, certain sectors still have salary differences based on the gender of employees.

In nursing in the USA, the salary of a Female nurse is higher than that of a Male nurse. The difference is around 3%. Following is the average salary of both genders:

Salary of a female nurse79,000 USD
Salary of a male nurse77,000 USD

Average Nursing Salary In USA Based On Experience

Higher experience fetches you a higher salary in any profession, as experience shows the amount of knowledge you have and developed during the working duration. 2 years of experience can fetch you a 33% higher salary compared to the salary offered to a non-experienced employee.

nursing salary in usa

The Increment And Bonus In Nursing Job

The nursing job is basically a low bonus-based job, so the number of employees that receive bonuses is significantly less than the ones not receiving. Only around 30% of employees have reported receiving a bonus whereas around 70% of the employees have reported to have not received any bonus.  

The increment is the increase in the salary of an employee every year. The increment depends completely on employee performance and company policies.

On an average, the nurses in USA are expected to receive an annual increment of around 6%.

The Comparison of Average Nursing Salary In USA Based on Cities

The salary range also varies based on different cities, following is the table depicting salary of nurses in different cities of USA for a better comparison:

City in USASalary in USA
Austin 83,700
Boston 78,200
Bristol 59,000
Atlanta 69,200
Cleveland 67,800
Denver 73,800
Houston 86,800
Las Vegas77,400
Kent 62,300
Los Angeles91,500

Average Nursing Salary in USA In Different Sectors 

All the countries have two working sectors i.e. public( government) and private. The salary also varies based on the sector you are working in. Most of the time the public sectors pay employees slightly better than the private sector.

In Nursing, the salary difference observed is 6%. The public sector provides 6% higher salary than the private sector.

Salary in the Public sector98,800 USD
Salary in the Private sector93,100 USD

Nursing Salary Compared To Other Similar Professions

To give a clear picture of salary in healthcare and particularly nursing, a table of salaries of similar professions to nursing is given below for comparison:

Profession Salary in USD
Admitting officer 70,000
Admitting manager97,200
Adult nurse80,200
Advanced nutrition aide130,500
Allergist 185,900
Ambulance attendant 77,000
Ambulance driver66,700
Audiologist 169,700
Behaviour health specialist107,700
Cardiac technician65,500


Is Nursing a good profession based on salary in USA?

Yes, nursing is a good profession based on salary in USA.

Are nurses in demand in USA?

Nursing is an ever-growing career, there is always a heavy demand for nurses as this department is the backbone of the healthcare sector.

Is there any difference in nursing salary in USA based on gender?

Yes, female nurses are paid around 3% higher salary compared to male nurses.

This was detailed information on the nursing salary in USA, to get information on more such salary and jobs-related topics, and to read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad, and to get insight on studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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