International & EU Scholarship Scheme at UEA

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The University of East Anglia is amongst the top universities in the UK. It offers a number of scholarships and one of those is called the UEA International and EU Scholarship Scheme. It is offered to all international students who have been offered undergraduate admission to the university. Since studying in the UK can be really expensive, a scholarship is a great opportunity for Indian students to support their undergraduate studies and attain their dream!

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Eligibility of the International & EU Scholarship at UEA

International students and students from the European Union are eligible for the International & EU Scholarship Scheme at UEA. The scholarship offers benefits on the international tuition fees for undergraduate programs. Once you are accepted for any undergraduate program at the University of East Anglia, you can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship considers the Undergraduate admissions for the September 2022 intake.

The only eligibility is that your offer letter should indicate that you are an international tuition fee-paying student.

Eligibility Criteria 

Upcoming undergraduate students who have to be in the industry or are a part of the student exchange programs. Apart from this, students of MB/BS Medicine, BSc Occupational Therapy and BSc Physiotherapy are not eligible for the International & EU Scholarship, UEA.


  • There is no decision made yet on the number of awards under the International & EU Scholarship Scheme in 2022. 
  • If you win this scholarship, an amount of GBP 4,000 or INR 4.01 lakhs will be granted for tuition fees each year (for 3 years). 
  • If your scholarship application and academic achievements stand out from the rest, you can even be awarded GBP 8,000 or INR 8.03 lakhs per year (for 3 years).

Application Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to apply for the International & EU Scholarship Scheme at UEA:

  • You must have a conditional or unconditional offer letter to start the first year of eligible undergraduate programs at the University of East Anglia. 
  • Prepare your scholarship personal statement explaining why you need this scholarship and how will you contribute to the UEA. 
  • Community service, extracurriculars and other initiatives must be mentioned in the personal statement. 
  • Once completed, submit the scholarship form. The chances are that you hear from them as early as you submit. 

Multiple Scholarships 

You can apply for more than 1 scholarship scheme with the UEA. However, if the university grants you more than 1, you will receive the scholarship with a higher amount. 

Application Deadline

For students who have applied or are planning to apply for the September 2022 intake at the University of East Anglia, the scholarship application deadline is 31st May 2022 (midnight).

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Does UAE offer scholarships for international students?

Yes. UAE offers scholarships to international students. The scholarships can cover full tuition fees of the beneficiary. Additionally, a living allowance of  1,500 AED per month, research facilities allowance, and medical insurance is provided. However, the benefits may vary on the basis of the scholarship.

Does UEA offer scholarships?

Yes. UEA offers scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The aim of the scholarship is to reduce the financial burden on the student.

How to apply for scholarship at UEA?

To apply for the scholarship students must meet the eligibility criteria at UEA. For example, a student must receive an offer letter from the university. Applications can be submitted by visiting the official website of the university before the deadline.

That is all about the International & EU Scholarship Scheme. Scholarships hold extreme value in an Indian student’s study abroad journey therefore they are extremely competitive. Want to study in the UK this September? Then call our Leverage Edu experts and get end-to-end assistance for your application!

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