This Kerala Teacher-Student Duo Made a Song for NZ PM and Got a Reply!

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Kerala Teacher-Student Duo Made a Song for NZ PM

While many countries struggle to overcome the spread of COVID-19, the PM of New Zealand – Jacinda Ardern used effective methods which resulted in a total tally of 1,887 and 25 deaths. Leaders and citizens of various countries praise and applauded the efficiency of Ardern. With various people appreciating her in different ways, a teacher in Kerala and his former students took the admiration to a creative level. A history professor in Kozhikode’s Malabar Christian College- M C Vasisht and his former student Ashish Thomas came up with a song for the Prime Minister. Vasisht penned the lyrics and Thomas composed and sang the song. The song was titled “A leader called Jacinda” which was approved by people in India and New Zealand. In this blog, we will tell you how a Kerala teacher-student duo made a song for NZ PM.

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The Unanticipated Email Exchange

On asking about the writing of the poem, Vasisht said, “That was when I thought that I must let Ardern also know about this song. So, I emailed it to her“. However, what happened next wasn’t something Vasisht had anticipated.

A few days later, he received an email from Kiwiland. Ardern couldn’t respond personally due to the election period. But her office surely did send out an email, thanking the writer and singer from India. The email read, “Jacinda has very much appreciated receiving your kind words and hopes you are staying safe and well in Calicut, Kerala India

Vasisht was very happy about the acknowledgement. He mentioned, “Her leadership is quite admirable. She has redefined governance for the entire world and did a great job of managing the pandemic.”

Apart from writing the poem during the lockdown, Vaisisht had also made documentaries about a few other world leaders who played a key role in managing the pandemic.

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The Calender-Quarter Journey

Vasisht mentioned that the song is the result of a “teacher-student friendship that blossomed in Malabar Christian College.” 

Thomas agreed to the statement. “I have composed a few songs in the past. But when Vasisht sir called me up with the song’s lyrics, I thought I would get a professional team for him to compose it. The lyrics were really beautiful” he says. “But he wanted me to compose it. I was quite elated. However, the lockdown delayed the project a bit” he adds. It took the duo three months from June to September to produce the song.

Thomas also learned more about Ardern while searching for the right pictures for the video montage. He said that the search for the right pictures was what got him to learn more about Ardern. “She managed the pandemic and the country so well. I feel quite lucky, to be part of a project that pays tribute to a leader like her” he adds. 

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