5 reasons to Study in Singapore

5 reasons to study in Singapore

Though Singapore is a small-sized country, it enjoys a stable and growing economy. Students have started opting Singapore for their higher education because of the endless career opportunities the country provides to the students. It is counted amongst the top educational destinations in the world. A study in Singapore is preferred by Indian students owing to the following 5 reasons:

#1. Top-class Education System

Universities in Singapore are known particularly for their technology and engineering courses, as well as those in natural sciences. The study in Singapore in gaining popularity as Singapore is considered to be one of the leading educational nations in Asia. Singapore is now the host of two universities ranked in the top 15 in the world and two in the top 3 in Asia, according to the QS World University Rankings 2016.

#2. English Speaking Country

English is widely spoken in Singapore and a majority of Singaporeans understand English. Even though the national language of Singapore is Malay, the 4 official languages are Malay, Tamil, English & Mandarin. Students won’t have any difficulty communicating in English as it is the main language of business & administration.

#3. Employment Opportunities

Most multinational corporate giants of the world have their presence in Singapore. The city ranks 11th in the employer activity index. And most employers are willing to sponsor the students once they accept the job offer after completing their studies. There won’t be any dearth of jobs in this country, which is quite a good reason for students prefer Singapore for their higher education.

#4. Cost of Education

The cost of living in Singapore is much lower than countries like Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. Studying in Singapore is one of the most economic options for students who desire to pursue international education. A student can do a course of his choice between 250,000 to 450,000 Singapore Dollars here. Students who come to study in Singapore are eligible to receive a grant for their tuition fees. You do not have to pay these fees back, but instead, students are required to stay in Singapore and work for a minimum of three to four years.

#5. Diversity

Singapore is a multicultural and diverse island nation. The people who study, work and live in Singapore have originated from all over the world and the country is the collection of diverse cultures, religions, and ethnicities. This incredible diversity functions in harmony, as the nation is relatively free from conflict.

The study in Singapore offers much more than what has been mentioned above. Come at Leverage and know how your dream of studying in Singapore could change into a reality.

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