5 Reasons to Study in Australia

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5 Reasons to Study in Australia- Leverage Edu
5 Reasons to Study in Australia- Leverage Edu

Over the years, Australia has emerged as one of the favourite destinations for students opting for international education. Thanks to its quality of education and life that attracts thousands of international students each year. Moreover, Australia is home to 7 universities in the Top 100 of the prestigious QS ranking. Along with a top-class education, the country also offers an array of diverse courses and attractive work opportunities. Hence, here are the top 5 reasons to study in Australia

1. World-class Education

Australia is home to some of the top universities across the globe. Also, it has a total of 7 universities that ranks among the prestigious Top 100 QS rankings. These universities attract thousands of students from around the world because of their quality of education, international faculty, and course diversity. The students experience a strong research-intensive academic culture in Australia where they enhance their existing skillset along with developing new ones.

2. Diversity and Multiculturalism

A recent study showed that more Asian students are now applying for universities in Australia than in Europe and North America. Australia’s multiculturalism is a social paradise. Nothing is better than finding, meeting and learning with people bringing different political, religious and cultural perspectives on the table. This diversity also helps a student in expanding his connections abroad and learn about different sectors and industries.

3. Opportunities

Majority of the students who plan to pursue their higher education abroad, go with the aim to find a suitable job after completing their education. Australia does not keep any preferences in the job sector and offers jobs in most of the sectors, be it aeronautics, agriculture and actuaries. Finding a job permit in Australia is also easier than the other countries. They believe in guiding students through the courses along with helping them plan their careers.

4. Strong Research/Technology

The universities in Australia have majorly invested in innovation and research in almost all fields of medicine, technology, and science. All the top Australian institutes give scholarships to students who are proactively engaged in some research work. The ERA or Excellence in Research for Australia, has identified 41 areas of national strength to focus their research on in the coming years.

5. Great Work Opportunities

The option of working temporarily in Australia is available to all the international students Australia. The Temporary Graduate Visa visa allows students from both the Graduate as well as Post Graduate Work Stream to work in the country post the completion of their programme.

  • The Graduate Work Stream Visa is granted for 18 months, in areas which are in demand in the Australian labor market and only to the students who have completed their education in Australia. For this visa, the aspirant must have earned a diploma, degree or a trade qualification.
  • The Post Graduate Work Stream visa is granted for two to four years depending on the educational qualifications of the aspirant. The eligibility qualification for the Post Graduate Work Stream visa is a Bachelor’s, Masters or a Ph.D. degree.

Work options are also available for current students. Student visas permit the students to work for 20 hours every week during the course duration and unrestricted hours during course breaks. Students can work in the hospital, tourism, agriculture, retail, sales and telemarketing sectors in clerical roles or engage in tutoring.

These were the top reasons to study in Australia. If you are sure to study in Australia, get ready to experience a cutting-edge education combined with a world of learning and career opportunities in a safe and welcoming setting. Also, you can reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu, who can help you with your visa and course application.

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