Mathematical Operations and Practice Questions

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Mathematical Operations and Practice Questions

If you are preparing for competitive exams, then you must have come across a variety of interesting logical reasoning questions. Apart from the common ones like blood relation questions, syllogism questions etc., mathematical operations questions are also a prominent part of the list. Involving almost all the mathematical operations like +,-, x, ៖, etc, these questions might seem easy in the beginning but are actually very tricky. To tackle these complex problems, it is vital to prepare for them in order to fetch a perfect score. For all those who are trying on their luck in entrance exams, here is a blog which aims to present some important mathematical operations questions. 

Concept of Mathematical Operations

An integral part of the basic mathematics, mathematical operations are an inseparable part of the discipline. Introduced at the primary level of teaching, it continues to be a part until the end. The common mathematical operations that we have are +, – x, ៖, in which + stands for Addition, – is Subtraction, x for Multiplication and  ៖ means division. 

Thus, all the questions of this topic will revolve around these signs. You can be either asked to solve the questions as per the pre-determined function of the operator or can be given question wise functioning of every sign. Apart from this common situation, you will come across questions based on the following conditions-

  • Balancing the equation 
  • Based on symbols or letters equivalent to signs 
  • Solve the equation 
  • Whether the given equation is correct or not
  • Interchanging the signs 

How to Solve Mathematical Operations Questions

The easiest way to solve these questions is to follow the BODMAS rule. As per this rule, you will have to begin solving the equation by eliminating the brackets, then the order, then division, then multiplication, then addition and finally subtraction. Hence, to get a hold of these mathematical operations questions, you must practice a lot of BODMAS questions to be through with the concept. 

Practise Questions 

Here is a list of mathematical operations questions you can practice from-

  1. If  E is +, F is -, G is ៖, and H is x, then what will be the value of 56 E 45 F 12 H 34 G 54? 
  2. What will be the exact numerical value of 19 x 10 – 45 + 12, if x means – and  + means ៖.  
  3. Determine the answer for 23.5 x 45 – 17+ 67 ៖ 20, if + means  ៖, – means x,  ៖ means – and x means +?
  4. It is given that < means x, > means -, + means +, – means =, x means less than and = means greater than. Then, find the solution for the equation-   43 x 18 – 9 = 32 > 78 < 90. 

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  1. The interchanged signs are given as if x means  ៖, + means x,  +means – and ៖ means -. Determine the value of 65 + 32 ៖ 90 – 19 x 57. 
  2. Solve the expression 75 A 125 B 25 C 100 D 225, if A means x, B means +, C means ៖ and D means -.
  3. In a given set, if C^D means C is added to D, C$D means C is multiplied by D, C@D means C is subtracted by D and C*D means C is divided by D, then what will be the exact value of 35 ^ 40= 15 @ 40 * 4 $ 5.

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  1. If M represents +, N represents x, O represents – and P represents ៖, then find the solution to for the equation: 12 O 78 P 36 M 89 N 10
  2. If 4 + 6= 16; 8 + 9 = 64 ; 11+ 10 = 121; 12 + 13= ?
  3.  If + means  ៖, – means x, ៖ means – and x means +, then what will be the solution to the problem (12 x 5) + (45- 20)៖ (17 + 30)

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