Life as a Freshman at Harvard University

Life as a Freshman at Harvard University
Life as a Freshman at Harvard University

Wondering about the life of a freshman at Harvard University? With all those nervousness and butterflies in the stomach and not knowing about the environment and the place, it can be quite difficult for any international student to be a freshman. So do you wanna know how it feels to be a Harvardian? Here is a video on that too. From the moment first-year students walk into Harvard Yard until they graduate, they are surrounded by people dedicated to making Harvard their home away from “home”. From your professors and House advisers to your friends and teammates, Harvard is a vibrant community where you can feel supported and encouraged. No matter where you come from, Harvard is home. Whether you are in Harvard Stadium playing on the field or cheering on The Harvard Crimson, volunteering through organizations like PBHA, fostering entrepreneurial activities in the Harvard innovation lab, writing or editing at The Harvard Crimson or The Harvard Lampoon, or researching in one of the many labs that university has, Harvard students are continuously learning and constantly busy! So are you excited to leverage your journey to Harvard University? Watch this video by Leverage Edu and know all about life as a freshman at Harvard University.

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