MTech in Artificial Intelligence

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MTech in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing sector in the technological world. Today, it is being used in Healthcare, Education, e-commerce, Transportation and many other popular sectors. Having a specialized degree in this domain can take you to great places. In this blog, we will be covering details of one such course – MTech in Artificial Intelligence or Mtech in AI!

Course Level Post Graduation
Duration of the Course Two years
Eligibility BE/ BTech in Computer Science 
Admission Process Mostly Entrance-Based
Average Course Fee INR 1 Lac – INR 5 Lacs
Top Job Areas Artificial Intelligence agencies, Robotics companies Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence, etc. 
Top Job Positions Game Programmer, Robotic Scientist, Software Engineer, etc. 

What is MTech in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

MTech Artificial Intelligence, also known as MTech AI, is a two-year postgraduate course split into four semesters. This course is designed to teach students the science and engineering of rendering computer machines capable of performing tasks that usually need human intelligence.

Reasons to Study Mtech in Artificial Intelligence

  • This course serves as a base course for students interested in pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence science.
  • Students who complete this course are quickly hired as Game Programmers, Software Developers, Robotics Engineers, etc.
  • Students may work in various fields, including Artificial Intelligence organizations, robotics firms, and the AI Coordinating Committee.
  • MTech Artificial Intelligence postgraduates are given attractive pay packages ranging from INR 5,00,000 to 20,00,000 per annum or higher if they work abroad.

Eligibility Criteria for MTech in AI

Students who wish to apply for entry to the MTech AI course must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  1. Applicants must have a BE/BTech degree in Computer Science or Artificial Intelligence. 
  2. Intelligence from a recognized institution with at least a 50 percent average.
  3. All backlogs must be cleared by the students.
  4. Students must be in good health.

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Admission Process in India

For final entry to MTech in AI, most colleges and universities use entrance exams, group discussions, and personal interviews.

  1. Any colleges or universities choose candidates based on their performance in the Bachelor’s degree test. 
  2. Students must achieve at least a 50 percent composite in the Bachelor’s degree test. 
  3. Colleges that use an entrance exam-based enrollment process often use national-level entrance exams such as GATE.
  4. Some schools, however, hold their entrance tests.

Entrance Exams

Following are the most popular entrance exams in Inida for Mtech in AI:

  1. GATE: GATE is a national-level entrance exam held each year for admission to various postgraduate programs offered by India’s most prestigious institutes, such as IITs and NITs. Multiple PSUs use GATE Scores to recruit qualified applicants for various positions rather than entry to MTech programs.

    Application Period: February 5-7 & February 12-14, 2021

  1. TANCET: Anna University holds TANCET every year. The test is held in order to choose candidates for entry to different postgraduate degree programs.

    Application Period: 2021, the first week of January – First week of February

  1. IPU CET: Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University holds the IPU CET every year in order to shortlist candidates for various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

    Application Period: From March 3 to August 11, 2021

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Top Universities for MTech in Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Colleges for MTech in Artificial Intelligence in India

IIT Hyderabad

The Program is ideal for Young Professionals and College Graduates who want to gain world-class experience in AI and advanced technology while earning technical certification from IIT Hyderabad.

Tuition Fees: INR 5 Lacs
Average Package: INR 13 Lacs

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

Algorithm Analysis and Design, Modern Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence Foundations, Data Science and Machine Learning, Parallel and Distributed Data Management, and other courses provide them with ample knowledge. In addition, elective courses cover robotics, video/image analytics, medical signal processing, agents-based systems, data mining, and other AI technology domains.

Tuition Fees: INR 1.5 Lacs
Average Package: INR 8 Lacs 

IIT Ropar

The Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Artificial Intelligence program at the Indian Institute of Technology Ropar is a two-year (4 semester) full-time postgraduate engineering program.

Tuition Fees: INR 2 Lacs
Average Package: INR 7 Lacs

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi

Students will understand both the foundational and experimental aspects of AI and Machine Learning through this curriculum. Students who complete this curriculum will be able to pursue business careers including creativity and problem solving using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology, as well as academic careers in AI, ML, and Computer Science in general.

Tuition Fees: INR 4.5 Lacs
Average Package: INR 9 Lacs

Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune

DIAT institute provides an M.Tech course across 12 divisions with understand26 specializations, with admissions based on the GATE entrance test. DIAT also provides a PhD degree in eight study fields.

Tuition Fees: INR 1.5 Lacs
Average Package: INR 10 Lacs

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Career Opportunities after MTech in Artificial Intelligence

Since Artificial Intelligence is a rising area, so are the career opportunities for MTech AI applicants.  Successful postgraduates in Artificial Intelligence may pursue careers in a variety of settings, including Artificial Intelligence Agencies, Robotics Companies, the Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence, and other related fields. Some of them are discussed below: 

Video Game Programmer

To become a video game programmer, all you need is an artificial intelligence license and a degree in artificial intelligence, but a bachelor’s degree in computer science would suffice. This job reportedly pays $75,000 (Approx. Rs. 55 Lacs)  a year and has the potential to pay up to $125,000 (Approx. Rs. 90 Lacs).

Robotics Programmers

While it is true that robots can replace some jobs in artificial intelligence, it is also true that many companies need robotics scientists to configure the devices, thereby providing a new generation of employment. This may necessitate a master’s degree in robotics and a yearly salary of $90,000 (Approx. Rs. 66 Lacs) or more. Therefore, an AI degree and qualification are also worthwhile investments.

Data Mining Analyst

This job has a starting salary of $46,000 (Approx. Rs. 33 Lacs)  per year, an average salary of $65,000 (Approx. 45 Lacs), and a maximum salary of about $92,000 (Approx. 67 Lacs). Industries realize the importance of integrating Big Data into their operations because studying patterns in massive volumes of data will provide firms with the critical clues they need to satisfy their clients best.

Machine Learning Researcher

A machine learning researcher’s starting salary is $87,000 (Approx. Rs. 63 Lacs), the average annual salary is $120,000 (Approx. Rs. 88 Lacs). This job involves researching to develop robotics and machine learning and working to improve the effectiveness of algorithms. Therefore, a master’s degree or PhD in a STEAM-related area, like a degree or qualification in AI, will often be needed.

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