Universities in Australia Without Application Fees

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universities in australia without application fee

Australia attracts an international population of students due to its economic yet good education, plentiful work prospects, and commendable living standards. While the majority of Australian colleges charge an application fee ranging from $50 to $100, there are plenty of universities in Australia that do not. Furthermore, avoiding an application cost would undoubtedly help you save money. Still not convinced? Continue reading to learn about institutions in Australia that have no application fee for international students, as well as much more!

Top Universities in Australia Without Application Fees

Without a doubt, institutions in Australia with no application cost are highly ranked and recognised by world-renowned rankings. Furthermore, several of Australia’s top universities with no application fees are well-known for their clearly high employment rates and high level of education.

Without further ado, here is a list of prominent universities in Australia that do not charge an application fee for overseas students:

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Let us now briefly discuss each of these eight top universities in Australia that do not charge an application fee:

Universities in Australia QS World Rankings Popular Programs 
Victoria University#601-650Masters in Information Technology 
Masters in Building Fire Safety and Risk Engineering 
Masters in Engineering
University of South Australia #326MS in Clinical Pharmacy 
MEng in Engineering Management
MS in Data Science 
Charles Darwin University#701-750Masters in Information Technology (Software Engineering) 
MS in Mechanical Engineering 
Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Bond University451Masters in Clinical Psychology 
Masters in Construction Practice 
MAcc in Accounting
University of Wollongong #193MS in Computer Science 
MEng in Mechanical Engineering 
MEng in Engineering Management
University of Notre Dame Australia #1201MBA in Business Analytics 
MS in Mechanical Engineering 
MS in Computer Science and Engineering 
Central Queensland
#601-650Masters in Engineering Masters in Construction Management 
MPA in Professional Accounting
RMIT University#206Master in Data Science 
MS in Information Technology 
MRes in Computer Science
Australian National
Computer Science,
Business, Arts, Law,
University of New South Wales#45Operational research, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Accounting, and Finance,
University of Adelaide#109Management, Humanities, Arts, Business, and Technology
University of New Castle#192 Media, Pharmacy, Linguistics, Earth Sciences etc

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Application Process 

Getting admitted to universities in Australia with no application fee necessitates the same application method as applying to all other top universities in Australia. Let us go through some of the most important procedures to take when applying to institutions in Australia that do not charge an application fee:

  • Select the university or program to which you want to apply.
  • Fill out the relevant application form, beginning with your personal information.
  • Some colleges may also require you to register references for LOR ahead of time.
  • Please provide your bachelor’s degree (when applying for PG courses).
  • Submit all requested documents, such as LORs, Writer work, academic transcripts, research papers, SOPs, English proficiency test score certificates, and so on.
  • Submit your application and, if available, look for an application fee waiver.
  • You might also apply for grants to study in Australia, such as the Australia Awards Scholarship and others.

Universities in Australia with no application fee for international students are plentiful, and the application process is the same as for any other institution in Australia. Most top colleges in Australia do not charge an application fee grant fee waiver accreditation to both domestic and international students. There are additional universities that waive application fees for students from low-income countries and for specialized courses. You may even contact our Leverage Edu consultants to learn more about Australian institutions that do not require an application cost!

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Cost of Studying

Let us examine the cost of education in Australia for international students at various stages, beginning with the primary component of any costs associated with studying abroad. The table beneath is a wide idea of the scope of expenses for various sorts of capabilities for global understudies in Australia. It should be noted by applicants that these costs do not include costly courses like veterinary and medical. Continue reading to learn how much it will cost a student traveling from India to Australia:

Type of Degree Average Fees 
Doctoral DegreeAUD 18,000 (INR 9.91 Lakh) – 42,000 (INR 23.14 Lakh)
Postgraduate Master’s Degree AUD 22,000 (INR 12.12 Lakh) – 50,000 (INR 27.54 Lakh)
English language studies AUD 300 (INR 16.529) per week
Vocational Education and Training AUD 4,000 (INR 2.20 Lakh) – 22,000 (INR 12.12 Lakh)
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree AUD 20,000 (INR 12.12 Lakh) – 45,000 (INR 24.79 Lakh)

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Moving away from tuition costs, applicants must deal with Australia’s second-largest expense, living costs. The high standard of living that distinguishes Australian cities also results in a somewhat higher cost of living. The various components, such as rentals, utilities, entertainment, and so on, are broken down here. 

Type Cost 
Hostels and GuesthousesAUD 90 (INR 4,958) – 150 (INR 8,264) per week
HomestayAUD 235 (INR 12,947) – 325 (INR 17,906) per week
On-campus AUD 110 (INR 6,060) – 280 (INR 15,427) per week
RentalAUD 185 (INR 10,193) – 440 (INR 24,242) per week
Boarding schools AUD 11,000 (INR 6.06 Lakh) – 22,000 a year (INR 12.12 Lakh)
Shared Rental AUD 95 (INR 5,234) – 215 (INR 11,845) per week

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Scholarships for Australia

There is an array of scholarships awarded to students in Australia depending upon various factors such as financial status, excellence in academics and much more. Some of the major scholarships available in Australian Universities are 

Name of the Scholarships Awarded amount
Australian Government Research Training ProgramAUD 28092 (INR 15.47 Lakh)
Melbourne graduate scholarship 100% fee waiver 
ANU study Canberra India Scholarship AUD 10000 (INR 5.50 Lakh)
Australia Award Tuition fees, tickets, living allowance, health insurance, and visa expenses 
HASS scholarship for excellence India AUD 10000 (INR 5.50 Lakh)

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What are some universities without application fees in Australia for international students? 

Major Universities in Australia without application fees majorly for international students are as follows: 
RMIT University 
Victoria University 
University of South Australia
Bond University  
the University of Wollongong 

What is the application fee for Universities in Australia? 

Most Australian colleges charge a filing fee ranging from $50 to $100.

What are the documents required to get admitted into Australian universities with no application fee? 

Some important documents required for admission to institutions in Australia without paying an application fee are:
Transcripts of academic work
LORs and SOPs
Test results for English Proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
A fully completed application form
Bachelor of Science (when applying for PG courses)

Are there universities in Australia that accept the Duolingo English test? 

Yes, many Australian colleges accept the Duolingo test.

Hope this blog helped you with the various requisites for Universities in Australia without application fees. Planning to pursue your studies at your dream university in Australia? Sign up for a free session with Leverage Edu experts on 1800 572 000 and grab the opportunity to secure your admission! 

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