CSU Establishes Endowed Chair in Jain & Hindu Dharma

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CSU Establishes Endowed Chair in Jain & Hindu Dharma

California State University is all set to establish an endowed chair in Jainism and Hinduism. The main reason for this venture is to support the Religious studies programme at the university. The chair will be kept in the Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Humanities. The setting up of endowed chair in Jainism and Hinduism has been made possible with the contribution of more than 2 dozen Indian- American families. An expert professor in the traditions of both Hinduism and Jainism will be appointed as interim chair 2021. Let us know more about why CSU established an endowed chair in Jain & Hindu dharma.

Why is CSU Establishing Endowed Chair in Jain and Hindu Dharma?

A media release stated that this partnership between both the communities at the California State University, Fresno is a major decision and shows the mutual commitment between the communities as well as the university towards imparting education to the students of all the generations about the dharma, principles of non violence, the inter connection between all the human beings and the care for environment. 

The partnership between Hindu and Jain community was first of its kind at California State University. Joseph.I.Castro, the president of the California State University expressed his satisfaction with this partnership program stating that this partnership will act as a role model for all the CSU campuses as well as other universities in the world.  The endowed chair will be teaching all about religions and communities of Jainism and Hinduism.

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Experts on the Establishment of Endowed Chair in Hinduism and Jainism

Jasvant Modi, a Jain philanthropist supported the decision regarding the chair and stated that he hopes the students get to learn all about the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King along with others and learn how they adapted a non-violent method to solve the world’s problems.  

This chair will also be used to Jain and Hindu students in their studies such as availability of scholarships, research funds and stipends. Along with this, funds will be provided to the professor holding the chair in order to support academic publications and research, conference travel and campus-sponsored events. The partnership is expected to bring a change for good in the life of students.

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This was all about CSU establishing endowed chair in Hindu and Jain dharma. Stay tuned to  Leverage Edu for more such global educational updates.

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