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Oxford the name says it all. Studying at the University of Oxford is a dream for a lot of students around the world. Ranked among the top #3 universities in the world, Oxford offers a wide range of disciplines, from Law to Theology. Many of the courses offered at Oxford require students to take an admissions test that allows the university to choose between all the excellent candidates who apply to study at Oxford. Taking an Oxford Admission Test can make your application stronger and more competitive. Hence it is recommended to take the specific admission test required for the chosen course. This blog gives you an insight into the admission tests offered at the University of Oxford. 

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BMAT- Biomedical Admission Test

BMATBiomedical Admission Test
Required forBiomedical Sciences, Medicine, Medicine (Graduate Entry)
Duration2 Hours 

Oxford Admission Tests Format

BMAT is divided into 3 sections and the candidate is required to complete the test under timed conditions. Each section tests different aspects of the candidate’s knowledge and understanding. 

Section 1Problem-solving, understanding argument, and data analysis and inference
Section 2Knowledge of included in non-specialist school Science and Mathematics courses
Section 3Capacity to develop ideas and to communicate them effectively in writing. 

CAT- Classics Admission Test

CATClassics Admission Test
Required forClassics, Classics and English, Classics and Modern Languages and Classics and Oriental Studies
Duration1 Hour

Oxford Admission Tests Format

CAT is divided into 3 sections and each section lasts for an hour. The test is divided into the following sections:

  1. Latin Translation Test
  2. Greek Translation Test
  3. Classics Language Aptitude Test (CLAT)

You’re supposed to take any one of the above-mentioned sections depending upon your course choice, either Classic I or Classics II.

ELAT- English Literature Admissions Test

ELATEnglish Literature Admission Test 
Required forEnglish Language and Literature, Classics and English, English and Modern Languages
Duration90 Minutes

Oxford Admission Tests Format

ELAT is a paper-based test that is supposed to assess a candidate’s close reading skills, and their ability to shape and articulate an informed response to unfamiliar literary material. You’ll be required to write an essay comparing the 2 given passages focusing on different aspects such as language, imagery, syntax, form and structure. You’ll be provided with 6 passage options from which you’ll be required to choose 2 passages for comparison and writing the essay. You’ll be assessed by the following criteria-

  1. Your way of responding perceptively to unfamiliar writing of different kinds
  2. Demonstrating skills of close reading, paying attention to the effects of structure, language and style
  3. Constructing a well-focused and structured essay based on comparing and contrasting two passages
  4. Writing fluently and accurately

Task Question Example

Select two of the passages (a) to (f) and compare and contrast them in any ways that seem interesting to you, paying particular attention to distinctive features of the structure, language and style.

HAT- History Aptitude Test

HATHistory Aptitude Test
Required forHistory, History (Ancient and Modern), History and Economics, History and English, History and Modern Languages, History and Politics 

Oxford Admission Tests Format

The HAT is a skill-based test. It does not require any prior historical knowledge. The test is designed to assess the candidate by asking them to present thoughtful interpretations of the source without knowing anything about its context. The HAT tests the following skills of a candidate-

  1. Their ability to read carefully and critically
  2. Their ability to adopt an analytical approach
  3. Their ability to answer a question relevantly
  4. Their ability to handle concepts and select evidence to support points
  5. The originality and independence 
  6. Precision and clarity of writing

LNAT- National Admissions Test for Law

LNATNational Admission Test for Law
Required forLaw with law studies in Europe
Duration2 hours and 15 minutes

Test Format

LNAT is a standardized test that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Law but is supposed to assess a candidate’s aptitude for studying Law. The LNAT is divided into 2 sections, A and B. Each section has a specific time limit to complete. 

SectionSection ASection B
Duration95 Minutes40 Minutes
Type of QuestionsMCQsEssay
Number of Questions421

OLAT- Oriental Languages Aptitude Test

OLATOriental LanguageAptitude Test
Required forOriental Studies, Classics and Oriental Studies (Oriental Studies with Classics), European and Middle Eastern Languages, Religion and Oriental Studies.
Duration30 Minutes

Test Format

The OLAT is a paper-based test. The test is supposed to assess your ability to analyse how languages work. The test doesn’t require any prior knowledge of any particular language. The OLAT tests your aptitude for learning a new language rapidly.

PAT- Physics Aptitude Test

PATPhysical Aptitude Test
Required forEngineering, Materials Science, Physics and Physics and Philosophy
Duration2 Hours

Test Format

PAT is a subject-specific test required for admission to the above-mentioned majors.  PAT is designed specifically for candidates who have studied the first year of A-level (or equivalent) Maths and Physics.  

Philosophy Test- Philosophy and Theology 

Philosophy Test Philosophy and Theology
Required forPhilosophy and Theology
Duration60 Minutes 

Test Format

The Philosophy Test is supposed to assess a candidate’s philosophical reasoning ability. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of philosophy as it is not a test for philosophical knowledge. You will be required to undertake a comprehension exercise and write a short essay or answer a structured question. You’ll be assessed by the following criteria-

  1. The use of precise and careful reasoning to answer the question asked
  2. Answers which anticipate and are able to answer objections to the reasoning given
  3. Stating an opinion with evidence or argument to support it

TSA- Thinking Skills Assessment

TSAThinking Skills Assessment
Required forExperimental Psychology, Geography, Human Sciences, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics 
Duration2 Hours

Test Format

TSA is a computer-based test that is divided into 2 sections. Both the sections have different criteria of assessment as mentioned below:

SectionSection 1Section 2
Duration90 Minutes30 Minutes
Type of QuestionsMultiple ChoiceWriting Task
Number of Questions501

You’ll be required to take only Section 1 of the TSA if you are applying for Economics and Management or History and Economics.

You’ll be assessed by the following criteria:

  1. Your problem-solving skills, including numerical reasoning. Critical thinking skills, including understanding argument and reasoning using everyday language in Section 1.
  2. Your ability to organise ideas in a clear and concise manner, and communicate them effectively in writing in Section 2.

MAT- Mathematics Admission Test

MATMathematics Admission Test
Required forComputer Science, Computer Science and Philosophy, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics
Duration2 hours and 30 Minutes

Test Format

MAT is a subject-specific admission test required to take admission in the above-mentioned courses. The MAT is designed for all students, including those without Further Mathematics A-level or equivalent. The questions you’re supposed to answer in the test will depend upon your choice of course.  

Fine Art Practical and Music Performance Test

Candidates for Fine arts are not required to register for a test. The university will advise the shortlisted students for the details of the interview where they’ll be required to present their recent work and talk about their work and interests and to discuss contemporary art, including books they have read and/or exhibitions that they might have recently visited. There is no written test for students wanting to pursue a music course at Oxford. However, if you’re shortlisted for an interview then you’ll be asked to provide a continuous video recording of a musical performance on your chosen instrument or voice. 


How many international students study at Oxford?

Around 45% of the total student population at Oxford comes from 160 countries around the world.

What is the minimum GPA required to take admission in Oxford?

The minimum GPA required for taking admission to Oxford is 3.7.

What is the score validity of LNAT?

The scores of LNAT are not valid after a year. 

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