How Many Hours Should You Study To Maximize Your GMAT Scores?

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How Many Hours Should You Study To Maximize Your GMAT Scores (1)

Management study is one of the most demanded subjects in the arena of Corporates & Business. The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is an international-level recognised entrance exam taken by candidates who aspire to get admission into management courses at the top business schools across the globe.  

Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” – Napolean Hill. 

Exam Name Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
Conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
Exam ModeComputer-Based Adaptive Test 
Exam Duration3 hours 7 minutes
Exam FeeUS $ 275 (INR 22.60K)
SectionsAnalytical Writing Assessment
Integrated Reasoning
Quantitative Section
Verbal Reasoning
AttemptsTotal 8 attempts (5 attempts in 12 months)
Score RangeMinimum: 200
Maximum: 800

Important Points to Consider Before Learning How to Maximize the GMAT Scores

  • Because global MBA is like all time hot cake, the level of competition is also huge. To get admission into a top business school aspirant test scores should be between 700 to 750 out of 800. 
  • A 700 score on GMAT is treated as good while 750+ is treated as an excellent one.  As per the statistics on average majority of candidates are able to score between 400 to 600. The goal of each aspirant should be to score at least 700+ to increase their candidature for the desired management program at the best global business school. With the help of the right approach and practical timetable with consistent efforts, aspirants can score 700+ score in the GMAT entrance exam. 
  • Scoring high in any exam whether it is GMAT or any course exam is not entirely dependent upon the number of hours the candidate invests in the preparation.
  • It is true that fix number of hours for some required period of time will help in the completion of the syllabus but it wouldn’t guarantee the desired result specifically in an international-level entrance exam like GMAT. 
  • Based on the feedback from aspirants and subject matter experts it is concluded that with the help of the right approach, determination, flawless practical timetable and consistent efforts aspirants can get the desired GMAT score. 
How Many Hours Should You Study To Maximize Your GMAT Scores?

Tips to Maximize Your GMAT Scores

Here are some tips freshers need to follow to maximise their GMAT score:

  • Decode the Exam First

To ace, the GMAT exam first task expected from sincere aspirants is to decode its all dimensions. It will not only help the candidates get the required relevant information about the objective of the test but also be able to plan their preparation based on the pattern the authority follows.

  • Time Management

     Time Management is the key to enhancing productivity. To get the desired outcome in any walk of a lifetime management act as a backbone. It acts as a catalyst in the GMAT examination not only on the day of the test but most importantly during in preparation phase. GMAT aspirants should learn the art of flawless time management to complete both the syllabus as well as an exam on time.

  • One Section at a Time

Based on one of the key inputs from subject matter experts and experienced aspirants, it is advised to all the aspirants that they should cover the syllabus in a planned manner by mastering one section at a time out of all four different sections.

  • Multiple Mock

Mock tests are the real tracker of student preparation progress during the exam preparation. It helps the candidate to self-analyse their performance before the actual exam based on different parameters. Scores of multiple mocks test results also guide candidates about their strong and weak areas to strategize the approach based on the input received.

  • Mentorship

In case when a candidate is not able to analyse and rectify their preparation flaws then the role of the mentor becomes important to recuse them. Students can take the mentorship both from a GMAT subject matter expert and an experienced aspirant depending upon their needs and availability.

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Indeed it is not easy to get a 700+ score in the GMAT exam for an aspirant that’s why it is one of the most valuable global management admission tests. Still with the help of the tips shared above and if not possible to eliminate them by avoiding both inner and outer distractions freshers as well as veteran candidates can get the desired score in the GMAT entrance test and land into their dream foreign university.

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