A Complete Guide on Internships in Canada

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Internships in Canada

Canada offers an extensive range of internship possibilities to international students who wish to obtain practical work experience. It provides an opportunity to meet new people and gain knowledge of many cultures by travelling and working in various Canadian locations. Enjoy a ton of adventure and fun while learning new skills, making contacts in your field of study, and expanding your professional opportunities.


International students must apply for internships in Canada for a minimum of four to five months to finish the Canadian visa application procedure in advance. After you are aware that working in Canada is legal, you can start looking for an internship. You can accomplish this online by using your CV and cover letter to apply to job advertisements on different job sites.

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What is an Internship?

An internship is a short-term work arrangement where individuals, often students or recent graduates, gain practical experience in a specific industry or field. Interns work within a company or organization, learning hands-on skills and applying theoretical knowledge from academic studies. Internships serve as a bridge between education and professional employment, providing an opportunity for individuals to explore their chosen career paths, build a network, and enhance their resumes. Employers benefit from fresh perspectives and potential future hires, while interns gain valuable insights into the workplace, fostering personal and professional growth.

Benefits of Internship in Canada 

For ambitious young professionals hoping to advance in their careers, Toronto is the ideal location. In addition to classes beginning every month all year long in Toronto, it offers summer internships that last anything from eight weeks to six months. 

  • Canada provides a range of business, entrepreneurship, finance and accounting, IT and computer science, PR, and marketing internship opportunities in Toronto. 
  • Those who are accepted into the Canadian internship program will have the chance to learn new skills and gain invaluable work experience in one of the nation’s most important cities, all while enhancing their resumes and making vital contacts abroad. 
  • In the largest city in Canada, there are several options for internships. Our internship program in Canada will help you stand out in the world’s competitive employment marketplaces. 

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Tips to find an Internship in Canada 

The following advice can help you locate and apply for internships in Canada: 

  • Get a head start on your search. It’s crucial to begin your search early for Internships because they tend to fill up quickly, particularly if you are applying for summer internships.
  • Make your cover letter and CV specific to each internship you are applying for. emphasise your  
  • Qualifications that are pertinent to the particular internship. Get ready for the interview. Practice responding to typical questions during the internship interviews. Once your application has been submitted, get in touch with employers. Thank the recruiting manager by email or letter. 

Internship Programs In Canada

Here is the list of internship programs in Canada that provide a variety of internships in different domains:

Vancouver Internships: In terms of technology, engineering, entertainment, and green business, this forward-thinking, multicultural metropolis is a leader. You’ll get to experience both the urban and outdoor lifestyles of Vancouver, and you’ll get the chance to learn from the leaders and innovators of the future.

Duration 1 – 6 months
Stipend From C$1,290

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Toronto Internships: Toronto serves as a global centre for commerce, economics, the arts, and culture. Establish a worldwide professional network while employed in one of the top cities in North America. Existence in Toronto? This cosmopolitan urban jungle is the place for you if you enjoy the arts, music, food, beaches, and lakes.

Duration 1 – 6 months
Stipend From C$1,290

Hospitality Internships: Start your hospitality career by working in Canada’s most popular travel locations. With enduring connections to prestigious hotels and resorts across Canada, our staff will match you with the ideal hospitality internship to achieve your objectives.

Duration 1 – 24 months
Stipend From C$1,290

Impact Internships: Acquire work experience at impact-driven organisations that are committed to changing the world. Gain the knowledge and abilities to start a career in conservation, green innovation, wildlife preservation, community development, and other related fields by learning from like-minded people.

Duration 1 – 6 months
Stipend From $1,290

Summer Internships: We collaborate with fantastic host companies that are committed to providing international students with the greatest summer internship opportunities. As a result, our participants experience Canadian life while working on amazing projects in professional teams!

Duration 1 – 6 months
Stipend From $1,290

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Organisation Provides Internship 

In addition to the Canada Internship Experience Program, independent Canadian organisations and institutions also offer various foreign internship opportunities. A few of them include: 

  • BUNAC: Intern in Canada 
  • Internships in Toronto with the Intern Group 
  • Student Internship in Canada by StepWest 
  • Toronto Internships with Beyond Academy 

For Indian students, the following are some of the best sectors and industries to explore an internship in Canada: 

Canadian Work Permit Requirements for Internships 

Verifying that your nation of residence is enrolled for the Internship Experience Program is one of the most crucial conditions to be qualified for an internship in Canada. 

  • To seek an internship in Canada, you must also meet the following basic requirements:
  • A student must have a study passport for the same country.
  • keeping your residential country’s student registration current
  • Students are required to submit their English proficiency proof.
  • The student must have an effective resume or CV.

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In Canada, are interns compensated?

There is no minimum or maximum length for an internship; instead, you are granted all protections under Part III of the Canada Labour Code (Code). It’s also mandatory to pay you at least the minimum salary. To learn about your rights and safeguards, go to the Federal Labour Standards.

Are foreigners allowed to intern in Canada?

The age range for the general criteria is 18 to 35. own a current passport issued by a nation that is part of International Experience Canada. being enrolled in school in your nation of origin for the duration of your internship.

Can students from India intern in Canada?

You can use your institution or college to find an internship in Canada if you’re an international student. Additionally, students might search for internships through independent companies such as StepWest. Furthermore, you can use websites in your nation to apply for internships in Canada.

How do I Apply for an Internship Visa?

The first thing you need to do is receive an internship offer from Canada. Don’t worry; we’ll handle this. After that, our staff will walk you through every stage of the process to obtain your internship work permit or visa. Starting with the procedure your host firm must follow to extend the internship offer to you, to the paperwork you need to submit your application, receiving your invitation to apply under IEC, biometrics, etc.

This was all about internships in Canada, If you want to explore more such articles on internships follow Leverage Edu. 

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