NZ Allows New International Students to Study Offshore

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NZ Allows International Students to Study Offshore

New Zealand is likely to restart the process of issuing student visas along with allowing international students to qualify for normal work rights even if they initially start their studies offshore as per an organisation which represents private tertiary providers in New Zealand.

Quality Tertiary Institutions, in its pre-election manifesto has put forward the urgent need for government measures to keep up the functioning of the international education sector in New Zealand. This move is expected to encourage international students to enroll in New Zealand’s universities even as the borders remain closed.

Updates VISA Norms

International students generally qualify for a work visa of upto 3 years after completing a 60 week diploma or certificate course or a higher qualification of at least 30 weeks, if they study on campus in the country. Tommy Honey, QTI’s executive director stated that international students need to be allowed to enroll for the courses remotely, with the assurance that they could continue their studies in the country when the borders are safe to be opened, without any impact on their study visas.

He said that “this is hugely important to be able to protect the pipeline of international students, for when students can return to New Zealand. Some of our competitor countries are doing it, and if we don’t New Zealand risks missing out.” He also added that they are not arguing for opening the borders prematurely, but for some steps to help in the recovery of the sector which has been greatly affected by the closure of the country’s borders due to the pandemic.

Key Initiatives by NZ Government to Allow New International Students to Study Offshore

This is a part of seven key initiatives proposed to the government by QTI in response to the Covid-19 pandemic which includes:

  • Immigration New Zealand should immediately restart issuing student visas
  • All providers should be permitted to deliver online to international students in 2021 as well
  • Students enrolled in 2021 should qualify for normal post-study work rights even if they complete their first year or a part of it offshore, up to a maximum of 50% of their study load
  • Post-study work rights in Auckland be adjusted to the same level as the rest of the country
  • To allow more quality providers to participate in pathway programs staircasing into diploma, degree or higher-level studies, the criteria for student pathways visas should be broadened

According to Honey, the tertiary education sector being heavily affected by the pandemic, has to step up in order to meet the greater training and retraining needs in the post pandemic world, which is only possible from a position of certainty and financial security. 

He noted that although the measures taken by the government to fight the pandemic are understandable, it has heavily affected the tertiary education sector. Therefore some practical steps are necessary to keep the sector alive till the reopening of the borders.

The New Zealand government had announced NZ$51.6 million to help stabilize the county’s international education sector in July. We hope you found this news on – NZ allows new international students to study offshore helpful. Keep visiting Leverage Edu for latest updates on study abroad norms, application process, new programs at top universities and more!

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