Law Courses at Abertay University

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Law Course at Abertay University

Abertay University is considered one of the best universities across the globe. This famous institution is well known globally for offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in numerous subjects including sciences, law, technology, social sciences, arts, accounting and much more. Thus this is also a prominent reason for the popularity of Abertay University among students. Further, among all other courses Abertay University law courses feature excellence in teaching and education with a precise curriculum. If you want to pursue law courses in foreign universities then Abertay University can be the right fit for you. If you want to know more about Abertay University Law courses, Abertay University, entry requirements, documents required, score requirements and much more then Keep Reading!

Name of the institution Abertay University
Famous for Abertay University Law Courses 
Year of establishment 1994
No. of campuses 1
Cost of living GBP 3185
Also known as AU

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About Abertay University 

Established way back in 1888 in Dundee, Abertay University was established as Dundee Technical Institute. Abertay University officially became the University of Abertay Dundee on August 17th 1994 and was promoted to its current name in 2014.

Situated in the heart of Dundee city, Abertay University features excellence in infrastructure and other modern amenities. Another primary reason for the popularity of this prestigious institution is its proximity to the city’s main train as well as bus stations. The campus of Abertay University comprises several academic, administrative and recreational buildings, including the old college, Hannah Maclure Centre, Kydd Building and students centres. The University houses excellence in residential and dining facilities too. There are various postgraduate, undergraduate and research programs offered in a plethora of fields, including behavioural sciences, nursing, law, engineering, computer science, pharmacy, computer games, sports, economics and finance. The university is also home to more than 4000 international students and well-qualified faculty members from across the globe.

Further, Abertay University houses more than 25,000 alumni comprising notable and successful names. Some of the prestigious names on this list are Shehzad Afzal, who is a writer, director, games designer and producer, and Vikki Bunce who is a professional field hockey player.

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Abertay University Rankings 

One of the primary things that determine that institution is delivering good quality of education is the rankings achieved by the university. Abertay University achieves many remarkable rankings. One of the most common and prestigious rankings achieved by Abertay University is:

RankRanked by Ranked Among 
109Universities rankings The Complete University Guide 2022
88Universities rankings The Guardian 2022

Law Courses at Abertay University

There are a plethora of reasons for opting for Abertay University law courses at Abertay University including excellence in education and teaching.

Further, there are numerous law courses undergraduate and postgraduate courses available at Abertay University. Law is not only a prestigious and well-known profession but is crucial for a just and fair society. The major Abertay University Law course is LLB (Hons).

Name of the CourseLLB (Hons)
Start Date September 
Duration of the Course4 years
Award Title LLB(Hons)
UCAS Code M114

Other Law Courses 

Some of the other law courses available at Abertay University are: 

Name of the courseDuration Awarded Title 
BA (Hons) business management with law 4 years BA Hons 
BA (Hons) accounting and finance with law 4 years BA Hons 

Entry Requirements 

If you want to pursue Abertay Law courses, then you are first required to fulfil the following eligibility requirements


To enrol at Abertay University law undergraduate courses, the basic eligibility requirements are to pass class 10+2 with relevant scores and subjects from an accredited institution. Further, you are also suggested to check the official website before applying for the courses as there can be some course-specific eligibility requirements. 


If you want to pursue Abertay University law postgraduate courses then you are required to have an undergraduate degree in the relevant subjects (priority is given to the students with an undergraduate degree in law) and with relevant scores from an officially recognised university. Further, you are also required to check the official website for course-specific eligibility requirements before applying. 

Documents Required 

After completion of the above eligibility requirements, you are required to submit a list of documents as a part of the application process. The list of documents required as a part of the application process is:



Score Requirements 

Another crucial step is to qualify for the English language proficiency tests when your first language is not English. Some of the language proficiency tests accepted by Abertay University are: 

Language Proficiency Tests Score Requirements 


Many scholarships are awarded to the students to help them pursue higher education at Abertay University with financial assistance in form of financial grants and scholarships. Some of the popular scholarships are:

  • Abertay International scholarship provides an amount of INR 11,56,107.56 in form of tuition fees, and other study expenses. These are basically for international students who opted for undergraduate courses.


Ques. What are the entry requirements for law courses in UK?

Ans. the basic eligibility requirement is to have a degree from law school, a minimum of two A levels with three A levels as well as A grades.

Ques. What is Abertay University famous for?

Ans.  The University of Abertay is famous for computer games and is also regarded as the first institution across the globe for launching computer games. 

Ques. Is LLB a bachelor’s degree?

Ans. LLB or bachelor of law is an undergraduate degree which focuses on different aspects of law and is considered the best study course among students. LLB is basically a 5-year course that is available for students after completion of intermediate.

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