South Korean Student Visa for Indians: Process, Requirements & Duration

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south korean student visa for indians

Student Visa for South Korea from India: South Korea is a small East Asian country located on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. Still, as of June 2023, a total of 207,125 international students were enrolled in South Korea. By 2027, the country wants to be ready for 3 lakh international students. Moreover, due to the popularity of K-pop culture in India and other Southeast Asian countries, the fever of the South Korean study-abroad dream is spreading like wildfire!

Universities in South Korea have an acceptance rate of 70% and getting a student visa is also easy if you have all the documents in order. So what is stopping you from getting off the fence and preparing your application? Getting a student visa for South Korea from India is not a tough nut to crack, here is what you will need to do.

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Why Would You Need a Student Visa for South Korea from India?

To study abroad in any country other than your domicile one requires a student visa. Therefore, to study in South Korea, you will need a student visa for South Korea from India. The South Korean student visa is also called a D-2 visa and every student must have it before entering the country.

Other sorts of visas (For example: F-type, E-type, A-type, etc.) that allow international students to enroll in a degree-seeking program at a Korean university are also accepted. A student visa for South Korea from India can be obtained from the South Korean embassy or consulate.

Eligibility for Student Visa for South Korea from India

Applying for a South Korean visa will be easy and hassle-free if you meet all the requirements. Here are some of the basic eligibility for a student Visa for South Korea from India:

  • Reason for Travel -The reason for travel in this case is studying therefore you must present your university offer letter as evidence to get the visa.
  • Eligible to cover all costs – You must have enough monetary funds to maintain yourself and any dependents throughout your stay.
  • Reasons to return – You must have strong ties to your home country in order to return after your studies are over.
  • Be of good character – You must possess a good character and have a clean criminal record. For this, you have to present a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Be in good health – You must at least meet the authorities’ basic health requirements.
  • Genuine Motive- Your statement of purpose will establish this arena. You must specify why you chose South Korea to study abroad.

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Documents Required South Korean Student Visa

This is not a long list. Here are a few documents required to obtain a student visa for South Korea from India.  

  • Form of Application 
  • 1 photograph of passport size
  • Authentic passport (Minimum 6 Months Validity)
  • Academic records that have been notarized and have a true copy attested (Apostille).
  • Financial records (Notarized or original, 6 months bank statement till the date of submission)
  • The designated hospital issues a certificate of good health for the TB test
  • Statement of Purpose/Study Plan
  • Finance guarantor’s letter

Documents Required for Other South Korea Visa

There is a slight difference between the submissions for these two categories but the candidates must make a note of those.

  • The original passport, as well as any previous passports with at least 6 months of validity and at least 3 blank pages.
  • Visa Application 
  • Recent colour pictures by orm2 (Photo Specification)
  • Personal cover letter (Plain Paper for Employed/ Letterhead for Self-Employed)
  • Original bank statement 
  • Form 16 (Income Tax Returns) of the last two years

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Visa Fees for Student Visa for South Korea

Here is a list of fee required for student visas based on the different durations of stay.

EntryStay DurationValidityFees(INR)
Short Term Single Entry90 days3 months2800
Long Term Single Entry90 days3 months4200
Double Entry Visa90 days3 months4900
Multiple Entry90 days3 months6300

Fees for Other South Korea Visa

Other South Korean visas have higher fees than the student visas or D-2 visa.

EntryStay DurationValidityFees(INR)
Multiple entries Normal30 days3 months7275.0
Single entry Normal90 days3 months3775.0
Multiple entries Normal90 days3 months7275.0
Multiple entry Express90 days3 months10075.0
Single entry Express30 days3 months5875.0
Multiple entry Express30 days3 months10075.0
Single entry Normal30 days3 months3775.0
Double-entry Normal90 days3 months5875.0
Double-entry Express90 days3 months5875.0

Process to Obtain a D-2 Visa for Indian Students

To study or travel in South Korea individuals have to apply through the embassy or consulate as a Visa on arrival is not available in the country. Here is the stepwise process to obtain a student Visa for South Korea from India:

  • To begin, you must send a fully completed application form to the Korean Universities Admission Centre, together with academic transcripts, a copy of your passport, a copy of your student code of conduct, a graduation certificate (from your former school), and proof of language competency (KUAC).
  • KUAC will examine your documents to determine whether or not your profile is real and appropriate for your applied study program.
  • An interview will be conducted after a successful evaluation to see if your profile is authentic.
  • You will receive an offer letter along with a KUAC fee invoice.
  • Prepare your documentation such as a statement of purpose, study plan, an affidavit of financial funds or sponsorship, a certificate of family relationship, a six-month bank statement and a medical checkup report
  • Submit all mandatory documents to the Korean Universities Admission Centre and pay the application fee
  • The final admission letter will be sent to you by the university/college. You can submit your Visa application after obtaining the final admission letter.
    • After you have the admission letter, you can apply for a Visa with the South Korean embassy in your country.

Steps to Apply for a South Korean Student Visa

Here are some simple steps through which you can apply for a South Korean Student Visa.

  • Research properly about what visa you require to study in South Korea.
  • Wait to receive an admission letter from the authorities.
  • Keep the documents ready for application.
  • As the admission letter arrives, schedule an application appointment with the South Korean embassy or consulate.
  • On the scheduled date you will have to submit the application and documents.
  • Then pay the visa application fee.
  • You will then sit for the interview if your visa type requires so.
  • Wait for approval of your student visa and then collect your visa and passport from the consulate.

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Processing Time for South Korea Visa

Visa for South Korea has a high success rate and is processed quickly as compared to other countries Visa. Student Visa for South Korea from India or any other Visa type will take around 5 to 8 working days to be processed. All individuals are advised to submit their applications ahead of time to prevent travel delays.


What should I do if my Visa application is denied?

If your visa is denied, you can appeal by writing to the Republic of Korea’s embassy or you can reapply for the visa.

I have visited the Republic of Korea on a regular basis, Do you have to submit all documents again when I reapply for the Visa?

Yes, you have to submit all updated mandatory documents each time you apply for a Visa to the Republic of Korea.

What is the function of VFS?

The service delivery provider for the South Korean embassy in New Delhi is VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd (VFS). VFS’s job is to accept Visa applications and return passports, and documents to clients on behalf of the South Korean embassy. 

How can I check the status of my Visa application for South Korea?

Using the South Korea VFS reference number and your date of birth, applicants can check the status of their South Korea visa application online.

What is the deadline for submitting my Visa application?

You have up to two months to two weeks before your departure date to submit all your documents and application.

This is how you can get a Visa for South Korea from India. Are you planning to study in Korea but are confused about where to start? Contact our study abroad consultants and kickstart your study abroad journey today. Call us at 1800 57 2000 for a FREE 30-minute counselling session. 

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