NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics)


The National Board for Higher Mathematics, more commonly referred to as NBHM, is a national level board developed by the Indian government back in 1983 to help boost higher mathematics in the country. NBHM has continuously been at the forefront of Indian mathematics. It grants scholarships to students who wish to pursue a PhD in mathematics.  Please read this blog further to understand more about NBHM and their functioning. 

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About NBMH

The National Board for Higher Mathematics works to foster the development of higher mathematics in the country. The primary objective of NBHM is to promote the growth of higher mathematics in the country and coordinate different activities for the development of mathematics. Some of the essential functions of NBHM are as follows: 

  • Identifying different opportunities and executing different policies and programmes for the development of mathematics in the country. 
  • Provide financial assistance to research projects and mathematics scholars.
  • Work towards establishing mathematics research centres all over the country. 
  • Allocate funds for different research projects after a proper procedural analysis of the projects that require funding and allocating these funds through a proper machinery cycle.
  • Assess different mathematical inputs required in various applications of mathematics and also provide assistance in the training of personnel by giving suitable suggestions. 

The meetings of the NBHM take place twice a year which is attended by all the board members of NBHM and renowned mathematicians from all over the country. The main focus of the meetings is to discuss various research proposals received by the board. The board usually works towards providing financial assistance or any other assistance they can provide for the projects.

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Committees of NBHM

NBHM consists of six sub-committees which are mentioned below. 

  • Research Programmes Committee: The committee works towards providing financial assistance against the request for research projects by mathematicians.
  • University Programme Committee: They work towards allocating appropriate funds for the personnel’s training and organizing conferences and granting teacher fellowships.
  • Examinations Committee: They work towards managing the examinations conducted by the NBHM for postgraduate and PhD scholarships.
  •  Mathematics Olympiad Activities Committee: They work towards managing the smooth conduct of the mathematics olympiad at both state and national levels and are responsible for selecting and training the team for the international mathematics olympiad. 
  • Nurture Programmes Committee: They work towards ensuring the smooth functioning of the NBHM itself. They evaluate the impact of their programmes and policies for attracting the attention of people towards higher mathematics. 
  • National Library Committee: They work towards examining and providing financial assistance to the libraries of mathematics departments.

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NBHM provides students with a number of scholarship opportunities at different levels of study. They provide scholarships for: 

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Postgraduate Students
  • PhD Students

NBHM has devised lucrative scholarship opportunities for the students with a mathematical aptitude as well as an aptitude for research. The decision for the scholarships is usually made on the basis of written tests which are followed by interviews. The applications for scholarships are usually invited from July every year. 

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