Here are Top 8 ENZ Finalists with Business Ideas to Change the World!

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Business Ideas

The world has witnessed extraordinary transitions based on some simple ideas. The potential behind these infinite conceptions is understood better with opportunities for execution. To assist such unique ideas and give them a stage, Leverage Edu and Education New Zealand (ENZ) partnered and conducted a contest for participants to pitch and win. This exclusive blog is dedicated to our top 8 finalists for pitching their brilliant business ideas! Scroll down to view the highlights of the contest and contestants.

“No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.”
– Robin Williams

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Business Ideas of Change!

The business era today has reached the threshold of modernized trends. People now have platforms to connect their ideas with an unimaginable number of customers. In today’s world,  business ideas are not limited to any geographical barriers or cultures. The markets have seemingly increased due to the advent of globalization and industrialization which has connected suppliers and consumers overwhelmingly. 

Entrepreneurs have also started looking above and beyond traditional environments and have introduced products for every audience. For example, cosmetics and beauty brands have launched products for skin tones of all shades to establish a consumer base in every continent. This attracts people of different ethnicities and increases demand. The business sector has also undergone some innovative disruptions. Here are a few examples of the same: 

Having difficulty finding a taxi? You get an Uber
Want to shop from home? Shop at Flipkart
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The Pitching Contest: Leverage Edu and ENZ Finalists

What’s Your Billion-Dollar Idea?”- The contest was held by Leverage Edu and Education New Zealand (ENZ). It was launched on 25th October and received more than 150 entries from all over India. Many young minds submitted their unique business ideas and we picked some of the best entries.

Here we announce the top 8 finalists who will voice their pitches on 3rd December to Venture Capitalists and be rewarded with some exciting offers. Let’s check the education of our top 8 participants who secured their position in the contest: 

Joel Joseph

Education – Joel is currently pursuing PGDM in Marketing from IMT Ghaziabad and Btech in Mechanical Engineering from MG University, Kottayam.

Business Idea – His vision for the future is to create an environment free from biodegradable wastes and to provide a cleaner and hygienic world for future generations. He also wants to aid in uplifting the agricultural sectors by providing them high-quality biofertilizers and animal feed at a low cost.

Anshul Chhawsaria

Education – Anshul is an Electrical Engineer, a Career Counselor, and a Business Developer. 

Business Idea – He aims to make an edtech platform which provides students with the very first virtual educational museum where they will get a practical experience of occupation in
real life-like situations, so that they get to know beforehand whether they are interested in it or not.

Sidharthan S

Education – Sidharthan has completed his B-tech in Civil Engineering from Cusat. He is currently pursuing an MBA at Christ University, Bangalore.

Business Idea – He holds a vision to construct flood-resistant buildings (Amphibious structures) that are environment- friendly and sustainable. Due to the increase in floods in India, it will be helpful to build structures that rise automatically as the flood level increases and take their original position as the flood level decreases.

Natasha Joshi

Education – Natasha is currently pursuing BA.LL.B (H.)

Business Idea – She has a vision for a society where children can enjoy learning and can apply it in their lives. A school that is learner-centric and can provide the students with the best experience of education.

Athul Abraham

Education – Athul is pursuing PGDM at IMT Ghaziabad and B.Tech graduate from NIT Calicut.

Business Idea – Holding to his passion for travelling, he has the vision to create a platform
where tourists can connect with local guides. He also wants to work towards a safer world for travellers.

Gurman Singh

Education – Gurman completed his schooling from Sri Lanka and currently is a final year student at Jindal Global University, Haryana

Business Idea – He visions a sustainable green future for the world. And to achieve it, he wants to enhance the supply chain of New Zealand’s aquaculture industry with the help of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Ishita Arora

Education – Ishita is a student at DAV Public School, Delhi.

Business Idea – She visions to address mental health issues by connecting therapists with patients online at effective prices so as to ensure that cost isn’t a barrier for people to avail mental health care and help them avoid the social stigma by availing therapy online.

Swapnil Pandey

Education – Swapnil Pandey is a student at IMT Ghaziabad.

Business Idea – He is currently developing a platform that will help businesses purchase or lease property at best prices, with the backing AI and Blockchain Technologies..

Such innovations have increased convenience and demand for the respective consumer segments.  The internet can be used not only to sell your product but also to understand the needs and demands of consumers through infinite information, data analytics, and available resources.

The tech-led environment has provided recognition for small and medium-sized businesses. With many facilities and options, import-export has become easier than ever. These unique trends and international reach has increased the horizons of young minds to explore endlessly and grasp the opportunities.

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Simple Origins to Get Inspiration

Here are the stories of a few business ideas with humble beginnings that gave rise to some momentous outcomes: 

  • The story of the restaurant aggregator and food delivery, Zomato, began when a few friends in IIT Delhi had to wait and demand food menu leaflets from restaurants. Their everyday meals in various food outlets attracted an audience who asked which place to visit. They soon thought of posting all the menus on an application with reviews to fulfil the cravings!
  • Reggie Brown, the co-founder of Snapchat came up with a simple idea to send pictures to his friends that would disappear after a while. It gave rise to the multimedia messaging application which became the fastest way to share your moment!
  • Netflix was born because the CEO, Reed Hastings said that he had to pay an extra $40 in late fees for not returning a rental movie on time! Hence, he saved us the efforts and decided to gift the world with ‘Netflix and Chill’.
  • David Ogilvy- Father of advertisement- began his journey by selling cookers which impressed his employees. He was told to prepare an instruction manual for his fellow salesmen which fueled his passion for advertisement. He then came to be known as the biggest advertisement tycoon and founder of Ogilvy & Mather.
  • Jeff Bezos began Amazon as an online book store and told the investors about a 70% risk of failure. He further incorporated other products to create an ‘everything store’ that bridged the consumers and manufacturers.

These contestants will undergo the final round on 3rd December and win virtual internships at the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University. They also get the chance for a virtual internship at a company in New Zealand. Stay tuned with LeverageEdu for further updates on the contest! 

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