How to Get Into Harvard?

How to Get into Harvard

Established in 1636, Harvard University has been ranked as ‘first’ by the US News & World Report Ranking, ‘third’ by the QS World University Ranking and ‘first’ by THE World University Rankings. Known for its academic excellence around the world especially amongst the students considering to study abroad, Harvard is one of the oldest institutions of higher studies in the United States of America. The institution is linked with Law School, Business School, Medical School and a School of Engineering and Applied Science. The Institution is known for its MBA and MS course. Boasting 49 Nobel Laureates, 48 Pulitzer Prize winners and 32 Heads of State winners as its alumni, Harvard is the most prestigious place when you are planning to study in USA. In this blog will be talking about the easiest way to get into Harvard.

Quick Look at the University

How to Get into Harvard

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Havard University is perhaps one of the leading universities devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and research. The place has a prominent enrollment of over 20,000-degree candidates at various levels. Besides this, the university offers world-class online learning opportunities. Also, the place extends unparalleled student experience supported with financial aid programs. 

With your quest to understand how to get into Harvard, you must have a solid foundation of academic as well as extracurricular achievements. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to know how to get into Harvard:

How to Get into Harvard: Understanding the Right Approach

Among Ivy League schools, Harvard University holds a valuable place in serving excellent academics and popular culture of the US. Its venerable reputation gives a unique cachet even among elite universities which is reflected when you’re wanting to know how to get into Harvard. The university accepted exclusive applicants who have remarkably strong portfolio, which often seems like a near-impossible dream. But, how do they do it? How can you improve your chances of being accepted?

Basic Requirements 

You need to start working towards your dream earlier and build a strong portfolio wherein you should have all the required documents. 

  1. Maintain a High GPA – Maintaining excellent grades will help you keep running for admissions to Harvard University. The student should secure an average high school GPA of 4.04.
  2. Get Relevant Scores on the SAT or ACT and AP Tests – Doing extremely well in these exams will show your stellar academic achievements. Also, Harvard requires you to have taken two SAT II tests. The average SAT score asked is 1510 on the 1600 SAT scale.
  3. English Language Proficiency Test Score – If you are a non-native English speaker, you need to give English language tests like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. There are no minimum requirements for the language tests but since we are talking about Harvard University, the higher the better. 

Impressive Extracurricular Activities

Besides your academic grades and qualification, your extracurricular activities allow you to stand out as a unique candidate who has invested in pursuing his interests. You can show your leadership skills by joining the Student Council, participate in activism or debating through MUN, theatre or any other club. 

Essay, SOP and LOR

You need to prepare all the relevant document like SOP, LOR and essay to reinforce your application for enrolling into Harvard University. It should clearly highlight your passion for the subject and show your willingness to join the university. While SOP is the first thing that the admission committee will look at, it is advisable not to hurry while writing it.  

Build Contact with Faculty at Harvard University

Harvard University
Harvard University

When you want to know how to get into Harvard, it becomes important for you to establish a relationship with two faculty member for your academic success. The university office is always open to lending you a helping hand in your admission application and you may take the aid of good counsel from them. Apart from giving you insights into the admission process, the faculty will guide you to enhance your chances of getting admission.

By now you must be well informed about how to get into Harvard University. If you are looking for assistance in crafting a great college application for Harvard? Then, Leverage Edu’s experienced admission counsellors are here to help you manage the application process. Right from tutoring for aptitude exams, essay editing and mentorship services, our experts will help you choose a path best suited for you.

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