Universities in Birmingham: Best Universities, Cost of Living, and More.

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Top Universities in Birmingham for International Students

Birmingham has emerged as one of the most prominent study abroad destinations for students seeking quality education overseas. It is the second-largest city in the UK and boasts of housing the top five universities in the country. Due to its low cost of living, safety for international students, and eminent universities, the city attracts swarms of students from all over the globe. Let’s have a look at the top universities in Birmingham that attract scores of international students every year.

Number of Universities Ranked by QS 20244
Highest-Ranking Institution by QS 2024University of Birmingham (84th in the world)
Average International Fees (at ranked unis)UG Fees: US$ 23,000 PG Fees : US$ 23,000 – US$ 40,000  
Desirability Rank by QS 202345h
Employer Activity Rank by QS 202379th
Rank of Affordability by QS 202373rd
Quality of Life by QS 202359th

Why Study in Birmingham?

Birmingham is among the most popular destinations for international students and job seekers. The city boasts an astounding job market and world-class universities. Before we learn in detail about the universities in Birmingham, let’s understand why you should study in Birmingham.

Here are some of the main reasons why should pursue your higher education in Birmingham:

Global Exposure

Needless to say, Birmingham provides the best global exposure to students from across the globe. They have partnerships with the best industries, thus ensuring students not only get placed after their graduation but also lead a good life. 

Academic Hub

Indians prefer to study in Birmingham because of its high quality of education. The standard of education and teaching in Birmingham is considered to be one of the best in the world. Hence, if students pursue higher studies and get the chance to study in UK, it helps them find a suitable career and future for themselves.

Life and Culture in Birmingham

Students from across the globe wish to pursue higher studies in Birmingham. Birmingham has a lot to offer to international students. Studying in Birmingham is indeed an enriching experience for students. Right from its rich lifestyle to unique world heritage sites, cheap transportation facilities, incredible food alternatives, recreation facilities etc.

Work While Studying 

To ensure a happy student life wherein students can support their higher studies education, the government also allows international students to work part-time during their academic year.    

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Top 5 Universities in Birmingham 2024

Do you know that 2 out of 5 universities in Birmingham are ranked among the top 500 universities globally? University of Birmingham and Aston University are ranked 79th and 485th by QS ranking 2021. Refer to the data given below to get an overview of some of the most eminent universities in Birmingham.

UniversityQS Ranking 2024
University of Birmingham# 84
Aston University# 446
Birmingham City University# 1001- 1200
Newman University# 161
University College Birmingham

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is among the top universities in the UK. This can be attributed to the discoveries made by the researchers of the institution. The university has maintained its research cavity magnetron since its very inception. Moreover, it has also created a scheme named Birmingham Heroes, where various observations like efficient energy cooling, particles of pollutants, intestine disease, treatment of cancer, life sciences, and mental health issues are emphasised. The university is located in Edgbaston, which has been ranked among the top places in the UK. This city is also known for its stunning architecture and modern lifestyle. 

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University currently caters to the academic demands of nearly 24,000 students through its diverse range of course options. It was formed by the merger of five different colleges in 1971 to form The City of Birmingham Polytechnic. It has four faculties that take care of different specializations and courses. Additionally, the university also offers distance learning to students from across the globe. Moreover, the university is also inclined towards helping students find a career and job for themselves.

Newman University

Newman University is another top-ranked university offering a variety of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The university offers programs with a well-designed curriculum that caters to the academic demands of students from across the globe. It is known for its high-quality education and the best graduate employment rates of UK colleges and universities. The university has a work placement module that helps in getting students placed. The campus has a supportive as well as challenging learning environment.

Aston University

Aston University is known to be one of the largest and oldest universities in the nation. It is globally renowned for its exceptional academic services. To cater to the academic demands of students, it has five faculties and a fine education system. The University has also partnered with 140+ universities globally along with a strong network in industries and business organisations to ensure students get additional benefits during their academic training.

University College Birmingham

Formerly a technical college, University College Birmingham was allowed to grant degrees in 2007. It has four campuses, namely Summer Row, McIntyre House, Richmond House and the new Moss House. The university’s commitment to professional training is what attracts international students. Additionally, the university’s innovation is valued and highly regarded by its industry partners.

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What are the Different Types Of Universities In Birmingham?

In comparison to other nations, the UK has a particularly unique educational system. To put it into perspective, the UK is home to several of the most prestigious, cutting-edge, and well-known universities in the world. As a result, overseas students are drawn to institutions close to Birmingham. Let’s talk about Birmingham’s five main types of universities.

Ancient Universities

Some of the universities in the UK date back to the period between 1096 and 1600. These buildings, being hundreds of years old, stand as testaments to the rich history of higher education in the UK. One of Birmingham’s oldest and most prominent academic institutions is the University of Birmingham, originally known as Birmingham University.

Red Brick Universities

The establishment of red brick institutions coincided with the rise in the need for education in specialised fields like medicine, technology, engineering, and design in the nineteenth century. The central location of red brick institutions is one of its distinguishing characteristics. The most well-known Birmingham red-brick university is the University of Birmingham.

Plate Glass Universities

The Plate Glass Universities were created to boost the number of universities in the UK following the release of the Robbins report on higher education. The British educational system was essentially enhanced by Plate Glass Universities. These institutions, which are close to Birmingham, were built on greenfield lands and are renowned for their distinctive architecture. The University of Birmingham saw a significant expansion in the 1960s, earning the moniker “plate glass university.”

New UK Universities

In the 1980s and 1990s, when the British educational system witnessed a paradigm shift, new UK universities were founded. The title of the university has lately been granted to new universities in the UK. Modern amenities and stylish architecture are the defining characteristics of new UK institutions. University College Birmingham is the sole New UK university on the Birmingham universities list.

Russel Group Universities

Top British research institutions make up the collection of famous universities known as the Russell Group Universities. The British government provides financing to all of the Russell Group universities. The universities of the Russell Group are widely regarded as the best in the UK. This category includes old universities, brand-new universities in the UK, and red-brick institutions. The University of Birmingham is the only Birmingham institution to be a member of the Russell Group out of all Birmingham colleges and universities.

Cost of Living in Birmingham

For students who wish to pursue higher studies in Birmingham, here is the breakdown of the cost of studying in Birmingham : 

ParticularsCost (per annum)
Average Tuition Fees for International StudentsUG Fees : £23,640 PG Fees :  £ 31,000
Food£2,600 (INR 2,64,480)
Accommodation£5,483 to £7,013  (INR 5,49,000 – INR 7,13,000)


How many universities are there in Birmingham?

There are 5 universities in Birmingham, namely, the University of Birmingham, Newman University, Aston University, University College Birmingham and Birmingham City University.

What is the acceptance rate of the University of Birmingham?

The University of Birmingham’s acceptance rate is 13.54%.

Is the University of Birmingham a top university?

University Birmingham has been ranked 84th in the QS World University Rankings 2024. Thus, it has maintained its position in the top 100 universities globally. It occupies 14th place amongst UK universities.

Is living in Birmingham expensive?

The cost of living in Birmingham is dependent on the lifestyle chosen and the city one lives in. In Birmingham, areas like Sutton Coldfield and Solihull are known to be the most expensive

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