Latest Facts On Journalist Salary in Canada for 2024 

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Journalist Salary in Canada

Journalism careers are exciting and involve a lot of responsibility. A journalist’s work entails a great deal of fact-checking and news gathering, which should ultimately lead to a qualitative shift in society. If you want to start your career in journalism, you can choose to study mass communication or journalism. The right education and working experience can lead to a good and well-reputed job as a journalist and help you earn a good salary in Canada. If you want to know more about the latest facts on journalist salaries in Canada for 2024, you can read this entire article for more information. 


What is the Average Journalist Salary in Canada?

Journalists in Canada can expect a competitive salary. The average annual income sits at 138,700 CAD, translating to a monthly salary of 11,558 CAD. There’s variation within this range, with starting journalists earning around 65,100 CAD annually (5,425 CAD monthly), while experienced professionals can command top salaries exceeding 213,800 CAD per year (17,816 CAD monthly).

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Experience Wise Journalist Salary in Canada

One of the additional reasons to raise your pay is that you might have solid work experience if you performed an internship or a full-time position in a journalistic organization during that time. You may check how much money you can make based on your expertise level here. 

Education Wise  Journalist Salary in Canada

The typical degree for journalists is a bachelor’s in journalism or a closely related discipline like English or communications. Some go on to earn a journalism master’s degree, which can also help you get paid more. You can discover how much money you can make based on your degree of schooling here.

Education Average Salary Per Year 
High School94,400 CAD
Certificate or Diploma108,200 CAD
Bachelor’s Degree160,600 CAD
Master’s Degree197,600 CAD

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Organization Wise  Journalist Salary in Canada

Numerous institutions and the media sector can assist you in selecting different career paths within your field. This is a list of some of the best Canadian corporations along with their salary ranges.

Organization Average Salary Per Year 
CBC/Radio-Canada83,786 CAD
Postmedia Network50,917 CAD
Freelancer59,566 CAD
Black Press Media50,240 CAD
Corus Entertainment62,773 CAD
Toronto Star77,500 CAD
Global News49,332 CAD
Journal Metro44,333 CAD
Rogers Communications46,000 CAD
Bell Media (Canada)78,000 CAD
Metroland Media Group44,000 CAD
Glacier Media Group48,000 CAD
Brunswick News50,000 CAD
Daily Hive55,000 CAD
Key Media49,000 CAD
Xtalks53,000  CAD
Canada’s National Observer48,000 CAD
The Discourse47,000 CAD
McDonald’s66,000 CAD
Walmart65,000 CAD
University of Toronto79,000 CAD

City Wise Journalist Salary in Canada

Canada has a great need for journalists, which is why Canadian cities hire people for a range of well-paying jobs. Here are the highest-paying Canadian cities are listed here, along with a range of salaries.

Journalist Salary in Canada

Job Positions Wise  Journalist Salary in Canada

There are other career paths that are comparable to those in journalism. These are a few of the well-liked career paths in Canada.

Job Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Reporter56,396  CAD
Social Media Specialist55,000 CAD
Copywriter57,054 CAD
Content Writer43,000 CAD
Editor61,423  CAD
Writer40,000 CAD
Critic58,500 CAD
Journalist 67,000 CAD
Content Producer69,842 CAD
Producer73,466 CAD

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How much money do journalists make in Canada?

In Canada, the average compensation for a journalist is 32 CAD per hour or 62,400 CAD per year. Most experienced workers earn up to 80,649 CAD annually, while entry-level roles begin at 50,000 CAD.

Is journalism in demand in Canada?

Therefore, the Federal Job Bank indicates that the employment forecast for journalists is “moderate” for the 2023–2025 term, which may help you decide whether or not to continue in the field. The job bank maintained by the Government of Canada indicates that there are approximately 4,350 journalists employed in Ontario.

How can I become a Journalist in Canada?

A college degree or a university degree in journalism or a closely related subject (such as communications) is required of journalists. Depending on the role, there may be additional qualifications that include: a history or English degree from a university combined with experience as a writer.

This was all about the journalist’s salary in Canada for 2024. If you are interested in knowing more about such an article, follow Leverage Edu and our official page, Jobs Abroad

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