14 Best Movies on College Life of All Time

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College life is one of the best years of your life. You need a sneak-peek into college life or relive your old days in the university, movies are perfect to give you all information and entertainment. Random road trips, late-night gossip sessions, or copying your best friend’s assignment a day before final submission, College life is unforgettable. From Dil Chahta Hai to Legally Blonde,  We have compiled a list of the best movies on college life from Bollywood and Hollywood that weekend binge-watch list and take a trip down memory lane.

Bad Genius

2017 Korean movie based on real-life events. The real-life news of students cheating on the SAT examination was adapted in this film. The movie reflects the theme of social issues among teenagers and class air quality. The actors are brilliant in their roles and have delivered outstanding performances. The story seems relatable when Pat says “We get to choose the university, the university doesn’t get to choose us!” It has been very well received by the critics internationally. An adventurous and thrilling experience is bound to come with this film based on student life.

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Pitch Perfect

Credits: Universal Pictures

The movie directed by Jason Moore is a musical comedy released in 2012. It has the most talented cast with powerful performances. The lead character Becca Michele who is disinterested in attending College acquires a musical internship and gets to know another freshman. Slowly the story develops and has lots of twists and turns. Comedy keeps the audience intrigued. It’s hilarious when Lily says “I ate my twin in the womb”. There are many more similar witty moments. The end is quite spectacular and the college-going newbies would love this film.

Legally Blonde

Credits: MovieClips

An American comedy film directed by Robert Luketic, released in 2001 features the college life of young students. The movie stars Reese Witherspoon as the main lead. The story of a blonde girl going to Stanford Law school obsessed with fashion and style. It is because of her style that she is Considered less serious by her peers and friends. She makes a comeback with the powerful dialogue “I don’t need back-ups. I’m going to Harvard.” The lead works extremely hard to prove her worth and motivates herself consistently. Many college-going girls can relate to her character and enjoy this film.

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Everybody Wants Some!!

(Photo: Microsoft)

A teenage comedy film directed by Richard Linklater released in 2016 is based on college baseball players in Texas. It describes the College atmosphere and the off-campus atmosphere of baseball team players. There are lots of moments in the film that make you fall in love with it. Especially, this conversation between leads is awesome- 

“Beverly: How did you know what room I was in?
Jake: I’m an investigative journalism major.
Beverly: So, I guess you know my name then.
Jake: Yes, as soon as you tell me”. 

Overall, an entertaining film for comedy-adventure lovers.

Road trip

Credits: MovieStation

The movie released in the year 2000 is a story of a college student who along with two college buddies go on a road trip from New York to Texas to save his long distance relationship. A comedy film that would rush the adrenaline through your bloodstream. Since the movie is critically acclaimed by the reviewers, it is a must watch for college students seeking some humour in tough times.

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Old School

Credits: Movieclips Classic Trailer

Directed by Todd Phillips, Old School was released in 2003. A story of three friends who attempt to recapture their college life by launching a fraternity near their college. Since the life of these three main characters gets quite boring in their 30s, they attempt to relieve them and go through its consequences too. The movie is very well received by the critics. The film is not consistently funny but has its own important moments which would be relatable to every college student. Here is a funny excerpt from the movie- “Beanie: Oh, yeah. Cheeeese. Yeah, didn’t we lock you in a dumpster one time?

Gordon Pritchard: Yea, I got out.
Beanie: Cool man. Good. Glad you did.


Credits: Movie Clips Trailer

An American comedy film released in 2004 and directed by Jeff Schaffer is based on college life. The cast includes Scott Mechlowicz as Scotty who is the witty guy and the main lead of the film. The story revolves around his misconception about his German friend and how later on he discovers his mistake and repents to his friend. The interesting turn of events would keep the audience engaged and college-going students surely love this film.

3 Idiots

Credits: Giphy

2009 Hindi language Indian film directed by Rajkumar Hirani was loved by people across the world. It stars Aamir Khan, one of the best actors of his time. The movie is based on Indian Engineering College and the social pressures around the Indian education system. The film has a lot of emotional, funny, satirical moments which every college student can relate to. But it ends when “Aal Izz Well (All Is Well…)”.The film has received several awards in the Best film category and is loved throughout the student community.

Rang De Basanti

Credits: Sony Music Vevo India

A 2006 Indian drama film written by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra was a superhit for a number of reasons. An international student from Britain comes to India to film a documentary on the lives of five Indian freedom fighters. The actors have done a phenomenal job in their roles. The movie dialogue by Amir that won hearts is “Zindagi jeene ke do hi tarike hote hai… Ek jo ho raha hai hone do, bardaasht karte jao. Ya phir zimmedari uthao usse badalne ki! (There are only two ways to live a life: Let it happen, keep tolerating it, or take the responsibility to change it!)”. This dialogue gives shivers. The movie has been overwhelmingly positively received. College students with a deep interest in history and culture would find the movie blockbuster.

Dil Chahta Hai

An Indian film directed by Farhan Akhtar and released in 2001 includes three main leads. The film is based on the romantic lives of three colleges passed out friends. It describes the trips from Mumbai to New York City in a fascinating way. The film has been received well by the metropolitan audiences, specifically the young college groups. It has won 2 national awards and 7 Filmfare awards too.

Main Hoon Na

Credits: T Series

Next on the list of College Life Movies is Main Hoon Na. A 2004 film directed by Farah Khan is an entertainment package for college students. The film had a brilliant acting cast of Shahrukh Khan, Sunil Shetty, Sushmita Sen, and many more. The movie is about the Indo-Pakistan conflict. The army major played by Shah Rukh Khan enters into a college disguised as a college student to accumulate Intel and protect Sanjana, Army General’s daughter. The university runs into trouble when hijacked by Raghavan, played by Sunil Shetty. The dialogue by Shahrukh “Nafrat bahut soch samajhkar karni chahiye….kyun ki ek din hum bhi wahi ban jate hai, jise hum nafrat karte hai (Hate someone only after careful thinking … because one day we become the person, whom we have the hatred for).” How the day is saved by the hero is worth watching. It has moments of both love and tears.

2 States

Credits: T Series

Next on our list of College Life Movies is 2 States. 2014 Indian romantic comedy film directed by Varman is about the love life of college-going students played by Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. A comedy and emotional drama movie apt for college students. The movie depicts the cultural backgrounds of two different states of India and how the two belonging to different backgrounds come together and marry each other. An interesting film with amazing soundtracks has won the hearts of young college students.

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Wake Up Sid

Credits: Sony Music India Vevo

An Indian film directed by Ayan Mukerji and released in the year 2009 stars Ranbir Kapoor as the main lead. Konkona Sen Sharma and Ranbir have played the lead roles and have earned accolades and positive reviews on their performances. The story of a young seed and his college life has been depicted in the most real way. Sid’s journey to becoming a responsible, hard-working, and mature guy is depicted clearly. Every college student might relate to some of the attributes of Sid. 

Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

Credits: T Series

A 2008 Indian Hindi language film based on romantic comedy and directed by Abbas Tyrewala was received very well by college students. It shares the journey of four students who are friends. It is about the complex relationships between them and realizing love for each other towards the end of the story. The soundtrack is very pleasing and has been responded to positively on critical websites. One of the favorite college films loved by students.

College life is certainly the best time of your life. You meet new people, network, and become a better version of yourself. Watching these movies can prepare you better for your real college life. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these best movies on college life is your favourite. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for such awesome together.

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