Japan Student Visa

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Japan Student Visa

Amongst the world-leading economies, Japan is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun and has contributed phenomenally to inventing the day-to-day technologies we use today and continues to keep the world in awe with its strive to create newer innovations and inventions! But technology is not the only sector in which Japan is impeccable, but the country has also designed a unique education system which is considered amongst the best in the world! One of the top study destinations, studying in Japan is a life-changing experience as you enter a profoundly rich culture with an emphasis on lifelong learning! A crucial part of pursuing higher studies in Japan, international students are essentially required to obtain a student visa. Read this blog to know about the types of Japan Student Visa, application process, processing time, requirements and more!

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Japan Student Visa Requirments

Listed below are the mandatory requirements to meet before you go on apply for Japan Student Visa-

  • Student visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • Photocopies of passport 
  • Passport-size pictures with the following specifications:
    • Dimensions: 4cm x 3cm
    • Must be taken within the last three months
    • Plain white background, without any patterns and shadows
    • You must be staring straight ahead, with a neutral facial expression
    • The face has to be fully visible
    • The picture must be good quality (focused, clear, and sharp)
  • The Certificate of Eligibility
  • Letter of Admission in Japanese educational institution, stating the duration and details of the course
  • Previous academic and/or professional qualifications, as applicable (diploma, transcripts, etc.)
  • Proof you can meet the financial requirements for the duration of your stay in Japan.
  • The financial requirements for a Japanese Student Visa are about 2 Million Yen (INR 13,27,240) for one year. You can show that you meet the necessary financial requirements through:
    • Bank or income statements
    • Proof of a Scholarship
    • Proof you receive Financial Aid
    • Letter of Sponsorship, if someone is sponsoring you, along with your sponsor’s proof of income and bank statements
  • If required:
    • Letter of invitation and letter of guarantee issued from your educational institution
    • A motivational letter or cover letter, written by you stating the reason for your travel

Important Note:

  • You must also provide many of these papers to your school in order for them to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Documents must be printed on A4 paper.
  • Consult the Embassy or Consulate about whether you should send copies or originals of your papers. Your papers may not be returned to you in some cases.
  • This is not an all-inclusive list of prerequisites. The Embassy or Consulate where you apply may require extra papers based on your unique scenario.

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How to Get a Japan Visa for Indians?

The process of applying for a Japan student visa is divided into two major parts- obtaining the certificate of eligibility and submitting the student visa application form. So let’s go through the details of both these steps individually- 

Obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility

Any non-resident of Japan who wishes to enter the country for a short period of stay must get issued a Certificate of Eligibility from the immigration services in Japan. It is one of the most essential documents that you need for applying for any kind of Japan Student Visa. Students must note that the Certificate of Eligibility is different from the visa and a student must possess it before entering Japan. Thus, the academic institution you are applying to is in charge of providing you with this document, only if you have submitted all the essential documents and the applicable fee beforehand. To get the Certificate of Eligibility issued, you need the same set of documents and process fee as that of a Japan Student Visa. 

Applying for the Japan Student Visa

Once you have collected your Certificate of Eligibility and all the necessary documents, you are all set to apply for the Japan student visa. Here is the detailed application process for Japan Student Visa:

  1. Visit the official website and download the application form for visa and Certificate of Eligibility.
  2. Apply for Certificate of Eligibility and submit all the necessary documents. 
  3. Once you receive the Certificate of Eligibility, fill up your application form and submit all the important documents required.
  4. After the submission of the visa application along with all the necessary documents, you will receive your Japan student visa.

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Post Getting Japan Student Visa

After entering Japan on a Student Visa, Immigration Officers will issue you a Landing Permission at the port of entry. A single-entry visa becomes invalid once you obtain the Landing Permit, but a multiple-entry visa with a longer validity period stays valid even after you obtain the Landing Permit. The Landing Permit replaces your visa and permits you to stay in Japan lawfully. Aside from the Landing Permit, you must additionally get the following:

A Residence Card

If you enter Japan via Narita, Haneda, Kansai, or Chubu Airports, you will be given a Japanese Residence Card. If you enter Japan through another port, you can obtain a Residence Card at one of the local municipal offices. Then, regardless of whether you received the Residence Card upon arrival or afterwards, you must register your stay at one of the local municipal offices within 14 days of establishing residence in Japan. The address you provide will be printed on the Residence Card.

