How to get into Harvard Business School!

How to get into Harvard Business School
how to get into harvard / harvard admission process

How to get into Harvard Business School? Is it a way I could join the smithy of powerful men who graduate each year from HBS? Since 1908, Harvard Business School (HBS), Boston which is a part of Harvard University. The university has led to the transformation of millions of common men into the world’s most promising influencers and leaders.

Harvard not only offers the incredible brand, academics, networking, and facilities but gives a platform for a student to develop holistically. It is the most cherished dream of thousands of students. Thus,

How to get into Harvard Business School

! might be a big question, but it is surely not impossible to reach there.

Ranked among the top business schools to study in USA and worldwide, the school offers two years full-time MBA. HBS students have an option to tailor and customize their study. They can do it by selecting electives like Marketing, International Business, Finance, General Management etc.

As per a recent study by US News, about 20% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are Harvard alumni. P. Chidambaram, George W. Bush, Rahul Bajaj, & Naina Lal Kidwai are some other well-known Harvard alumni. Now, let’s start the journey of knowing ‘How to get into Harvard Business School?’

MBA at Harvard Business School

An MBA teaches you about the nuances of business administration. But, the reason behind HBS producing leaders and influencers every year lies in the uniqueness of HBS MBA program. Harvard calls this difference as The HBS Difference. A day at HBS starts with one question: “What would you do?” Because that’s the best way to prepare you for the bigger question that matters most here and in your career beyond the campus: “What impact will you make in the world?”

Tenets that make HBS unique are: –

  1. Global Intelligence – At HBS, MBA students are challenged to think about different business contexts and different countries throughout their two years.
  2. Learning in Practice – HBS believes that every graduate who wears an HBS tag should stand up to its reputation for the rest of his lives. The 2 years of in-depth case method learning transforms a student into a future leader.
  3. Entrepreneurship & Innovation –At HBS, students follow their imagination while getting access to a deep collection of resources and uniquely supports the aspiring entrepreneurs.
  4. Alumni Relationships – An MBA from Harvard Business School, enables you to earn a place in a community of more than 80,000 students across 170 countries. This help students build connections and explore business opportunities throughout their careers.
  5. Publications & Resources– Through HBS News, Faculty’s research, HBS Publishing, Alumni Bulletin and various other channels allows an HBS student get access to world’s leading research and resources.

How to get into Harvard Business School?

It’s known that Harvard’s admissions process is really competitive. Harvard is the second most selective college in the US — only Stanford University has a lower acceptance rate. This is why a Harvard acceptance is such a coveted accomplishment; the vast majority of people who want to attend Harvard are not able to do so. So, how to get into Harvard Business School?

Harvard isn’t restricted about telling its applicants what sort of students they seek as their future admits. For example, you find a detailed list of the questions that the Harvard admissions committee will ask about your application on their ‘What We Look For page’. Here, you’ll go over the highlights of Harvard’s stated criteria for admission.

In reviewing your application, Harvard considers the markers of high school performance, such as test scores and grades. Doing well by these measures is necessary to be a competitive applicant to Harvard, but this type of success alone isn’t sufficient.

One extremely important factor is that a successful Harvard applicant stands out. Showing off something special & interesting will pique and hold the interest of the admissions committee. You have to be memorable in a way that sets you apart from the thousands of other qualified applicants.

An ideal Harvard applicant is the one who has not only succeeded in high school but has taken on challenges & risen to the occasion. That applicant is someone who has the potential for further growth and a strong history of achievement, intellectual curiosity, and dedication to their interests and goals.

Harvard’s admissions team wants to know that you will be a positive addition to the campus community and alumni after you graduate. They are interested in knowing what you’ll get out of attending Harvard and how your presence will enrich Harvard, which can manifest itself in a lot of different ways.

You have to convince them that you will utilize your time at Harvard well, take full advantage of the opportunities Harvard offers an applicant, and make the university, the campus more interesting in your own particular way. I think now you have a better idea about How to get into Harvard Business School, How you can make it to your dream school!

Here are the final tips you should consider before you start with your HBS Application Process.

How to get into Harvard Business School – Important Tips to Consider

Starting early and Budget Planning. Reviewing and editing responses leads to a stronger application. Harvard’s application is not really long, that means there’s no reason to show haste in filling it.

Showcasing your learnings from your experiences. A list of your achievements may look impressive on paper, but by itself, it doesn’t provide depth. Harvard will be better able to assess your personal qualities if they know how your experiences have changed you.

Don’t be afraid to show off all your best features. This isn’t the time to underestimate your accomplishments. Self-promotion is hard, but it’s important and necessary. Remember, you are competing with applicants who will feel no need to be modest.

Get another set of eyes on your applications. Being immersed in the process of application can make it difficult for you to make an envision on how an admissions officer will view your application. An outsider’s perspective is extremely valuable for spotting correcting errors, omissions, and assessing your tone, especially with your essay responses.

Remember to be genuine. Harvard is looking for motivated individuals, interesting, not just textbook examples of a good student. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine in the application making you more memorable.

While Harvard is certainly a great college, it’s not the only great college, and its culture isn’t for everyone. If someone wants to find a place where he can personally flourish best, then considering a pool of colleges is always recommended. Each school has its own unique culture and environment that might or might not suit an aspirant. Even if Harvard is your dream school, it’s fully possible that another school will end up being a better fit for you.

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