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Located in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho is often referred to as the land of many contracts. It has a number of characteristics ranging from rugged mountains and open plains to some nationally ranked universities. The institutions in Idaho offer state of the art engineering, environmental science courses, quality business and computer science degrees. They also offer some really amazing intensive English programs. The universities in Idaho provides the students studying here with an opportunity to study in STEM fields and participate in cutting edge research. In this blog, we will get to read about some of the most renowned and popular universities in Idaho. 


University/collegeTHE US College Rankings 2022
University of Idaho401-500th 
College of Idaho 389th 
Brigham Young University-Idaho138th 
Lewis Clark State College>800th 
Northwest Nazarene University601-800th 
Boise State University>600th 
Idaho State University >600th 

Why Study in Idaho?

Idaho is considered to be one of the coolest study destinations in the US. Though we all can agree to the fact that the number of in-state colleges and universities are few, Idaho hosts several nationally ranked programs of study. The most important reason for its popularity among various dream destinations to study among the students is its lowest tuition and cost of living in the nation. Not only this, Idaho is a place with a great environment not only in the classroom but also outside it. It is a home to rich cultural diversity and natural beauty with plenty to do. For the students wishing to study here, low average cost, top programs to choose from and a heart-warming environment make the universities in Idaho one of the best post-secondary education options for you. 

Top Universities in Idaho 

Some of the most popular, degree-granting universities and other institutions in Idaho are-

University of Idaho

Credits: The Globalizers

Located in Moscow, Idaho, this university was established in 1889 and was the state’s sole university for 71 years. This public university offers 142-degree programs and has an enrollment exceeding 12,000. Each year around 10,000 students get enrolled here. this university is known to have the largest campus which is one of its highlights. It has four residential communities to choose from. Apart from these, it also offers its students 27 housed fraternities and sororities. The freshmen are given more priority to find accommodation on the campus. This is the most renowned university and Idaho and generally the first choice of all the students wishing to study in Idaho. 

College of Idaho

Credits: GoYotes

Established 131 years ago, the College of Idaho is a private liberal arts college in Caldwell, Idaho. It is affiliated with APCU, CIC, Space-Grant and has an enrollment of around 1,000 students. Out of the total student population, 20% are international applicants. The institution offers 26 undergraduate majors, 58 undergraduate minors, three graduate programs, and a variety of collaborative programs through 16 departments. Since 1922, this college has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. There are three fraternities that offer houses just outside the campus as accommodation. 

Brigham Young University – Idaho

Credits: IACRAO

This is a private university located in Rexburg, Idaho and transitioned from a junior college to a baccalaureate institution in 2001. This too is affiliated with the Space Grant and has an undergraduate population of 26,000. It is organized into 33 departments within six different colleges that offer programs in sciences, engineering, agriculture, management, and performing arts. The session here is divided into three equal semesters, namely, fall, winter, and spring of fourteen weeks each. The environment of this university is considered different from other universities and the reason behind this change is due to its affiliation with LDS Church. 

Lewis-Clark State College

Credits: Lewis Clark State College

Located in Lewiston, Idaho, this public college was founded 129 years ago in 1893. It offers more than 130 degrees and has a student population of more than 3,000. This institution is known for the programs it offers such as social work, criminal justice, education, nursing, and technical programs. This college has an acceptance rate of 100%, which implies that all the applicants have pure and solid chances of getting enrolled here if they meet the necessary requirements. 

Northwest Nazarene University

Credits: Northwest Nazarene University

It is a private Christian university located in Nampa, Idaho, and dates back to 1913. It has a student population of around 3,000 and is affiliated with CCCU and Spade-grant. The university is divided into two colleges, namely, the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. This university offers more than 60 baccalaureate degree programs, 11 master’s degree programs and also a PhD degree program. Though the type of education delivered here is something people like about it but the campus and accommodation here are not upto the expectations. If a student wishes to pursue higher education here, he/she is advised to go for off-campus residence facilities. 

Boise State University

Credits: Boise State University

Located in Boise, Idaho, this university was founded in 1932 and received its sole power to award baccalaureates and degrees in 1965. It has an enrollment of 25,000 students comprising both undergraduates and postgraduates. The university is academically affiliated with NCAA Division and Mountain Bridge Conference. it is known to have the largest graduate enrollment each year with more than 76% Idaho residents. More than 86% of its students prefer to live off the campus and this is the reason why Boise State University is considered to be a commuter school. There are around 190 fields of study here, that are organized into different colleges. 