A Re-Entry Permit

You can apply for a Japan Re-entry Permit at your local Japanese Immigration Office if you wish to be able to leave and re-enter Japan during the term of your visa.

Japan Study Visa Processing Time 

When applying for a Japan Student Visa, the application procedure might take 5-10 working days. The application process for the Certificate of Eligibility, on the other hand, might take up to three months.

Duration of the Japan Student Visa

To enter the Japanese border as a potential student, it is necessary to have the right type of visa. You can seek two different types of Japan Visa for Indians i.e., Short Stay Visa and Long Stay Visa, depending upon the duration of your stay. To experience the diverse culture of Japan and complete your educational program, you can choose your preferred visa type from the below-mentioned table:

Japan Student Visa Duration 
Short Stay Visa  Less than or exactly 90 days
Long Stay Visa  More than 90 days

If you are planning to study short term courses in Japan which range from less than 3 months or exactly three months in duration, then you will have to apply for a short-stay visa. Commonly the students who intend to pursue a certificate diploma or language course in Japan choose the short-stay visa. If the duration of your course is more than 90 days, then it is compulsory for you to have a long-stay visa before entering Japan. Most of the students who wish to pursue bachelor’s or master’s courses in the country, seek this type of visa and complete their stay peacefully.

More or less, Japan Student Visas are issued for the following durations:

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 1 year and 3 months
  • 2 years
  • 2 years and 3 months

How to Extend Japan Student Visa

At the local Immigration Office, you can apply for a Japan Extension of Stay up to 90 days before your visa expires. When applying, you will require the following documents:

  • Application Form for Japan Visa Extension
  • Your passport
  • Passport-size pictures with the following specifications:
    • Dimensions: 4cm x 3cm
    • Taken within the last three months
    • Plain and light-coloured background, without any patterns and shadows
    • You must be starting straight ahead, with a neutral facial expression
    • Your face has to be fully visible
    • The picture must be of good quality (focused, clear, and sharp)
  • Your Residence Card
  • A copy of your Registration Certificate issued by your educational institution
  • A copy of your Results Certificate issued by your educational institution
  • Proof you can meet the financial requirements related to your stay

Note: Visa Extension applications are processed between two weeks to a month.

Japan Visa Fees for Indians

The cost of the Japanese Student Visa for Short and Long stays is 3000 Yen (INR 1990). Also, the cost of the Certificate of Eligibility required for the visa application is also 3000 Yen (INR 1990). Listed below are the other cost of visa as per entry-

  • Single Entry Visa: 3000 Yen (INR 1990)
  • Double or Multiple Entyr Visa: 3000 Yen (INR 1990)
  • Transit Visa: 700 Yen (INR 464)

Working With a Japan Student Visa

A Japan Study Visa does not provide you with the right to work in Japan. To work in Japan, you must get a Work Permit from the local Immigration Office. Furthermore, as a Student Visa holder, you are not permitted to work more than 28 hours a week, and some jobs are prohibited, such as working in a bar, club, adult stores or hotels, massage parlours, and so on. Once you have graduated, you can seek to alter the category of your visa from student to work in order to work. However, you must have a job contract in order to do so.

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How to Change Japan Student Visa to a Work Visa?

If you are an international student in Japan and find work while on a Student Visa or after graduating, you must seek to alter your visa type to a Work Visa. You and your new employer can apply for a Japan Work Visa at one of Japan’s local Immigration Offices by submitting the necessary documentation:

  • Application Form for permission to change the status of residence
  • Your passport and a copy of your passport
  • Your Residence Card
  • Your CV
  • Proof of Graduation (diploma)
  • Proof of the previous academic and/or professional history
  • Your school Transcripts
  • A copy of the Employment Contract, stating the details of your employment
  • Your employing company’s documents, such as:
    • Registration Documents
    • Financial statements of the latest Fiscal Year
    • Income statements


What is a Re-entry permit in Japan?

You can apply for a Japan Re-entry Permit at your local Japanese Immigration Office if you wish to be able to leave and re-enter Japan during the term of your visa.

What is the processing time for japan study visa?

When applying for a Japan Student Visa, the application procedure might take 5-10 business days.

What is the visa fees for Japan?

The cost of the Japanese Student Visa is 3000 Yen (INR 1990).

Hence, we hope that this blog provided you with all the essential details about Japan Student Visa. Planning to study your dream course in Japan? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you throughout the process of selecting the right university as well as drafting an impressive application and bagging a great scholarship to pursue your higher studies in Japan! Call us now on 1800572000.

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