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Singapore recently announced new work visa rules with the vision of free flow of foreign talent. The Asian financial hub took this decision as its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The modern garden city-state of the world, Singapore is one of the most lively cities in the world. Its infrastructure, greenery, culture, and acceptance among people have attracted many students globally. It is often called the city of the future. It also enjoys low levels of crime rate which makes it one of the safest cities for students. Education in Singapore has the perfect blend of assistive and modern technology along with a pleasant environment, innovations, and diversity. Let’s explore the congenial and enjoyable student life in Singapore. 

Discover Life in Singapore

Singapore has the best quality of living in Asia according to ‘Quality of Living Ranking’ by Mercer, 2015. With a captivating standard of Living and efficient laws, Singapore is the happiest city in Asia. It also offers the best Economic environment for people with open-trade policies and negligible corruption. The clean-and-green environment, good sanitation facilities, affordable health care and strict cleanliness orders adds to the pleasant student life in Singapore. Public transport services are mostly used by people due to its clean, safe, cheap and comfortable services. 

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Getting Around

Touring around in Singapore is very convenient owing to the city’s smallness. You can go about in another region of the state within 45-mins and explore the city easily. Want to know which cities have the best student life in Singapore? Check out the list given below: 

  • Orchard
  • Bukit Timah
  • Dover
  • Sentosa
  • Clementi

The local people in Singapore speak Singlish, not just English!

Selecting the Right Accommodation and work opportunities:

Start looking for accommodations once you’ve made your decision about studying in Singapore. There are many on and off-campus accommodations for you to choose from. Housing Development Board usually cost around SG$ 1,000 – SG$ 2,000 (INR 45,000 – INR 90,000). Private accommodations are another option that will cost you around SG$ 1,000 – SG$ 3,000 per month (INR 54,170 – INR 2,16,683). Living in Singapore certainly requires a high- budget. To cover up for the expense, students are allowed to do a part-time job for covering extra expenses with many companies hiring students for a part-time job which makes student life in Singapore easier. They should have a work permit (training work permit, training employability pass) to apply for a part-time job in Singapore. Approximately, 44% of the workforce is completed by non-Singaporeans; its rapidly growing economy attracts professionals and students from abroad. The average monthly cost of living for students (including Rent, transport and meals) is 922 SGD which is roughly 42,531INR. However, different rentals have varied prices. 

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Build Your Network

Owing to the rich and diverse culture Singapore has, it should be easy to find a comrade. People from various walks of life can experience entertainment and choose their pick. Singapore has extremely unique events, festivals, museums and sparkly nightlife. Singapore is famous for its food festivals and various other Indian festivals like Diwali. From festivals like ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ for the bibliophiles to the beautiful fireworks and dance during the Chinese Lunar New Year; Singapore’s exuberant lifestyle will always keep you moving.  

Singapore is home to the world’s first night zoo in the world!

Best Universities and Scholarships and Student Grants in Singapore

The most primary and important aspect of studying in Singapore is the options of the world’s renowned universities in the world which provide high-class education with the best technology facilities. Universities in Singapore promote entrepreneur qualities in students and extensive research. Each university provides its distinctive contribution to the betterment of student life in Singapore. With the high standard of living and expensive rates, the Government of Singapore facilitates students with various ways to get financial assistance and encourage the flow of international students. The forms of financial aids are:

  • Fellowship Programs
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Ministry of Education student grant

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How to Study in Singapore with 100% Scholarships

Basic Requirements

  • A valid Passport and submit a copy of particular pages.
  • Certified copies of transcripts/mark sheets along with a recent passport-sized photograph. 
  • Scorecards of IELTS (6 scores or above required)/ TOEFL and GMAT/GRE are required.
  • For students pursuing an MBA course, minimum work experience if 3 years is necessary.
  • For students pursuing a doctoral program, the required number of letters of recommendation (LOR) and statement of purpose is to be submitted.
  • A medical report of the student’s previous health concerns is also essential.

Hope this blog helped you know about various details regarding student life in Singapore. For any help or assistance, reach out to our Leverage Edu team!

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