Idaho State University

Credits: Idaho State University

This public research university was founded in 1901 and is located in Pocatello, Idaho. Idaho State is affiliated with ORAU and Space-grant. The university has a student population of 12,000 and it offers more than 280 programs at its main campus and other locations. The university operates several residence halls and apartment complexes for its students. It makes sure that a maximum of the applicants finds their home at a convenient and safe location here. The university has a student government body that makes sure that most of the students’ education is either partially or fully funded. 

Top Courses Offered by Universities in Idaho 

Each university has its respective area of educational expertise and therefore popular courses or programs in every university are different. Below mentioned are some of the most preferred and known programs in the best universities of Idaho – 

S. NoUniversity/InstitutionPopular Courses
1University of IdahoPsychology, Mechanical Engineering, Marketing management, Sociology, Finance
2College of IdahoBusiness, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services, Health, English language
3Brigham Young University-Idaho Liberal arts and General Studies, Business Administration and Management, Human Development & Public Health
4Lewis Clark State CollegeSocial Work, Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing, and Technical programs
5Northwest Nazarene UniversityBusiness Counseling, Education, Nursing, Theology & Christian Ministries and Social Work
6Boise State UniversityRegistered Nursing, Business Administration and Management, General Health, Business/Commerce
7Idaho State UniversityLiberal Arts and Humanities, Business, Health services, Mechanical Engineering, Biology

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Eligibility requirements 

Being an international student, you need to fulfil the following requirements in order to be eligible to apply for education in any university in Idaho.

  • An application for admission
  • Application fee
  • ACT or SAT scores. If you ACT or SAT scores are on your transcript you need not send them separately. If the student is unable to sit for an ACT or SAT exam due to a valid reason, he/she can be considered for admission based on the required GPA score. This GPA score varies from college to college and program to program
  • IELTS/TOEFL/PTE test as a proof of English proficiency
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose 
  • Official high school transcript mentioning the date of graduation. If you are not graduated yet, a transcript showing all completed work may be accepted for early admission
  • Official transcripts from any colleges or universities attended

*Note – the exact score required will vary according to the university and program were chosen.

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Cost of Studying 

The average cost of studying and living in Idaho will be around $41,490 (INR 31,13,679). Below is the breakdown of this total amount-

Expense nameAverage costs
Full-time student tuition fees$27,576(INR 20,69,482)
Housing and meals$9,610(INR 7,21,196)
Books and supplies$1,232(INR 92,457)
Transportation$1,148(INR 86,153)
Miscellaneous and personal$1,924(INR 1,44,389)
Total costs $41,490(INR 31,13,679)

*Note – Remember that getting an F-1 Visa will also be an additional expense for an international student and it will cost you around INR 11,520.

Student Life and Employment Opportunities 

Since most of the universities in Idaho are diverse, students get to interact with people from all over the world opening many gates of opportunities for them. Living on the campus is itself an experience and some of the universities make sure to make each moment spent here worth becoming nostalgic for. One of the most important reasons why Idaho attracts so much population is because of the cost of living here which is the lowest. Idaho is a friendly state with breathtaking scenery. Since some of the universities here are popular worldwide like the University of Idaho, their degrees are nationally recognized. Healthcare, information technology, education, retail, and government are the main job sectors while Study in USA. If you get hold of some nationally renowned degree, it won’t be difficult to search for employment here. 


How many total universities and colleges are there in Idaho?

There are around 15 colleges and universities that will allow you to receive your desired education. 

Is Idaho a good state to live in?

The safest state in the west, remarkable outdoor attractions and commendable education facilities make Idaho, one of the best options in the USA.

What jobs are in demand in Idaho?

The jobs of a web developer, Home Health Aid, a property manager are in demand in Idaho, according to the recent survey. 

From the above blog, we can conclude that apart from being the most low-priced state, it treats your eyes with the remarkable outdoor attraction too. Idaho is also the safest state in the country. If you want to study abroad but also want average finances, Idaho can be a good option. Students choosing to study in the USA can get access to study abroad services from Leverage Edu. Call 1800 572 000 for a free consultancy session with our experts.

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