How to Ace an Online Interview?

Online Interview

With the advent of the hyper-connected digital age, online interviews have become an integral part of our lives. Especially, after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many personal interviews are now being conducted online only. The internet has made it easier for companies and organisations to carry out their recruitment processes online. In this lockdown period, the best way to connect a personal interview is through video conferencing. If you are preparing for an online interview, this blog brings you the top tips and strategies which can help you create a great impression on your employer and get selected for your dream job! 

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Select the Right Location 

One of the most essential factors to consider while appearing for an online interview is finding the right location. It is vital that you choose a peaceful environment without minimal disturbance. Hindrances during the video call will seem unprofessional, thus, you must try to opt a location with minimal background noise. Your chosen spot for the video call must have speedy internet connectivity otherwise it will be difficult to communicate. It is advisable to choose a room with good lighting as well as a professionally appropriate background.

Prepare for Common Interview Questions & Answers

Do not just show up on the given time for the online interview but start gearing up for it at least a few days before. Preparing for different questions does not mean that you mug up answers as it might make you sound robotic and make the conversation mundane. But try making pointers for the common interview questions like, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “what are your hobbies?”, “why should we hire you?”, amongst others. It is always appreciated to ask questions to the interviewer related to the role you have applied for as it will exhibit your interest in the job profile.

Conduct a Mock Interview

To efficiently prepare for an online interview, you must conduct a mock interview with a friend through video conferencing. A mock interview can help you identify the points where you might face an issue during the video call. Ask a friend to do video conferencing with you and give them a list of questions that are commonly asked during an interview. Then, seek feedback from them and analyse where you need more practice. 

Check your Video Conferencing System

Technology is dual-faced, either it can do wonders or things can go completely haywire. Online interviews are usually conducted via webcam and video conferencing which means that you will need a stable internet connection to ensure that you don’t get disconnected during the interview. Also, while preparing for your video platform, you must also understand the workings of the platform you are using for video conferencing. Before the interview, check all the equipment and monitor the audio and video quality to ensure that you are clearly visible and audible during the interview.

Keep a copy of your Resume Within Your Reach 

During the video interview, you cannot leave the screen even for a moment. The interviewer generally ask questions from the candidate’s resume thus it is important to keep a copy of your resume by your side. Further, you might be asked to tell your academic grades during graduation or any other details related to your candidates and having a resume within your reach, you can easily answer such questions. 

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Dress Formally & Keep a Check on Your Body Language

Even though it will be a virtual conversation, one must not ignore the professional aspect of it. Make sure to dress formally and look presentable similar to appearing for a face-to-face interview. Opt for the set up of a study table for the interview and avoid taking it on a couch or bean bag. Keep a check on your body language and maintain good eye contact throughout the interview. Also, making eye contact during an online interview is quite tricky since if you are looking at the screen, the interviewer will see you looking elsewhere. Thus, look at the camera during the video interview and focus your attention on the interviewer.

No Interference 

Any disturbance during the interview will leave an unprofessional impact on the interviewer and it will also reflect your laid back attitude. Tell your family members and pets to not to disturb you and choose a quiet room and turn off the electronics that might disrupt your focus during the online interview.

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We hope that this blog provided you with key preparation and practice tips for an online interview. Struggling with creating an impressive resume? Sign up for an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu experts and we will assist you in resume structuring and profiling to ensure that you get selected for your dream job!

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