10 Things Students Should Do During Quarantine

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Amid the havoc of Coronavirus, self-isolation or quarantine has turn out to be the best preventive measure. The world is fighting unanimously against COVID-19 as we lack the most vital weapon- a vaccine. The majority of the countries and cities are now in a state of total lockdown and social distancing has become the only viable option to save ourselves from this pandemic. Due to this, sudden ‘Emergency Breaks’ have been pulled and people are now staying at home thus giving us some quality time. Not only the working professionals, but students can also make the most out of this period. If you are clueless about what activities you can pursue during these days then here is a blog on the top 10 things which you can do during the quarantine.

Virtual Learning 

As a part of preventive measures, traditional classroom teaching has been suspended in most of the academic institutes. Online learning is a sure shot solution in such scenarios. Be it in attending university sessions or that of school, you can virtually gain quality education through online classes. Furthermore, this is also the right time to practice the concepts which will be taught as soon as the situation escalates to normal.

Read Good Books

To refresh your mind from the academic studies, reading famous books and authors is one of the most interesting things you can do in quarantine. You can find scores of English speaking books, poetry books or some personality development books through online sources. A favourite reading spot, your choice of books, a warm cup of coffee and you are good to go! Moreover, this can also be a time to improve your English grammar and vocabulary. You can underline and find the meaning of the new words you come across while reading!

Catch Up on Your Passion

In the race to beat the best, we are hardly left with time to follow our passions. Super packed daily routines do not allow us to skip the scheduled activities and indulge in different types of co curricular activities. This is the perfect time to devote energy to the activities you have been longing to try. You can practice singing, learn knitting, practice painting. 


It’s better losing than regretting gaining that extra holiday weight. Exercising at your home during this quarantine period can be the best divertissement with the most productive results. Investing some time in physical activities will not only refresh your mind but will also keep you fit. 

Prepare for Upcoming Exams 

A long list of exams has either been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. In this period, you can put your best foot forward and gain extra knowledge which will help you crack the exam with flying colours. Thorough preparation of the competitive exams will thus help you get a step closer to your dreams! 

Polish Your Profile  

Are you wondering about how to study abroad? If you aspiring to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree abroad, then this is the right time to polish your skills as this can add an addition to your profile. To outshine, apart from the academic achievements, you need a have an impressive Statement of Purpose [SOP]. Through various online platforms, you can learn how to articulate such documents. 

Learn Something New 

While you flourish your knowledge in the discipline you have opted for, you can definitely learn something new. With a few clicks, you can have access to a variety of trending courses which can aid in skill development. Apart from this, you can also enroll in personality development classes, learn new languages form free online libraries, learn cooking, stitching, etc. 

Make A Journal 

No matter how much we indulge ourselves in various activities, it can be hard to overcome gloomy days. Since quarantine or social distancing leads to minimal contact with friends, during such days, you can practice writing by drafting a journal. This can include your day-to-day activities, some cooking steps, or other such details that you want to jot down.  

Spend Some Time With Family

Spending quality time with family is one of the best ways to relax during the quarantine period. With hectic schedules, it certainly has become difficult to take out some time for family. You can watch some classic movies, play various board games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladder or carrom or simply listen to soothing songs, together.

Map Your Career

The most productive utilization of quarantine can be mapping your career. Contemplate your strengths and weaknesses. Dwelling upon which you can pen down a few options you are willing to explore. Research about career paths or look for skill development courses which can help you attain your career aspirations!

With scores of career paths available, choosing a stream can be a daunting task. This is where expert guidance can be of great help! Amid the COVID quarantine, connect to the experts of Leverage Edu through e-meeting and they will help you get started on the appropriate career path!

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