How to Get Internships In Ireland – An Overview

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Internships In Ireland

Ireland is a European country famous for its folklore, pubs, colourful culture, etc. This is the home country of a number of international companies. All these features attract many candidates every year to take admission into various famous universities in Ireland such as Dublin City University, the University of Galway, and Maynooth University. All these universities offer different types of programs, like part-time jobs and internship programs, in the fields of business, IT, marketing, tourism, finance, law, accounting, photography, and graphic design, that help students earn extra. If you want to know the rules and regulations for finding internships in Ireland, go through the below article.


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Benefits of Internships in Ireland

Note the below benefits of doing internships in Ireland:

  • Ireland is the ideal destination for individuals to improve their English communication skills and explore tremendous cultural diversity
  • Ireland is one such European country that is experiencing strong economic growth and also offers a wide range of internship opportunities
  • Candidates will also get the benefit of the Erasmus+ grant that will finance their entire stay in Ireland during internship or study

Visa Requirements for Doing Internships in Ireland 

In the case of non-EEA citizens who wish to travel to Ireland and do an internship here, they will have to obtain an Irish internship visa. Unpaid internship students are not allowed to apply for this visa; only students who are enrolled as full-time students in third-level study courses abroad are eligible to apply. Check below the requirements for a visa to do an internship in Ireland:

  • Students should be able to prove that the internship is relevant to their course of study
  • Students will have to prove that the internship will help them in their career
  • They have been offered national minimum wage or higher for the work they have done during the internship
  • Should have ties in their home country which will prove that they will leave Ireland once they have completed their internship
  • Any document that will prove that they have financial support
  • The applied internship has been approved by the academic institution in the applicant’s home country

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Famous Internship Programs in Ireland

Check below some of the famous internship programmes in Ireland:

ProgrammeAverage Duration
Intern in Dublin with Connect-123!4-8 weeks
International Ireland Internships in Dublin by The Intern Group6-24 weeks
Dublin Summer Internship by IES Internships8 weeks
Intern in Ireland with World Internships8 weeks

How to Find Internships in Ireland? 

Several sources and platforms offer internship opportunities in Ireland such as:

  • Jobs. ie: Ireland’s biggest platform that helps individuals to find internship opportunities and other employment offers.
  • goabroad.com: This site lists internships and exchange programs for individuals to learn or teach a language abroad.
  • experience. ie: This platform provides internships in Ireland by sector, city, and remuneration.
  • Irish jobs. ie: This site exclusively provides job and internship opportunities in Ireland.

Candidates can also find an internship in Ireland through a placement agency that offers internships in all areas through various companies that are partners in several cities of Ireland. 

Ireland is a dynamic country and welcomes many international students every year. For internship opportunities, students can explore cities such as:

  • Dublin
  • Galway 
  • Longford
  • Leitrim
  • Kerry 
  • Sligo 
  • Colk

Due to the many urban facilities in these cities, they are idle places for students for meetings, outings, and events.

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Rules and Regulations for Internships in Ireland

The Irish government has decided on some rules and regulations for the interns in this territory. Since July 2011 the trainees have been receiving the minimum wages as follows:

  • In 1st third of the internship period, the interns will be paid € 6.49 per hour
  • The second third of the remuneration is € 6.92
  • The third part of the remuneration is € 7.79 

Check the rules and regulations as follows:

  • The trainee has to be present during the internship 
  • The trainer must direct the trainee about specific missions that he will have established beforehand 
  • The assessment must be done at the end of the internship
  • A certificate will be provided at the end of the internship

Top Industries Offering Internships in Ireland

For aspiring candidates listed below are the top industries that offer internships in Ireland:

  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental

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How much do interns earn in Ireland?

The average salary of an intern in Ireland is € 28 088 per year or € 14.40 per hour. However, freshers are paid € 25 000 per year, while experienced workers are paid up to € 59 978 per year.

How many hours can a student work in Ireland?

The candidates are required to get a study visa before they come to study in Ireland. Students in Ireland are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during college times, and 40 hours per week during holidays.

Who is eligible to work in Ireland? 

The citizens of the EEA, Switzerland, and the UK, can live and work in Ireland and do not require any employment permit. Students who are from a country outside of the EEA, Switzerland, and the UK, need permission to live and work in Ireland.

This was all about internships in Ireland, If you want to explore more such articles on internships follow Leverage Edu. 

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