5 Habits Rich People Won’t Tell You! [Courtesy: Philip Rypz]

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Habits of Rich People

Is there a perfect guide available to becoming rich and successful? Smart business choices, hard work, ambitious goals are one of the few qualities that are essential, more than this it is about habits and mindset. Wealth is not the factor that differentiates, it’s the common habits of rich people that differentiate them from regular people. These habits help them be focused and at the same time remain down to earth. The renowned Instagrammer Philip Rypz made an inspirational Instagram post in which he talked about the 5 Habits of Rich People and this blog brings a rundown of his amazing post to becoming a billionaire!

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Philipp Rypz

Philipp Rypz is a successful young entrepreneur and runs his own very successful social media agency that has 3.4 million followers on Instagram. When most of us millennials were busy making tik-toks and trying out dalgona coffee during the Covid – 19 lockdown across the globe, Philipp Rypz utilized this time to build his own unique inspirational brand on Instagram. A renowned Instagram influencer, his own brand IG Elites attracted more than a million followers within a few months of its inception. Philipp Rypz is ready to share his quick tips and secrets on growing business through social media. You can follow Philipp Rypz on Instagram on his personal account or on IG Elites where he shares various courses offered by IG Elites Academy that helps entrepreneurs grow their business on social media.

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5 Habits Rich People Won’t Tell You by Philip Rypz

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#1 A single minute of procrastination can destroy a month of hard work and discipline

The #1 habit of rich people that every person should follow is to battle procrastination. If you want to succeed in life, delaying or postponing things to tomorrow is never an option. A moment of procrastination can wipe out the hard work and efforts of our whole month. Don’t let laziness overpower you. Let’s take a look at the story of our Queen Oprah to understand the role of discipline and hard work in reaching your zenith!

Oprah Winfrey started from the bottom but now is on top of the wealthiest person in the world. She believes in hustling every day. She was able to change her career from being a part of the small radio show to her own The Oprah Winfrey Show with pure dedication and focus. All this happened because she put in the hard work needed, with the focus and discipline that made her successful!

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# 2 Rich people don’t use their money to show off, people use their money to make more money.

There are two types of people that want others to think they have money and show off even the tiniest things and the second type of people actually have money but don’t believe in showing off. Not showing off is one of the best habits of rich people. Let’s understand why keeping your lifestyle simple as well as utilising what you earn in the right way can bring you more abundance:

The founder of Zara, Amancio Ortega is the third richest man in the world with an estimated $1.2 Billion. Amancio Ortega is the perfect example of a billionaire that never shows offs. He lives with his wife in a simple apartment and loves living his simple and modest life. His personal life is kept private and he has only given interviews 3 – 5 times in his life. Guess what? Amancio Ortega prefers to wear simple and same types of clothes every day and is a the best example of a rich man adapting to a simpler life.

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#3Earning money while sleeping is the ultimate flex.

You might be hustling hard all day but what about the nights? While most of the people are counting sheep in their sleep, some are counting big bucks in the sleep. There are many opportunities that will help you earn pretty good not just in the day but at night as well without sweating a drop. Turn your talent accessible to people at every hour. Have you ever heard of Jeffree Star? A makeup mogul, influencer, the former singer is the richest YouTuber with a net worth of  $200 million. Even when Jeffree Star is asleep peacefully, he is still making a fortune through every single like and view on his Instagram and youtube posts.

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#4 Never show off. Keep winning in private. Not everyone wants to see you winning!

The best advice anyone of us has ever received is not to share the moments of success. Philip Rypz also says that the trick to winning in life is not to show it in public. Anyone can pretend to be happy for your success, believe it or not only a few percentage of people in your life are genuinely glad to see you succeed or for your progress. There is even a scientific reason behind it, when we share plans with someone it tricks our brain with the feeling of accomplishment and will lessen our chances to succeed at the time of action. Thus, in our list of habits of rich people, the fourth habit you must master is to keep calm and don’t show off your success!

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#5 Like-minded friends who treat you to do better is the real game changer

This trait in Philip Rypz’s habits of rich people is the ultimate game-changer. Your tribe attracts your vibe is the perfect explanation of the last habits of rich people. Crabs in a bucket will pull each other down instead of helping each other escape from the trap, Just like that the group of successful friends helps, encourages, and motivates each other instead of pulling each other down. Your friends influence who you become in life. Friends that are always carefree can even turn a strong determinant person into a lazy lad.

When it comes to someone as successful as Taylor Swift, even she has her own Hollywood Girl Squad on which she can rely for honest opinions, support, and advice. Taylor’s Squad is a group of successful celebrities that are always motivating each other and pushing to do better. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are friends for more than a decade and none of them has backed down when it comes to supporting each other. 

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