New Emerging Study Abroad Destinations

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New Emerging Study Abroad Destinations

Millions of students around the world dream of studying abroad. Studying abroad experience is one of a kind for students as it exposes them to new challenges and teaches them integral life lessons. Such experiences open new horizons of education and growth for students to gain knowledge and become self-reliant individuals. Foreign education does add value to your personal and professional development but the learnings that one gets from studying abroad in a different country with different cultural diversity stays with you forever. To know more about new emerging study-abroad destinations, keep reading this blog!

Why You Should Study Abroad?

The following are the reasons why many students prefer to study abroad:

  • Exploration is the drive behind why many students choose to study abroad. The thrill of living in a foreign land, and witnessing a whole new culture and lifestyle can be quite a great experience
  • Foreign education experience is globally recognised and adds value to your CV, and you get to experience new education styles 
  • Students get a chance to experience a whole new culture altogether and revel in the local setting of the region via new cuisine, events, fashion and traditions
  • Being in a foreign country can help you develop new language skills 
  • There is so much to learn starting to form the education, career opportunities to new interests you may develop in a foreign country 
  • It gives students a chance to build global networks and learn about many cultural diversities and traditions

New Emerging Study Abroad Destinations

The following are the new emerging study-abroad destinations:


New Emerging Study Abroad Destinations - Italy

Italy is becoming a popular study-abroad destination among students. It is famous for its oldest and world-renowned universities that offer a wide variety of courses. Italian universities are known for their prestige and long history. One can choose to opt for a semester, a year, or a whole degree program. Studying in Italy is pocket friendly for many international students. Public universities in Italy are highly affordable. Italy is one of the leading countries in Arts, Architecture, and Fashion. There are many popular courses taught in English as well.


New Emerging Study Abroad Destinations - Spain

Spain is one of the hottest study-abroad destinations among students. Majorly due to the fact that Spain has a lot to offer, be it its geography, culture, or universities. For international students, it is an exciting experience to indulge in the culture and lifestyle of Spain. And if you are looking to balance your education and enjoyment at the same time then Spain is your location


Switzerland is becoming a highly popular study-abroad destination among students. Switzerland also has many QS World Ranking universities that offer world-class education. Switzerland is ranked 12th in the Most Educated countries survey of 2022 and was ranked 6th for the education system by the World Population Review 2021.


Germany is increasingly gaining popularity among international students. It is majorly because Germany is home to many world-class universities. These universities of a variety of courses for students to choose from, and one can opt for any kind of course in Germany. It also offers employment opportunities to students pursuing their higher education in Germany


New Emerging Study Abroad Destinations - Australia

Australia has always been a popular study-abroad destination as Australian universities provide top-quality education to international students and they are valued and recognized around the world. Studying abroad in Australia will provide you with an incredible experience and will allow you to build global networks. Studying in Australia can help you gain work experience from the leading companies in the world


Japan is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. And it is highly tech-friendly which can be the reason why many students these days wish to study in Japan. Japan offers the perfect combination of modern technology with traditional values. The Japanese language is also an in-demand language in the professional world.

Given below are the popular universities abroad:

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
University of Bologna167
University of Milan139
Technical University of Munich49
RWTH AACHEN University147
University of Melbourne33
Monash University57
University of Zurich 83
University of Geneva125
University of Tokyo23
Kyoto University36

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The following are the scholarships offered abroad:

ScholarshipsGrantIn INR
Bologna University Study Grants for International Students11,059 EUR/yr 8.93 Lakh
Destination Australia Program`15,000 AUD/yr7.82 Lakh
KUAS Undergrad Scholarship$110,000/yr 91.18 Lakh
Scholarships from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain1,500 EUR/yr 1.21 Lakh
Hokkaido University ScholarshipFull Tuition FeeFull Tuition Fee

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What are the new emerging study-abroad destinations?

New emerging study-abroad destinations include Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Japan and many other countries.

What are the popular courses in Italy?

Italy is one of the leading countries in Arts, Architecture, and Fashion.

What are the popular universities in Japan?

University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Keio University, etc are some of the popular universities in Japan. 

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