Universities in New Jersey

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Top Universities in New Jersey

New Jersey is known as Garden State and is one of the 50 states in the United States of America. The state is now officially ranking as the best state in the USA for living according to Wallethub’s annual list. Apart from being home to the pharmaceutical industry, the state is also known for its safety, quality of life, and excellent education. It is home to a large portion of educational universities with highly qualified faculty. Moreover, there is a high rate of employability which is the cherry on top of the cake. We have covered everything you need to know about new jersey colleges and universities in this blog.

Why Study in New Jersey?

  • New Jersey is an ideal place for international students to pursue educational goals. This state not only promises educational opportunities but also a good quality of life and study. 
  • Since it has an economy centred around the pharmaceutical industry, chemical development, and food science, it offers students pass and pursue professional development as well.
  • Further, it is one of the safest places out there with less proximity to famous, historical and cultured cities in the United States of America such as Washington D. C, Boston, etc. it provides students to visit, observe and learn. 

Top 10 Universities in New Jersey

Mentioned below is the list of top 10 universities and colleges in New Jersey along with their respective QS world rankings 2022

UniversityQS World Rankings 2022
Princeton University13
Rutgers University 751
New Jersey Institute of Technology751-800
Seton Hall University317
Montclair State University
Monmouth University270
Rowan University1001
Fairleigh Dickinson University459
Stevens Institute of Technology701-750
Drew University1026

Princeton University

It is one of the oldest universities in the United States. It offers students a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and even professional degrees.  The university offers a majority of popular courses such as Public Policy Analysis and Economics

Rutgers University

The university is ranked #63 in the National Rankings and is a leading national public research university Being New Jersey’s top academic health care provider, The university offers a majority of UG and PG courses in Nursing, Computer and Information Sciences, Psychology, Management, Finance, etc.

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Stevens Institute of Technology

The Stevens Institute of Technology is located in Hoboken, New Jersey. It is a private institution that has a ranking of 83 in the national ranking. Some of the popular courses available are MSc in Computer Science, MS in Information Systems, and MSc in Data Science.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT is ranked among the top public research universities. Some of the courses popular among students are MS in Engineering Management, MS in Information Systems, and many more. With an employment rate of 79%, graduates are either employed or are pursuing further studies within 6 months. NJIT also provides financial aid and various scholarships to students.

Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University is a private Catholic institution of higher education. It was ranked by the Money Magazine at the 27th spot in its “Value-added Star” list as well as noted in its list of the ‘Best US Colleges for Your Money. It has some of the most highly regarded and specialized schools and colleges in the United States.


Universities in New Jersey overture their applicants with highly available courses. This allows students to pursue their dreams after evaluating and choosing from a variety of courses available. The majority of the universities accept SAT scores and require students to submit their IELTS scores (minimum 6) for determining English proficiency.

Name of the CourseDuration1-year fees
BSc in Computer Science4 yearsINR 25.1 lakhs
BSc in Electrical Engineering4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BSc in Computer Engineering4 years INR 24.6 Lakhs 
BSc in Chemistry4 years INR 24.6 lakhs
BSc in Applied Science4 years INR 24.6 Lakhs 
BSc in Chemical Engineering4 yearsINR 24.6 Lakhs
BSc Computing and Business4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BSc Web and Information System4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BSc Industrial Design4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BSc in Business and Information Technology4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BA in Information System4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BBA Accounting System4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BA Law Technology and Culture4 years INR 24.6 lakhs 
BA Digital Design4 years INR 24.6 lakhs 
BA History4 years INR 24.6 lakhs 
BS in Computer-Human Interaction 4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BA Communication and Media 4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
BA Theatre Arts and Technology4 yearsINR 24.6 lakhs
Name of the courseDuration
MS in Computer Science1.5-2 years 
MS in Data Science1.5-2 years
MS in Information System1.5-2 years
MBA 1.5-2 years
Certificate in Data Visualisation1.5-2 years
Master of Architecture1.5-2 years
Certificate in Finance1.5-2 years
MS in Power Technology Systems1.5-2 years
MS Transportation1.5-2 years
Certificate in Neuroscience1.5-2 years

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Fees at Universities in New Jersey

Name of the UniversityFees
Princeton University$56,010 (INR 4,150,901)
Rutgers University$33,005 (INR2,446,000)
Stevens Institute of Technology$56,920 (INR4,218,341)
New Jersey Institute of Technology$33,386 (INR2,474,236)
Seton Hall University$46,880 (INR3,474,276)
Montclair University$21,417 (INR1,587,213)
Rowan University$23,409 (INR1,734,840)
Drew University$42,652 (INR3,160,939)
The college of New Jersey$28,645 (INR2,122,880)
Monmouth University$41,680 (INR3,088,904)

Cost of living

On average, adults in New Jersey need at least $20/INR  1,482.2 per day for daily requirements. The cost of living in New Jersey is approximately 120.4.

ExpenditureCost of living
Health 88.4
Medical$397,900/INR 29,488,369
Others 108.7

Student Life in Universities in New Jersey

  • New Jersey is one of the safest states in the United States of America. 
  • New Jersey is home to many educational institutions.
  • The Garden State is not only known for its worthy quality of life but also for its international students, who come here to study.
  • Universities in New Jersey offer a variety of courses at affordable prices. 
  • New Jersey has many restaurants that have delicious food that too at cheap rates. 

Employment in New Jersey

New Jersey is a populated state with a high employability ratio. The state is home to a large portion of the pharmaceutical industry and provides related jobs. 

OccupationAverage salary
Accountant and auditors $90,400/ INR 6,699,544
Aircraft mechanics and service technicians $69,100/INR5,121,001
Amusement and recreation attendants $23,400/INR1,734,174
Architects except landscape and naval$83,600/INR6,195,596
Architecture and civil drafters $58,800/INR4,357,668
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians$53,900/INR3,994,529
Bartenders$29,600/INR 2,193,656
Biochemists and Biophysicists$145,200/INR10,760,772
Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks$46,900/INR 3,475,759
Business Teachers, Postsecondary$111,700/INR 8,278,087

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How many universities are in New Jersey? 

This fabulous state offers its students approximately 48 colleges and universities to choose from. 

Is New Jersey a good place to study? 

To pursue higher education New Jersey is the best option available to students as the state is one of the safest, best in terms of education, and provides quality of life. 

What is the largest university in New Jersey? 

Rutgers University-New Brunswick is the largest university in New Jersey with 50411 students pursuing both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

Which is better, Rutgers or The College of New Jersey? 

Both the schools are good in terms of studies but Rutgers is most likely by people and is better.  In terms of providing education, infrastructure, faculty, etc,  Rutgers ranks better. 

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