Life of International Students at ULaw

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The University of Law is a specialist provider of professional education, primarily in Law and Business. Attracting international students from more than 120 nationalities, ULaw is a diverse university based out of 15+ locations in the UK and two international campuses in Hong Kong and Berlin. Students are at the centre of ULaw’s mission to make its students succeed. Student life at ULaw can be determined by a strong foundational curriculum, designed with inputs from chambers and law firms, that trains students to think and act like lawyers. Additionally, the University partners with 30+ law firms has 250+ qualified law professionals as tutors and has an alumni network of 80,000+. Learn more about what student life at the University of Law is like.

Student Life at ULaw

At the University of Law, students are professionals from day one. However, academics are just one face of the coin. The University offers one of the best student cultures in the UK, with a dynamic extracurricular activity scene on campus. Students experience social and sporting life, put their academic knowledge to practice, interact with the industry’s best minds, and so much more. Read on to know what it is like to be a student at ULaw.

Clubs, Events, and Societies

One of the features common to all the University of Law campuses is the vibrant student activity. From moot-court competitions, photography contests and sports to dance and music clubs, social nights and networking events, ULaw students experience a thriving student culture on and around the campus. As a ULaw student, you can become a member of unique student cohorts such as the Harry Potter Society or join the football or netball clubs. In fact, students can set up their own brand-new student clubs on campus. Further, the ULaw London Bloomsbury campus features a mock crime scene and a state-of-the-art mock courtroom. Here, students debate cases like practising lawyers. They also get real advocates’ attire, including robes and wigs!

ULaw hosts a Fresher’s Week for incoming undergraduate students to gel with peers. The event includes a week full of interesting events such as quiz contests, comedy nights, city tours and the Freshers Fair!

Smaller Batches of Students

One of the ways in which ULaw trains students to be professionals is through close student-teacher interactions. At any ULaw campus, you study in small workshop rooms and get personalised teaching from professional lawyers and business leaders. There is no doubt why ULaw has been ranked #1 for Student Satisfaction by the “THE National Student Survey!” Classes at ULaw facilitate high practical engagement with smaller teaching groups. Students debate cases with professional lawyers, and solve real business challenges. Engaging in such group activities helps them gain a stronghold on the theory they are studying.

Source: Youtube – University of Law

Personalised Mentorship

What sets the student life at ULaw apart from other law schools in the UK is the personalised experience. From CV enhancement to interview preparation and one-on-one mentorship sessions, ULaw caters to individual students by charting career pathways and offering guidance. As a ULaw student, you will have a Personal Tutor assigned to you for the duration of your degree program. S/he will be responsible for guiding you through the course, offering career advice and assisting you through the process, be it getting an internship or finding your first employment as a law or business graduate. Further, the University of Law has a global alumni network of 80,000+ graduates, meaning that students can access the best networking opportunities with the law and business giants. Apart from this, the ULaw alumni constantly stay in touch with the University to offer mentorship sessions to current students for career enhancement.

Flexibility to Switch Campuses

Students at ULaw have the unique opportunity to start their courses at one ULaw campus and continue at another campus. The CampuSwitch feature is designed to give students the freedom to choose their study locations, international exposure, and networking opportunities with multicultural peer groups. Do you fancy a change of scenery? Then, ULaw allows you to switch from, say, the London Bloomsbury campus to the Guildford campus or even the Hong Kong campus. You can also switch from a physical campus to an online campus.

Professional Courtroom Setups

One of the best aspects of being a ULaw student is that you get a flavour of how an actual law professional advocates, argues and debates cases. Certain ULaw campuses feature state-of-the-art mock courtrooms where students dress up like advocates, argue cases and question witnesses. Further, the ULaw Leeds campus is architectured like a modern-day corporate firm in a seven-storey building. This roleplay gives students pursuing Business degrees at the University a sense of the corporate world. As such, students at ULaw are trained extensively for the real-world context and made professionals right during their time at ULaw.

Career Counselling and Placements

What makes ULaw stand out among law schools in the UK is their focus on employability, career readiness and channelising individual potential. As a ULaw student, you can connect with a counsellor and discuss your academic, personal and career-related issues. The counsellor guides you, helps you gain insight, or enables you to leverage your unused skills or resources. At ULaw, you not only get counselling support but also assured placements. They have dedicated employability teams who help throughout your job-hunting timeline – from curating a CV and writing cover letters to finalising application and interview preparation.

90% + LLB graduates from ULaw secured their first employment within 6 months of graduation!

Online Student Life at ULaw Online Campus

Studying online does not have to be all work and no play. Certainly not at the Online Campus of ULaw. The University provides an Online Student Hub, a virtual common room for students to meet up and chat with fellow students. Students can also get on-board virtual meeting sessions to work on group projects, have informal discussions and so on. As a student at ULaw online, you also become a member of the Student Union. This allows you to participate in events, clubs and societies across the ULaw campuses. You also get access to the library and other on-campus resources as a student of ULaw online.

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Student Life at ULaw: Hear From the Students

The University of Law was accorded the status of the Best University in England for Overall Student Satisfaction in the 2020 National Student Survey conducted by Times Higher Education. Let us see what the students of ULaw have to say about their time at the University.

If I hadn’t been a member of ULaw societies, I would’ve missed out on a lot of fun social events and helpful career advice.
– Jasmine Luo, ULaw Graduate

ULaw was incredibly valuable in connecting me with my future colleagues.
– Alumnus Hafiz SulemanSenior Associate, Clifford Chance

The staff and support are second to none. They are polished, proficient, accessible and patient.
– Christine Troughton, BPTC Student

Studying at the University of Law has really inspired me to be the best lawyer I can be.
– Samyuktha, LPC LLM Law and Business Student

Why Study at ULaw?

Studying at ULaw can be rewarding and fulfilling, given the innovative approach to teaching and learning. Students get to study among peers from different countries and learn to think and act like professional lawyers. They get to argue cases, question witnesses, investigate mock crime scenes and solve actual business problems right from the classroom space. At ULaw, whether you are inside or outside the classroom, there’s always an activity to engage in. Choose to study at the University of Law and enter the legal and corporate worlds as a professional.

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Is the University of Law legit?

The University of Law is a private for-profit university that is accredited by the Privy Council. As such, it is relatively costlier than other law schools in the UK. However, the University offers plenty of scholarships and bursaries to facilitate international students. The University is internationally-recognized, well-resourced and has a strong network.

Does the University of Law offer accommodation?

Yes, student accommodation is available across all the campuses of the University of Law. All the on-campus or off-campus housing by checking into the University’s Studentpad website and finding an accommodation best suited for them. 

Is the University of Law a private university?

Yes, ULaw is a private for-profit university providing professional education in law, business, criminology and sociology along with legal training and continuing education programs for barristers and solicitors.

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