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Masters in Pharmacy in the USA is a 2-3 years master’s course that delves at the centre of healthcare, standing on responsibility tasks, provides employment, instructions, and healthcare administration. Offered majorly as MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences or MS in pharmacology, it is offered at over 50 schools to Study in the USA. The tuition fees for engaging in Masters of Pharmacy in the USA from most of the renowned medical schools ranges from 22,400 USD to 103,000 USD. For Indian scholars, this comes up to an amount of INR 16-77 lakhs. 


Name of the degreeM Pharm
Courses availableMasters in Pharmaceutical Science, Masters in Pharmacology
Tenure 2-3 years
Eligibility requirementsUndergraduate degree with chemistry or biology as a subject of study, Language Requirements
Exam type Semester system 
Average fees 44,66,586.00
Average salary packages 14,88,862.00

Why Study Masters in Pharmacy in USA?

USA as a further study destination is sought after by medical students becaus eof the following reasons:

  • The leading 100 as per QS World University level by Item (apothecary and pharmacology, 2020). 
  • Corresponding to the US Division of Labour Figures, utilisation of healthcare activities is forecast to increase 14% from 2018 to 2028 which is quicker than the average of all new activities.
  • Though pharmacists as an activity are supposed to increase a limit by 2028. However, pupils with an apothecary degree carrying out within the healthcare region can think quicker production.
  • A COVID-19 system is called for to have a growth in drug, healthcare management, and applied parts. 
  • US federal companies spent a sum of USD 37.6 billion in preventive status R&D in 2016, a record for 22% of the entire US Medical and Form R&D support.
  • Pharmacologists in the USA can be in different handling such as general merchandise packs, meat and drink stores, clinics, dispensaries, and pharmaceutical accumulates, etc.

Top 10 MPharma Universities in USA

The top 10 universities for MPharma with the qs world ranking are :

Name of the universityWorld QS rankingFees
University of Michigan Ann Arbour22$24,102 (INR 17,92,571)
University of Minnesota41$43,036 (INR 32,00,775)
University of Pittsburgh45$37,678 (INR 28,02,277)
University of Southern California51-100$77,120 (INR 57,35,752)
North East University51-100$103,000 (INR 766,,056)
The Ohio State University51-100$23,392 (INR 17,39,765)
University of Arizona151-200$22,400 (INR 16,65,986)
Rutgers University151-200$74,962 (INR 55,75,252)
University at Buffalo151-200$46,200 (INR 34,36,096)
University of Georgia151-200$38,400 (INR 28,55,976)

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Pharmacy in USA

Pupils require a bachelor’s level with academic education in chemical manufacture, biology, apothecary, natural science, or any similar field. The minimum GPA required is 3.0, and candidates have to pull off at least 150 in both the rhetorical and quantitative thinking parts of the GRE. Picture of English prose competence is still necessary. Schools usually require TOEFL scores of 80-100. IELTS scores of 6.5-7.0 are still needed. 

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Admission Process 

Depending on your needs, you can take schools offering Masters of Pharmacy in the USA without GRE or those that hold on GRE scores. There are set places vacant for pupils in these courses. Most schools have online letter finds that you will have to hold out and put with all significant details. You will still have to bring in the claim fees likewise

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Cost of Studying Pharmacy in USA

If you want to pursue pharmacy in the USA then you must include these expenses in your list. 

  • INR 3,353-9,315 in application fees for admission
  • INR 13,780 in TOEFL costs 
  • INR 15,800 in GRE costs
  • INR 81,968 in Airfare
  • INR 11,862 in Application Costs for F-1 Visas 
  • Average MS in Pharmacy in USA fees are between INR 16.69 lakh to INR 76.75 lakh 
  • INR 44,710 to INR 74,516) in accommodation costs monthly 
  • INR 7,452 to INR 22,355 in transportation expenditure
  • INR 8,942 to INR 11,923 in food and grocery costs every month 
  • INR 33,532 to INR 52,161 in health insurance charges
  • INR 22,355 to INR 44,710 in miscellaneous expenditure 

Scholarships for Masters in Pharmacy in USA

Studying abroad is not everyone’s cup of tea but it can be possible with the help of financial aid provided by the universities in the form of scholarships. Some of the scholarships available in this course are:

Name of the scholarships Award value in INR
Dean’s Pharmaceuticals Sciences Scholarship for International Students3,72,215.50
Global Excellence Scholarship18,60,686.25
Graduate School International Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship10,41,984.30
University College funding for International Students,1,11,641.18
Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship ProgramAll Tuition fees, Airfare, Stipend, Health Insurance

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Scope of Masters in Pharmacy in USA

A man working in the pharmaceutical industry in the USA makes an average of around INR 69,49,497.15 per day. Starting from INR 8,93,826.00 to INR1,04,26,360.00 per month. Around 50% of the members in the district make INR 79,68,718.00 or less whereas 25% of the members receive less than INR 33,36,950.40. The biggest jump in income takes place after 5 days of use practice which is around 36%, then with a Master’s level, a human being is required to have a jump of 23%. On average, there is a 9% increment every 15 years which when related to the social average is 8% every 16 years in the US. On average, there will be a 2% rise in average wages in 2019 as related to 2018 for after Masters in Dispensary in the USA.

Jobs Profiles & Salary

One of the main reasons for the popularity of M Pharm in the USA is high paid job profiles and top recruiting areas. Some of the popular job profiles are:

Job profile Average salary offered 
Medical RepresentativeINR 72,000
Clinical ResearcherINR 72,500
Drug Control DirectorINR 150,000
Pharmacy TechnicianINR 65,000
Pharmaceutical ResearcherINR 135,000
Pharmaceutical Process EngineerINR 92,700
Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeINR 67,700

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