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Technical University of Munich

Munich, Germany


engineering and computer science

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History, Affiliations and Rankings

In 1868, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) was commenced by King Ludwig II in Munich, Germany. This university also has partnered with an incorporated society of the most prestigious institutes of Technology in Germany known as TU9. Initially, it was known as the University of Excellence, but in 1970, the university adopted the name, "Technische Universität München". It is due to this university, that the state of Bavaria has been shifted from being an agricultural state to an industrial state. It has been accredited by the Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education. QS Global Rankings has given Technical University of Munich a world rank of #50. Times Higher Education World Rankings has given it a world ranking of #38. US News and World Report Rankings has given it a world ranking of #74.

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

TUM has a total of three campuses situated in the greater Munich area. With 14 academic departments, TUM offers an interdisciplinary research and teaching environment in a plethora of different areas of study. The main campus of the university is located in central Munich where the faculties of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Economics, Surveying, Social Science, Sports Sciences, and Medicine operate. The second, the much larger campus is located in Garching, which is home to the faculties of Mathematics, Chemistry, Informatics, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering. The third TUM campus is situated in Weihenstephan, Freising, and houses the faculties of Biology, Brewing and Food Technology, Forestry and Resource Management, and Landscape Planning & Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Science & Horticulture, and Nutrition. This university makes consistent efforts to stand out among other technical universities in terms of addressing not only the standard subject areas but also Life Sciences, ranging from biotechnology & bioinformatics, nutrition & food sciences, to medicine. Much of TUM's original research and teaching is the result of the focus on the varied disciplines.

Accomplishments and Alumni 

Since its founding, more than 150 years ago. The Technical University of Munich has had a long road of history and accomplishments. Munich Technical University is one of Europe's best universities. The TUM consistently earns high ranks in national and international rankings as one of Germany's first Universities of Excellence. Academics from the TUM are often recognised with renowned accolades like the Nobel Prize, Leibniz Prize, and Humboldt Professorship for their great contributions. The University has produced 17 Nobel prizes, 23 Leibniz Prizes, 8,619 Publications, 211 inventions, and 73 Patents. Furthermore, 75 Startups have come from TUM in April 2020. The university offers advice and entrepreneurial support. Many notable alumni like Rudolf Diesel (engineer, inventor of the Diesel engine), Oskar von Miller (engineer, founder of the Deutsches Museum), and Joachim Frank (Nobel prize winner in Chemistry) have graduated through the Technical University of Munich.

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The Technical University of Munich is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. The institution also aspires to encourage diversity in all aspects of academic life and to practise inclusion as a corporate culture. The Technical University of Munich recognises the variety of human abilities as a distinguishing institutional feature, according to the TUM Diversity Code of Conduct. Gender, colour, religion and belief, handicap, age, and sexual identity should all be considered while promoting talents. To that aim, the Department hopes to foster a diverse and inclusive culture that is reflected in the workplace, research and teaching, talent management, and public communications. Around 48,296 students receive a top-class education at TUM, among which, around 38% of them come from abroad. The institution has also enrolled 17,567 female students, accounting for approximately 36% of all present TUM students. TUM also offers a variety of career-related services, such as the TUM Jobportal, where employers specifically look for TUM students and alumni to fill their vacancies, the TUM Career Newsletter, which the university sends out with regular updates on career events and includes tips and information on job market trends, the TUM Career Guide, which is TUM's official and free application guidebook, online CV-check services, and a variety of other Careers Counseling services.

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