Most Popular Bachelor Programs in Sports in Seoul, South Korea

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Sports is well-known in Seoul, South Korea, the capital being involved with universities that offer the most popular bachelor programs in the field. Some of the top sports fields in South Korea are baseball, football, basketball, Archery and Volleyball. With the hype going around the world revolving around sports, the degrees in Sports in South Korea demand your attention. Scroll through this blog to know more about the most popular bachelor degrees in Sports in the capital of South Korea, South Korea.

Place of Study  Seoul, South Korea
Level of Education  Bachelor’s
Total Number of Bachelor Programs 13
Years of Study  3 – 4 years
Tuition Fees  INR 265,227/year

We have tabulated below some of the top universities in Seoul along with their popular bachelor’s programs in Sports.

Name of University QS Ranking 2023 Undergraduate Sports Program/ Department
Yonsei University 73 Sports Industry Studies
Sungkyunkwan University 99 Bachelor of Physical Education
Seoul National University 29 Physical Education
Korea National Sports University Bachelor of Physical Education
Sogang University 457 Interdisciplinary Program – Sports Media

Let’s elaborate on the aforementioned below.

Sport Industry Studies | Yonsei University

Including topics such as Sports administration and management; Theory and practice of Sports Counselling, this undergraduate degree program is at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. The history of Sports culture, as well as Sports and Mass Media, are also covered. When it comes to the university itself, it was founded in 1885, and now enrols almost 40,000 students. A private research university, it encompasses several well-known programs along with sports.

Course Duration 3 years
Fees  ₹257,994 / year

Bachelor of Physical Education | Sungkyunkwan University

All major topics of Sport Science are covered under this program at Sungkyunkwan University. Taught under The College of Sport Science, which was established in 1969 as the Department of Physical Education. It addresses interests, academically, in physical movement, sports, and health-related issues.

Course Duration 4 years
Fees  KRW4,902,000 (INR 3 lakh) per year

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Physical Education | Seoul National University

The Seoul National University, ranked among the best, is known for its academic research and excellence and endows the same in its sports/physical education curriculum. With an undergraduate degree under this Physical Education program at Seoul National University, students are driven to prepare and train themselves in the arena of research studies and theories and practice of sports studies.

Course Duration 3 or 4 years
Fees  USD 5,657 (INR 4.5 lakh)

Bachelor of Physical Education | Korea National Sport University

Theories on specialised academic fields such as Sport Philosophy, Sport Sociology, Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Biomechanics, and Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education are being taught under this programme at Korea National Sports University. When you graduate from this program, you shall receive a certificate to the likes of Community Sports Instructor, and Athlete Trainer.

Course Duration 3 years
Fees  INR 317,770 / year

Sports Media | Sogang University

A major in Sports Media helps students earn an understanding of the roles of media in the sports industry. The cultural influence of sports in modern society expands on the functional role mass communication plays in the domain of physical education. The learning of the latest development of socio-economic phenomena is relayed with the combination of sports and media.

Course Duration 4 years
Fees  INR 262,818 / year

Future Careers 

The following are some of the careers that you can land by earning a bachelor’s degree in sports.

  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness centre manager
  • Sports coach
  • Sports Administrator
  • Sports schoolteacher
  • Exercise physiologist


Does Korea have a sports university?

Yes, Korea has a sports university in Seoul, South Korea, known as Korea National Sport University (KNSU).

In which sports South Korea is best?

Some of the sports South Korea is best known for are archery, baseball and football.

What sport is South Korea known for?

Football is one of South Korea’s most popular sports.

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