Placement in the UK for International Students

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Placements are essentially extended internships or work experience opportunities. Industrial assignments may be required as part of your university program. Doing a placement as a part of your course provides you with both work experience and education. Placements can boost your employability and assist you as you enter the graduate job market. The UK is among the most popular study destinations for students around the world, great placement opportunities are one of the major reasons for its increasing popularity. Are you planning to pursue higher studies in the UK? If yes, then here’s what you need to know about placements in the UK for international students. 

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Why Study in the UK?

The UK provides an academic environment that is difficult to match for international students. It offers everything you need to fulfil your full potential, from world-renowned universities to the unique approach to education and the outstanding minds that deliver it. The United Kingdom has been a favourite destination for some of history’s most influential brains. One in every four world leaders studied in the UK, therefore if you want to do great things, you’re at the proper spot in the UK. Here are some of the major reasons why you should choose the UK as a study destination:

  • Degrees of the highest calibre to help you prepare for and excel in your career.
  • Higher educational standards, with institutions that consistently rank among the top in the world.
  • Post-study employment opportunities are available through the new Graduate Route.
  • Short and flexible courses are designed to help you get the most out of your study as quickly as possible.
  • The universities, which are globally recognized for their research commitment, provide access to world-class research.
  • An incredible, unique student experience unlike any other country, where you may have fun, learn new things, and make lifelong friends.
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Placements for International Students in UK

Work placements are a crucial component of many UK degrees because they allow you to obtain academic competence as well as real-world experience. With placement in the UK for international students, you’ll get academic credit for your efforts, plus you’ll learn additional transferable skills that will help you flourish in your chosen career. These fully-assessed assignments can add to the uniqueness of studying in the UK. Because, in addition to mastering your topic of study, you’ll learn how to lead, problem-solve, and make persuasive arguments. You’ll also improve your capacity to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. All of this will help you separate from the crowd and impress companies after you graduate.

Universities Providing Placements in the UK

Types of Master’s Placement in the UK

Following the successful completion of an undergraduate degree, many students prefer to study for a master’s in the UK due to the high level of teaching and the short time required to finish a postgraduate programme. Students have a variety of alternatives accessible to them, some of which are dependent on the type of role and industry in which they are interested. While some placements are compensated, the majority are not, and this must be considered before applying. Here are the types of placements offered at UK Universities:


Internships can range from six weeks to six months in length. Sometimes you may be directed to specific roles, and other times you will be expected to apply to various companies on your own.

Placement Years

Many institutions offer integrated years that are required as part of the curriculum and are directly related to the subject you’re studying.

Sandwich Courses

Students will typically study full-time for two years, then take a year-long placement, followed by the last year of their course, as is more prevalent in undergraduate degrees.

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Benefits of Placement to International Students

The placement year, which is already a well-known option among UK students, provides various potential advantages for interested prospective overseas students.

Gain Practical World Experience

A placement year can be beneficial for both first-time job searchers and those seeking overseas work experience or to boost their CVs. A placement year allows students to put their knowledge into practice. Students are normally responsible for discovering and applying to placements; however, many university career centres offer CV and cover letter assistance, as well as other support services. Furthermore, while a student visa allows full-time work in placements, there are no particular criteria for overseas students.

Get Salaries or Tuition Discounts

Many placements pay compensation. Tuition expenses may also be decreased during the placement year. Depending on the type of work they have been able to acquire, student incomes often range between 12,000 and 24,000 pounds, or roughly $15,000 and $30,000. Tuition fees, however, might differ between schools. According to the University of South Wales’ website, international students pay a reduced cost of 2,380 pounds (about $3,000) during the placement year, rather than the annual 11,900 pounds (approximately $15,000) for degree courses.

Better Career Prospects

A placement year can put overseas students on the fast track to regular work, especially if they choose to stay in the UK. According to the survey, recruiters frequently offer a position to students who completed a placement year a full year before they graduate and months before other firms that generally exclusively seek grads in their final year of study. Whether a student chooses to stay in the UK or not, the skills obtained are transferable to any work market.

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Eligibility Requirements to Study in the UK

The eligibility requirements may vary for different universities but the general criteria for studying in the United Kingdom is as mentioned below;

  • To be accepted into an undergraduate program, students must have a 50% or better in Standard XII
  • For PG programmes, a degree equivalent to a British bachelor’s degree will be considered. Students must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of a second division.

English Language Requirements

Students should familiarize themselves with the university calendar and apply for admission wisely because the scorecard for these tests is valid for two years. Here are the English minimum score requirements for admission to UK Universities:

TESTMinimum score requirements
IELTS6.0 – 6.5
TOEFL80 – 90
PTE56 – 61

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Cost of Studying and Living in the UK

When you get an offer, there are a few things you should be aware of and plan for. Tuition, lodging, and travel expenses are among these components. Let’s take a closer look at these costs:

Cost of Studying in UKCost in INR & GBP
Tuition FeesUndergraduate: £8000 – £30000 (₹7,10,000-₹27,00,000)
Postgraduate: £12000 -£35000 (₹10,70,000-₹31,00,000)
Tier 4 Visa£1015 (₹90,000) per month as proof of sufficient funds
Travel£40 (INR 3,970) monthly
Miscellaneous£500 (50,740 INR) monthly

While the cost of living anywhere in the world is determined by your personal preferences, the cost of living in the UK is determined by the city in which you live. It is difficult to determine an absolute figure for the costs that will be incurred, but we can approximate the cost of living. It is listed below.

Cost of Living in the UKCost in GBP and INR
Housing 500 GBP (INR 51,486) monthly
Transportation 150-200 GBP (INR 15,445 to INR 19,844) monthly
Food150-200 GBP (INR 14,883 to INR 20,594) monthly
Clothing and Leisure50 GBP (INR 5,148) monthly
Telephone and Mobile 50 GBP (INR 5,148) monthly

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How to Apply?

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Documents Required

While applying for admission at the respective university in the UK, you must keep the following documents handy. Here’s a quick checklist for the documents required:

Well, we hope that now you know about Placement in the UK for International Students and this blog makes it pretty clear why you should choose the UK as a study destination! So what are you waiting for? Contact our Leverage Edu experts for end-to-end guidance from application to the visa process, and let’s kick start your career. 

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