Masters in Cyber Security in Australia

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Masters in Cyber Security in Australia

One of the most popular and in-demand branches of Computer Science, Cyber Security protects your data from being hacked by unauthorized forces. If you are someone who is fascinated by cyber security and just got your bachelor’s in computer science, then a Master’s in Cyber Security is the perfect choice for you. As per the US BLS “cyber security” will be the 10th fastest-growing occupation over the next decade. No wonder why many students are now opting for a degree in Cyber Security. Australia, being a popular hub for Cyber Security services offers a wide range of Master Programs in Cyber Security. Read on to learn more about pursuing a Master’s in Cyber Security in Australia.

Program NameMasters in cyber security
Degree LevelGraduate
Duration1-2 years
Eligibility10+2 (Science)
Bachelors in Cyber Security/Computer Science/Information Technology
Top Universities Deakin University
RMIT University
University of Newcastle
University of South Australia
Average Tuition FeeAU$ 29,400- AU$ 30,000
Job OpportunitiesCybersecurity analyst, Cybersecurity Architect, Cyber Security consultant, Software developer, Cybersecurity engineer, Cybersecurity specialist
Average SalaryAU$120,725

Why Study Master’s in Cyber Security in Australia?

Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider pursuing a Master’s in Cyber Security:

  • Australia is home to some of the top universities in the world. Every year, many Australian universities are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. 
  • Australia offers the best Master’s in Cyber security courses that help you stand out among other students who probably just hold a bachelor’s degree. As employers tend to prefer students with master’s degrees as it provides a higher level of qualification.
  • Masters in Cyber Security in Australia generally have a duration of 1-2 years. Courses are generally based on practical knowledge, preparing students for a better future in this field. 

Top Universities for Masters in Cyber Security

Listed below are the best universities in Australia offering a master’s in cybersecurity:

Monash UniversityMaster of Cybersecurity (MCybersec)
Deakin UniversityMaster of Cyber Security
University of NewcastleMaster of Cyber Security
RMIT UniversityMaster of Cyber Security
Griffith University Master of Cyber Security
University of South AustraliaMaster of Cybersecurity
University of Southern QueenslandMaster of Cyber Security

Masters in Cyber Security in Australia Eligibility 

To pursue a Master’s in Cyber Security in Australia, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • You must have passed class XII in the science stream 
  • A bachelor’s degree, honours or otherwise, in Cyber Security or relevant subjects such as computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics, natural science, electronic engineering, general engineering, operations research, etc. Minimum GPA will vary for different universities
  • You must provide English language proficiency tests like IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE and clear the minimum score requirement specified by the respective university

English Language Requirements 

The English Language requirements will vary for different universities in Australia. But here are the minimum requirements for each of the English Proficiency Tests:

Test NameMinimum Score Requirements
IELTS6.5 or above
PTE58 and above
TOEFL iBT79 and above

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How to Apply for a Masters in Cyber Security?

  1. Call our experts on 1800 572 000 to shortlist your favourite cyber security universities in Australia and select your master’s in cybersecurity through our trusted AI Course Finder.
  2. Compile all your documents like SOPs, essays, certificates and LORs and exam scores like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc
  3. Meet all the application deadlines and start the application process for accommodation, student visas, and scholarships/student loans
  4. Accept the offer letter.
  5. Get your visa approved and fly to your dream university in Australia!

Documents Required

Here is a quick checklist of all the important documents required while applying for admission:

Cost of Studying Masters in Cyber Security in Australia

The cost of studying will vary for different universities but here we’ve mentioned the tuition fees for some of the Australian universities offering a Masters in Cyber Security:

Universities Tuition Fees per annum
Deakin UniversityAU$ 29,400
RMIT UniversityAU$ 38,400
Monash UniversityAU$ 36,700

Masters in Cybersecurity in Australia Career Scope and Salary

With technological advancements, potential threats lurk behind every computing device. This is the reason behind the non-stop unethical hacking practices in the world, the employment of cybersecurity professionals is increasing. 

The job roles available for students with a graduate degree- Master’s in Cybersecurity in Australia are as listed below:

  1. Chief information security officer (CISO)
  2. Computer information systems manager
  3. Computer network architect
  4. Cybercrime analyst/investigator
  5. Cyber security analyst/consultant
  6. Cyber security architect
  7. Cyber security director
  8. Cyber security engineer
  9. Cyber security manager/administrator
  10. Cyber security specialist/technician
  11. Incident analyst/responder
  12. Information security analyst
  13. IT auditor
  14. Penetration and vulnerability tester
  15. Software Developer

The salary for a graduate in Cyber Security will vary for different positions. Australia’s average cyber security salary is AU$ 120,725 per year. While entry-level positions start at AU$ 100,000 per year.


Q. How long is a Master in Cybersecurity at the University of Southern Queensland?

Ans. Masters in Cybersecurity at the University of Southern Queensland is offered in a full-time mode for 2 years.

Q. What is the application fee for Deakin University for international students?

Ans. The application fee at Deakin University is AU$55 (INR 2-3K).

Q3. What is the duration of the Masters of Cyber Security at Monash University?

The duration of the program is 1.5-2 years at Monash University.

This was all you needed to know about the Master’s in cybersecurity in Australia. If you’re planning to pursue a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity in Australia then feel free to contact our experts at Leverage Edu, they’ll provide you with a free counselling session and guidance.

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