How to Write a Joining Letter? Free Samples

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Getting selected for a job is not always about receiving an appointment letter as there are various additional documents you need to submit to your employer. One such document is the joining letter. A well-crafted joining letter can help you make a great impression in front of your employer and the company. If you are someone who has recently been selected for a job profile or are looking for effective tips on how to write a joining letter then this blog will provide you with the essentials of how to write a joining letter along with elaborating on its format through adequate samples!

What is a Joining Letter?

A joining letter is a very important letter in all of our lives! A joining letter is a letter for the selected candidate, expressing his/her desire to the willingness and desire to accept the job. Such a letter is usually written to the company’s owner. The tedious task of a job hunt comes to an end when you write and submit a joining letter. When a company selects a candidate for the post they wanted, the company sends an employment letter, and upon receiving it, the candidate has the freedom to accept or reject the job. For all such landmark moments in your life, it is very important to know how to write a joining letter. 

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Joining Letter Format 

Joining Letter plays a significant role in big business houses, companies and the job sector. Before joining the organization, new employees ranging from teachers, professors, and freshers to engineers need to submit the joining report in order to get their salary, benefits and performance report procedure started. Here is the Joining Letter format: 

Joining Letter Format
Joining Letter Format

Joining Letter for a New Employee

Here is a format sample for a joining letter for a new employee:

Joining Letter for a New Employee

After receiving an appointment letter, we are sure you’d be searching for samples to understand the techniques of how to write a joining letter.

Joining Letter

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Joining Letter for School Teacher Job

Joining Letter for Teacher
Joining Letter for Teacher

Joining Letter for Bank Employee

Joining Letter for Bank Employee

Joining Letter After Leave

At times, some existing employees take paid or duty leaves for certain purposes. To inform the management about the same, one can send a joining report. The format of which has been mentioned below:

Joining Report After Leave

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Joining Letter After Transfer in Govt. Employee

If you are govt. an employee who has been transferred, here is a sample joining letter format you can use:

Joining Letter

Date: ________

The Manager
_________ (Name of the Branch & Department)
_________ (Address)

Subject: Joining Letter

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

With reference to my transfer from the _______ Branch/Division, _______ Departmentdated ______. I will report on duty from _______ (date).

My joining report may kindly be accepted.

Thank you,
Yours Sincerely,
Contact Number

How to Write a Joining Letter?

There are some important points to remember while drafting an official letter because we often find difficulty in composing a good and effective letter. This happens due to the lack of clarity and inefficiency. Written communication skills to draft business and employment letters have become an absolute need for making our opinions or message more persuasive. Here are a few things you must ensure while drafting a joining letter:

  • Ensure that your highlighted points are brief.
  • Keep it relevant and coherent.
  • Avoid the use of inappropriate language, jargon, and technical phrases.
  • Proofread for any grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Use a formal and communicative tone and language.
  • Presentation of the joining letter should be followed by subject matter, salutation, body, complementary closures or signatures, designation, and enclosures if needed.

Below listed are important points that need to be clearly mentioned in the joining letter.

  1. Name of the receiver, designation, and address.
  2. Subject and reference number, if your offer letter has the letter number.
  3. Attach the required documents and mention them in the enclosure column.
  4. Mention the documents that you may not be able to submit on an immediate basis.
Source: SAZ Education

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Joining Letter: Things to Include

Before understanding the format of a joining letter through a sample, it is important to understand what all details have to be incorporated in the letter.

  • The letter should begin with the date and address of the person to which the letter has to be sent.
  • This is followed by the salutation
  • In the next line, the subject of the letter has to be mentioned.
  • It is followed by the main body and a suitable conclusion.
  • Attach the enclosures, if any.

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Joining Letter vs Appointment Letter

Both appointment and joining letters play an important role in the process of recruitment but are entirely different from each other. An appointment letter is an official document provided by the company to the candidate who has been offered the job profile. It contains all the relevant details related to the job like the responsibilities, the designation of the candidate, salary annexure, incentive plans, probation period, rules and regulations, leave policies, etc. The probation period generally lasts up to 3-6 months or can even be extended to 1 year, depending upon the company. If the candidate is able to meet the expectations of the company, then they are confirmed for the job. This shows that the appointment does not necessarily mean confirmation. It is only confirmed once the candidate successfully completes the probation period in the company.

On the other hand, a joining letter is submitted by the shortlisted candidate to the company stating as proof of acceptance of the job offer and the particular date of joining. Along with a lot of paperwork and other formalities, the candidate is asked to submit a joining letter in a predefined format. 

Appointment Letter Format

As discussed, the purpose of an appointment letter is to provide the selected candidate all the relevant information pertaining to his duties and profile. Enlisted are the key points which are mentioned in the appointment letter:

  • Job Title/Designation
  • Job and Profile Description
  • Commencement of Employment
  • Salaries and Perks
  • Working Hours

Format of a Joining Letter

A joining letter begins with a signed letterhead addressed to the person in charge or the manager. Such a person could be anyone who has been approved by the HR Administrator. This person has the authority to hire the candidate. If the candidate writing the joining letter has the location of his/her office then he/she must make a copy of the dispatch and post the same to the firm. To clear your doubts on how to write a joining letter, you must know that its format must include –

  • Address to where the letter is being sent
  • Date of the issuing of the appointment letter
  • The main subject of the letter
  • Greetings
  • Body and conclusion

Joining Letter for the Job of a School Teacher

Once you receive a letter of employment from the school you had applied to, you become a private member of the school. If you want to keep the details of how to write a joining letter at your fingertips, then you must keep these points in mind :

  • Address of the school you are writing to
  • Position and greeting
  • Date and subject
  • Body of the letter
  • End it with a conclusion 

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Difference between Offer Letter and Joining Letter 

Offer Letter Joining Letter 
Superficial Comprehensive
Offers you a position Detailed employment contract
Offered after selection on basis of interviewsOffered after you complete your probation period successfully 

Important Tips on Writing a Joining Letter

We have listed down some useful tips you must keep in mind while writing a joining letter:

  • Ensure that you are adding all the right details regarding the address, designation and other crucial matters.
  • Use a formal tone of writing and keep it professional throughout the letter.
  • Don’t forget to add a relevant subject before the main body of content.
  • Don’t be too extravagant while congratulating the new joining employee.
  • Avoid using complex or long sentences that might confuse the reader.
  • Keep the letter short and don’t overcomplicate but draft it in a simple and concise manner.

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What is a joining letter?

A Joining Letter is a letter of intimation written by the new employee to the employer and indicates the new employee’s willingness to accept the job offered by the employer.

How to write a joining letter?

The key elements you need while writing a joining letter are:
1. Date
2. Name of the Manager, Designation & Address
3. Subject
4. Greeting
5. The main body of content
6. A closing line like Yours Faithfully, Yours Sincerely, etc.
7. Your Name
8. Attach the documents required and mention them in the final enclosure column.

How do I write a joining letter after transfer?

While writing a joining letter after transfer, the format largely remains the same but you must express your willingness to take up the new role and accept the transfer. You must follow a formal tone and keep the letter concise and coherent.

How do I submit a joining report?

You can either e-mail a joining report to the concerned human resources branch or manager or you can directly submit the hard copy of your joining letter or report to the branch.

When do you get a Joining Letter?

A joining letter is offered after you complete your probation period successfully

What to write a Joining Letter?

Address of the school you are writing to
Position and greeting
Date and subject
Body of the letter
End it with a conclusion

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