University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Public University

Milwaukee, United States

Situated at Wisconsin, The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM), a public grant land university, was established in 1838 and it is one of the oldest universities in Wisconsin. Started with 17 students, it was founded when Wisconsin achieved statehood and was among the first university to be assoc Read more

Highlights of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

  • The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee library in Wisconsin is considered the 12th largest library in Northern America with more than 8.3 million books, novels, research papers, and maps.
  • The university also has its own radio station- named WSUM 91.7 FM at the campus.
  • It is estimated that 75% of UWM’s alumni (189,000) live and work in Wisconsin, contributing to the state’s health, vibrancy and economic growth.
  • It is one of the two doctoral degree granting public universities in the state of Wisconsin.
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee produces more athletes than any other university in the US.
  • UWM is rightly known for the founding organizations of the Association of American Universities.
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is well known for its nickname Milwaukee Panthers.

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